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Match 37. Kings XI Punjab XI: KL Rahul, C Gayle, M Agarwal, D Miller, M Singh, S Curran, R Ashwin, H Brar, H Viljoen, M Ashwin, M Shami #DCvKXIP #VIVOIPL.

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@ashwin_baindur @atishayokti Dear sir, kindly allow me to clarify. I am actually questioning the basic premise itself, as I feel that the comparison is incorrect. The comparison misses the main issue; the ideal meal. Eg. I never eat beef and eat less meat, hence my CFP is lesser than a Veg..

@lionsdenkxip Only chris gale he is the best always as well play for team but other players the totaly worst ravi do not well captain please remove ashwin.

Watch: Shikhar Dhawan dances to mock R Ashwin after failed mankad attempt.

@mani1972ias @atishayokti If you have a proposition, you have to state it at the outset and stick to it. You changed it once the basic premise of yours was answered—the basic premise was did veg food have a lesser carbon footprint than non veg food? After this was anseered, you brought up other issues..

@Dr_Mastodonna @MostlyMammoths Thanks. It appears that Mammut is purely a North American family. Were there ecological analogues (browsers) amongst the Elephantidae of Eurasia? Or was this role occupied by other fauna, like the ground sloths were in South America..

#85 – A Day in the Life of a Talent Manager & Strategist – Ashwin Jacob #curate.

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@bhogleharsha Hello @bhogleharsha can we just change the name from mankad to Ravi as Ashwin finds nothing wrong in doing this. If we keep saying mankad his family is feeling offensive #justsaying.

This #PHIatBKN series is riveting to say the least. Hope peeps are watching #dimwiddie.

@ashwin_baindur @MostlyMammoths Their lineages split from a common ancestors 20+ million years ago, yes!.

স্লো ওভার রেট, জরিমানা পঞ্জাব অধিনায়ক অশ্বিনের -.

IPL 2019: R Ashwin hopeful of finding momentum despite KXIP lose crunch match to DC.

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@ashwin_baindur @atishayokti Dear sir, I feel sad that you feel that way as I respect you a lot. But, either the logic in my question is disproved or the question is answered. Please tell me where I shifted my goal posts. My question is posted as a pic, unaltered. Thank you, sir..

@SirJadeja Ashwin Anna Ke Face Pe Sada Hua Look Dekh Ke Alag He Mazaa Aata Hai 😂.

Hahahahaha Dhawan trolled Ashwin like a boss!!! 🤣👍.

@ImSudhakarRao ಸೈಕಲ್ಗೆ ಆನೆ ಬಲ ಬಂತು ಅನ್ನಿ.

@lionsdenkxip Ashwin Cricket ki history ka pehla Capain hai jo jeetne pe bhi changes karta hai 👏 Isko koi bataao iss saal Nayi Soch Award nahi hai IPL me 🙏 #Ashwin #DCvKXIP.

@ashwin_baindur @KesariDhwaj Hey buffoon I know he retired long ago and thank god for that. And if a citizen of India for its democratically elected PM says he is not my PM then there is everything wrong with it. Get on with it..

It’s clear Ashwin has only been resorting to mankads when his team have been out of it. Same with the Jos incident, he waited till Jos left the crease..

Something is seriously wrong with Ashwin, i think he’s tired of bowling arm balls and praying for cracks on the pitch. #IPL2019.

@Ajeet_Tyagi_Ji वाड्रा के बच्चो की पोट्टी चाट ले और अपने परिवार के लिए भी लेते जाना चाटने के लिए सब बाहोट खुश होंगे.

in Delhi tonight and have their aim on those precious 2 points #GameBanayegaName Ashwin’s tactics in the last game were instrumental #DCvKXIP.

@Ajeet_Tyagi_Ji 23 मई को बरनाल तैयार रखना । नोटा वालो के हाथ में दे देंगे लोटा ।.

@Ajeet_Tyagi_Ji @SanjayM14790472 यह आरक्षण किसने शुरू किया मालूम है ना कांग्रेस ने । तुम उसिको बोल रहे हो कि आरक्षण निकाल दो कांग्रेस कभी तुम्हारी बात नहीं मानेगी।.

@MSKumar143 @bhanu_223 Beppam Ashwin gadiki 2 easy matches ichesam😭😭😭😭😭.

Match 37. Kings XI Punjab XI: KL Rahul, C Gayle, M Agarwal, D Miller, M Singh, S Curran, R Ashwin, H Brar, H Viljoen, M Ashwin, M Shami #DCvKXIP #VIVOIPL.

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