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Como extraña @ManUtd a @anto_v25 ...fisicamente bien es muchísimo más que Ashley Young, en todo sentido..

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Aksi rasialisme yang menimpa pemain Manchester United itu terjadi usai pertandingan perempat final Liga Champions..

To be fair, Bogut can’t stop anybody mate. The Ashley Young Of basketball.

I think they were generous with the ratings. Ashley Young lucky to get a 2! #MUFC.

@FansBet Manchester United Lindelof Rashford Luke Shaw PSG Away Ashley Young Any one decent I fucking beg.

This season, Ashley Young has lost possession a total of 756 times. This averages out to times per 90 minutes – more than any other Manchester United player..

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Manchester United Victor Lindelof/Luke Shaw Scott McTominay/Mason Greenwood Romelu Lukaku That night in Paris Ashley Young Koulibaly/Varane.

This needs to end. Is Ashley Young trash? Yes Should he be called any of this? Hell no.

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A fraction of Man Utd fans racially abused Ashley Young after Barcelona match on Twitter. This act of cowardice is against everything Man Utd stands for. Its disgusting to say the least & the harshest punishment should be given for such act of crime. #MUFC #KickitOut.

Next time before you have the urge to blame Ashley Young for all our ills take a minute to think. Is it his fault that despite being utterly crap in tour eyes there’s nobody better to take his place in what is one of the richest clubs in the world I suggest you look beyond him.

Ashley Young bearing the brunt of criticism from last night, but he’s a 33 year old converted winger playing at full-back, mainly against Lionel Messi, in a poor team. Issue is the recruitment that has led to a converted 33 year old winger marking Messi in the Nou Camp..

Ashley Young needs A serious is Killing us @ManUtd PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

Yet another black player, this time Ashley Young, targeted with racist abuse on social media after tonight’s Champions League game. Again, we’re left asking @TwitterUK the same question - when will you take serious action to tackle the rampant discrimination on your platform?.

Ashley Young, thanks for your service. Kindly leave before I take matters into my own hands.

@Hama_barzanii How, first goal was given to him by ashley young, second through de gea, and third goal was assisted by alba.

Ffs if we didn’t change our back especially that mf Ashley Young, next season also we cannot do anything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Who is Ashley Young holding hostage to still be at the club let alone starting for Manchester United?.

@ImJustFrozen @utdcover They are not to be rated. Ashley Young needs to be in league 2.

@aakashbhatt97 Is sey bada kalank aur kya ho skta hai ki Ashley Young abhi bhi United ke liye kjel raha hai.

@danieldamon97 Because he score team wey get Ashley Young as captain 😂😂😂😂😂.

Como extraña @ManUtd a @anto_v25 ...fisicamente bien es muchísimo más que Ashley Young, en todo sentido..

@lukednixon I hate Ashley Young!!! That mistake wouldn’t of happened if it was 0-0.

Ole picking Ashley Young every game, playing Rashford on the right, No identity. This is no different from Mourinho tbh.

how on earth does Ashley Young qualify for a professional football players, cunts absolutely murder.

No se quién dijo que Ashley Young es LT ese tipo es Y por qué ya no juega Antonio Valencia?.

Man of the match : Messi(Barcelona) ❌ Man of the match: Ashley Young(Barcelona) ✔️.

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