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No title. No security. And multiple conversations about how dark Archie was going to be? I can’t. I cannot.

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Meghan Markle Brasil
Meghan Markle Brasil ()

Megan, Harry, Archie e nossa garotinha em seu jardim em Montecito. 📸 @misanharriman

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Sylvia ()

They didn’t want Archie to get the prince title or have security because he would be BLACK. The one-drop rule really has stood the test of time. #HarryandMeghanonOprah

Yamiche Alcindor
Yamiche Alcindor ()

No title. No security. And multiple conversations about how dark Archie was going to be? I can’t. I cannot.


British Press: Meghan and Harry refuse to share a photo of newborn Archie. Reality: Meghan and Harry weren’t asked to take a photo. Their son wasn’t being acknowledged as a Prince. Their son wasn’t going to be protected by security. #OprahMeghanHarry


WOW. The Royal Family weren’t even trying to claim Archie like Again, disgusted but not surprised! The fact they said he wasn’t going to be a prince or receive security (despite that not being the protocol). That drop of Black blood was too much huh? #OprahMeghanHarry


Conversations were had before Archie was born about how DARK his skin might be?!? Disgusted but not surprised! #OprahMeghanHarry

According2Taz ()

@ListenerEvent Nope and everyone can choose what to believe but IMO,Archie is definitely a Markle

Jas ()

can we just appreciate larry’s RANGE because i would literally die for mick shipman’s happiness but would happily throw a spanner at archie mitchell ? what a king

Delta ()


✨𝓍ℬℯ𝓇𝓃𝒶𝒟𝓍✨ ()

📍Reunión Pink Panthers, Irlandeses y Archie. Se realiza la compra de las Calibre 50, se dan los Kits y ganzuas del siguiente encargo. Archie se presenta a Los Irlandeses y estos le hacen preguntas.

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Only_CK ()

📢 || Haciendo el trato con los irlandeses y el pana Archie en plena DEFCON 4

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Vik. ()

there is more than one personality trait to archie than he cheated, believe it or not

Indy Sports Partizan
Indy Sports Partizan ()

Come on Archie offer this kid a spot already. A solid PG with great vision who can shoot. I know that is the antithesis of Archie guards but just do it.

Scott ()

@sportspartizan Look at big ten winning percentage of Archie and Crean. Almost identical and it includes rebuild years of Crean’s first 3 years

Tom Orr
Tom Orr ()

Do you think it gets awkward when Archie Miller and Sean Miller argue at holiday family gatherings about which of them has a better method for killing a basketball program?

Jasmine Dotiwala
Jasmine Dotiwala ()

Brilliant stich up of Leading Royal experts willingly commenting on a story they know nothing about. Remember this every single time a Royal expert speaks. Esp on Monday. They never deal in facts. Just opinion on something they know NOTHING about. Big up Josh & Archie 👏

Young Daddy
Young Daddy ()

Someone just tweeted me: “I don’t know a single racist person.” Maybe you don’t know any Archie Bunker types but you know a lot of people who benefit from white privilege and do nothing about it. You can be nice to Black people while politely perpetuating white supremacy.

Deisy ()

@nereagalveez Cómo vas a querer que Archie y Tyron sean amigos???

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🌠⭐Ace | Excited for Security Breach! ⭐🌠
🌠⭐Ace | Excited for Security Breach! ⭐🌠 ()

Commissioned the wonderful @H0RR0RCITY to do Archie, and OH MY GOD I sobbed. He LOOKS SO GOOD. Please PLEASE commission him!! He does SUCH a good job. Now excuse me while I cry for an hour

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val loves desi
Val loves desi ()

Yo queriendo que Archie sea amigo de Tyron y a la vez que siga con los PP

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She wore a dress designed by Wes Gordon, which was actually made for her when she was pregnant with her first child, Archie:

ᴍᴀʀᴛᴀ♦️ ()

Que esperaban? Qué se dejasen secuestrar teniendo dos pesadas encima? los vieron llegar en el coche y ya tenían las pipas sacadas de antes. Archie trabajaba para ellos pero eso no les convierte en su rehen de confianza para licos. Por fin se hace respetar un poco

Peter ()

i need to draw archie more I draw liz sooo much😭 but im just used to drawing him also i made archie like 3 days ago ITS FINE

Hᶜᶜᴺ ()

en esto Archie tiene razón, los verdes les caga de plomo si ven que los van a secuestrar

Jornal O Dia
Jornal O Dia ()

Em um novo teaser, a mãe de Archie falou que está sendo libertador poder tomar as próprias decisões. #ODia

Tom Felton
Tom Felton ()

I had the honour to meet such an incredible and brave little boy, who has a truly inspiring story. Archie, keep doing what you’re doing mate x #BluePeter @CBBC @RichieDriss

Crimson&clover ()

@NancyRiverDrew @barchanted Archie also has feelings for someone else that trumped whatever he felt for Veronica. Betty & Archie have things in common & admire each other. Betty specifies this when she states TWICE that she’s glad Archie hasn’t changed. Jesus, do you even watch this show? 😳

Toby Young
Toby Young ()

Prince Harry tells James Corden the reason he “stepped back” from his Royal duties is because the media’s interest in his private life was taking a toll on his mental then reveals his wife’s pet name for him, Archie’s first word and what the Queen got him for Christmas.


This Prince Harry interview was such a pleasant watch. It’s nice seeing Harry so relaxed. Also cute hearing Meghan calling him “Haz” and finding out Archie’s first word was “crocodile” lol.

HuffPost ()

The Late Late Show host grilled The Duke of Sussex about The Crown, Archie and stepping back from the royal family.

☚ Capitec #BBNaijaHighlights ☛
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