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Waiting for an apology from @JohnTory, @fordnation, and every other politician and opportunist who immediately took the side of the armed, far-right hate group (JDL) who started this fracas.

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Apology on Twitter

Paulbrodie ()

@sugarkane_12 @HumzaYousaf looking for your retraction and ’t hold my breath

Lihle ()

So much for an apology, how disrespectful, you derseved all that will be coming your way

blake 👑
Blake 👑 ()

@shawols4dream the funny thing is that they just ban appealed in argtwt and said i should reach out to them so “i could get a proper apology” but they’ve blocked me.

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Mysabuzz.com ()

Read: Rae Gopane tenders public apology to Bonang Matheba -

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R ()

@Penki666 Pretty decent apology though

Alex The Reg Roach Lover (Miitopia Switch Hype)
Alex The Reg Roach Lover (Miitopia Switch Hype) ()

I’m sorry for making that stupid rip off claim and I’m now interested in Six Heart Princess again. Plus, the reason why I now like Clone High again is because this show was part of my teenhood. Also, I don’t care if anyone denies my apology. I will deal with it.

PS ๏╭╮๏
PS ๏╭╮๏ ()

@Xavier50366311 @d_nyasa @MahuaMoitra Savarkar was a bootlicker of British govt . Who wrote apology letters one after another & then was planning to murder Mahatma Gandhi . It was Savarkar making strategy & Godse implementing it . He worked under british govt after return from kalapaani.

Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer ()

@mnioannou Everyone owes Ray Ramirez an apology.

craig shearer
Craig shearer ()

What a buzz the full weekend was 😎no apology no Surrender

aura! :p
Aura! :p ()

so i saw this recently in a reply to someone apologising for lesbophobia, and i wud just like to say that IF U ARE NOT LESBIAN U CANNOT HAVE AN OPINION ON A LESBIAN MATTER/ISSUE/APOLOGY. unless u are lesbian STFU AND WATCH, READ AND EDUCATE URSELF ON WHAT OTHER LESBOS ARE SAYING

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Watman ()

@glasgowcathcart @P3D__55 @mstewart_23 @RangersFC Where exactly will we find your apology when you release it?


@EvrybodyHatesAP 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 she took you in the crib and gave you a proper apology huh

Sharmila Morgan
Sharmila Morgan ()

I offer the service of drafting apology and retraction letters for a small fee! Contact via DM Ref: #reagopane

fai 🤠
Fai 🤠 ()

One deep talk and apology could fix so much sh!t but nowadays people put their ego before anything and that’s what ends up fcuking everything up

moratuwa. 🤍
Moratuwa. 🤍 ()

this looks like the apology of someone who doesn’t mind paying R500k.

Sasa Blagojevic
Sasa Blagojevic ()

What a time to be alive, I think we owe some conspiracy theorists an apology 😬

georgina 🪐
Georgina 🪐 ()

• hating on j is not gonna get you anywhere. we want an apology and we want her to be educated and acknowledge her actions, we know she already gets hate so she wont read things that are written and said nastily, education is the best way here.

Nicolson Moetsi 🔑
Nicolson Moetsi 🔑 ()

They should have given him instructions to write an apology of 500 words or more 😂😂😂 What does he call that 🤣🤣🤣

Atlas ()

unfollowing everyone who still follows techno later today, tell me if you have a hyperfixation or an actual good reason. (waiting for an apology does not count as a good reason)

ThandoWho!? ()

@OscarMbo What kind of apology is this 😹😹😹😹😹 Just 2 sentence!! Just 2!! Even I wouldn’t accept such 😹😹😹💔 dayum!

葬 儀 屋 .
葬 儀 屋 . ()

@BizzareDOLL ㅤ ‘ ‘ worry not, my love. . . I would’ve still forgiven you without an apology. . . ~ ‘ ‘ a hand reaches for the countess’ cheek, his expression softening. ‘ ‘ oh? what’s the matter? what has been causing you to struggle? ‘ ‘ ㅤ

MovieBob Productions
MovieBob Productions ()

@RushandBlue Yes. He also, supposedly, was one of the people arguing for reinstatement internally after Gunn appealed to him personally (and the public apology)

Boitumelo Monagen
Boitumelo Monagen ()

@reagopane @bonang_m How your apology be like when they say you are still going to pay 500k 😂

🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 ()

@JohnTory We demand an apology for ur constant vilification of muslim/arab people. There are full videos showing JDL started the fight and even had weapons and batons and yet you have targeted the arabs only. Shame on you! Racists

J̴̲̓S̵̢͋Ạ̸͛V̸̱̅ ()

Kwame said nothing and he owe the @Lakers an apology for being terrible

Anita Jane
Anita Jane ()

I’m not sure who wrote these but they are words to live by. The 4 hardest tasked on earth are neither physical nor intellectual feats: but spiritual. To return hate with love. To include the excluded. To forgive without apology. And, to be able to say, “I was wrong”.

Oliver Keith
Oliver Keith ()

@reagopane @bonang_m Here’s a better apology mate. At least have the balls to apologise sincerely, not this rubbish. Once you’re done paying the R500K, pay R50 for this letter. 🤞🏾🤞🏾

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Skobo Se-se Nice
Skobo Se-se Nice ()

That apology was due before 16:00 It was 41 minutes late Hafetsa it looks like an assignment done the morning of submission after 6 weeks of not doing anything 😭

Q. Anthony (FKA Andray Domise) 🇵🇸
Q. Anthony (FKA Andray Domise) 🇵🇸 ()

Waiting for an apology from @JohnTory, @fordnation, and every other politician and opportunist who immediately took the side of the armed, far-right hate group (JDL) who started this fracas.

Lionel Barber
Lionel Barber ()

The Lister loan story highlights once again the casual attitude in the Johnson government to blatant conflicts of interest. This was no Covid emergency decision, simply a luxury property development. An apology after the fact does not the cut the mustard

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