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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 02:02 AM IST

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  • Today we lost a legend. I am proud to have had R. Lee Ermey as a friend & teammate. If you thought he was motivating in Full Metal Jacket you should have seen him on the firing line when points mattered. Legendary!!! RIP my friend. #RIPGunny #rip #gunny #SemperFi.

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  • Honestly, MS Dhoni batted as well today as I have seen him in the past. Still produces the same excitement and the same fear (depending on which side you are backing!).

  • In what world does it make sense to authorize airstrikes against Putin’s vassal Assad, but then block sanctions that would punish Russia for backing Assad? There is a reason Trump is terrified about being seen as tough on Putin and Americans deserve to find out why that is..

  • To recap: POTUS *upset* that might be seen as taking a tough stand on it interfered in our election and tried to murder two people in the sovereign territory of our closest ally..

  • "Modi and Shah’s lasting legacy is likely to be a brutalised cadre, shorn of any discipline at the grassroots, as seen in Unnao and Jammu. The duo seems to be bringing out the BJP cadres’ worst prejudices". @bainjal on the slide of the BJP.

  • [AS SEEN ON #DStv403] The Red Ants are evicting residents from some flats in Windsor East in Johannesburg, @malungelob is there for the latest and also speaks to a resident. Subscribe to #eNCA on YouTube.

  • This comes as ideas float in DC, communicated to Arab Govs by John Bolton on sending and Arab Force to Syria. Remains to be seen.

  • Have you seen this billboard? Can you help? That’s what a mother in Lynn is hoping she’s in the fight of her life. Her story on @NBC10Boston at 4:30pm.

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  • Thanks to @SlaylerJ I am going to refer to Bucky Barnes as Buckle from here on out. My brain has seen it and it cannot be unseen. The bell is rung. The die is cast. The Bucky is buckled..

  • [email protected] goes behind the scenes of our #VisibleInk program. Check it out!.

  • @CNNnews18 @MsSriReddy @shreyadhoundial Actor credibility does she hold as an actor ? was the last time she was seen on screen ? heading should be like an anonymous attention seeker making cmnts on tfi top star pk Kindly see the other side of the coin before allowing her to studio.

  • @putey_pute @joanne88735048 I really can’t believe some of the things I’ve seen and heard on here tonight. Diane Abbot failing to respond to an MP on her own benches who asked her to condemn AS was absolutely shameful. Hopefully labour will be reclaimed soon..

  • @JOsborneNeuroPT Yea, need to watch it on catch up!! 👍 Just seen Hawkins attempt to carry on as well what a bloke!.

  • @IanBlackfordMP It shows how badly the Snp have misjudged the public mood on this. On the international stage you’re seen as poster boys for Assad and Putins chemical weapons attack. How far you’ve fallen. Seems you prefer Bombs to Bairns..

  • When Red Sparrow comes out on digital I’m planning to watch it as a double feature with Atomic Blonde. Haven’t seen either of them and been meaning to for some time now..

  • BIG S/O @RAZO97X . We brought this young man on board with the squad when he was 15 cuz niggas seen the star quality early on. I’ve watched this young man grow as an artist and as a person. I’m proud of em. Happy birthday bro I love you! Listen to Solo for my lil nigga bday lol.

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  • @JTizzlle It’s very toxic but you have to realize people only portray themselves as they would like to be seen on social media. Everybody doesn’t have it all together..

  • • The American gaze on Chinese technology has gone through several stages of denial over the last 20 years. First, there was talk of irrelevance, and then Chinese companies were sometimes seen as imitators or as industrial spies..

  • ..she has worn a red ribbon every year for as long as I can remember. But I know I’m very fortunate here. Sorry this has become convoluted and tangenty but I wanted to contribute to the excellent threads I’ve seen on here 💖🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.

  • I’m seen as a serious person. I’d agree with that view, mostly. But what makes it hard is that when I am genuinely excited or goofy, all people do is tell me how it’s so “not me,” like I’m always one thing. Kinda rains on my parade, so often I do hide it. Gotta work on that..

  • Dude I’ve seen the same cute little puppy on campus being walked by multiple different guys and I swear they are doing it to pick up girls. Cute dogs as a service??? @Uber @Microsoft @elonmusk.

  • This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, as if retweets would keep you from going on a “deployment”.

  • @SeanPBali @JeffRisdon @pjp1977 @erikschlitt @MattShepardFDN Been reading him for years, and he has a really amazing talent for not getting too hyped or too down on players-he’d probably make a great GM, tbh. He can analyze without prejudice as well as I have seen anyone..

  • Because Black people and POC in general started to gain access to these programs and, as they did, they were decried them as unnecessary. And so forth and so on. Whenever there is an in-road to access, whenever equal access is seen as a hassle, the narrative.

  • @AYPrivateEye @AcerbicRed Just seen a promo vid on club,we are a family but some fume when we want family members to remain at club in a capacity you can clearly read into your tweet it’s not as a replacement for the main man.

  • As we close in on the release of #InfinityWar we want to take the opportunity to remind you: it’s okay if you’ve missed a few along the way..

  • Unfit to Command To us all, trump must be taken out of office, NOW, the US has too much at stake with all that is going on, we have all seen what a self absorbed moron we have as our leader. Rid us of trump, before it is too late, Amen..

  • Is there really such a thing as a badger? My eyes, the eyes of Marcus Peterson, have never seen a living specimen. I think the ones on.

  • LagosStateJudiciary staffbus as seen on 3MB this morning Its condition can be [email protected]

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  • Wonder Arms – Arm Upper Body Workout Machine As Seen On TV.

  • Argentina’s share market bets on high-frequency traders   Inclusion in MSCI index also seen as likely boost to volume on stronger foreign demand.

  • @ronnieraffle @ElmslieEnder @wealdstonefc As i say, perhaps realising (too late) some things that many on the terraces have seen for a while. Its a better interview but as pointed out, there seems to be a disconnect between bench and pitch. Thats his to resolve..

  • Netflix shares pop as it hits 125 million subscribers Netflix has seen its share price rocket in the year-to-date, up more than 60pc at the close of play on Monday.

  • GG to @NK_WHOA on getting partner, have not had much chance to check ya out but from what ive seen has been entertaining as hell! GG again my dude!.

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