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Summary of today’s #AskAMan with @Naked_Dj,what are your thoughts ?.

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#AskAMan Guys it’s a Friday, please relax. I said over 50years as a It was a joke. Nobody is dating anybody over 50🤷🏽‍♂️ And now that we got that out the way. Thank You for tuning in 😊.

Can you guys please extend #AskAMan atleast have two anonymous 😊.

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Summary of today’s #AskAMan with @Naked_Dj,what are your thoughts ?.

#AskAMan when we thought @naked_dj is about to apologise, uthi labomkhulu ama antiques.

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Your relationship is in safe hands with @naked_dj #AskAMan.

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I agree with u 💯 % @leratokganyago anonymous must sit this man on the table and tell it like it is . She’s waiting both their times. He will heal and find a woman who’s going to love him! #AskAMan #MetroFM.

What are your thoughts on today’s #AskAMan ? Check out the podcast on.

What @somizi had to say about anonzas situation on #AskAMan.

Uqinisile @ just cos you you have gay friends, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re not 🤷🏽‍♀️ #AskAMan.

#AskAMan I also wanna be in a monogamous distance (35km) relationship, m at rivonia..

From the bottom of my bottomest as a 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #AskAMan.

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Intimacy is a big factor in relationships. Go argue with your ancestors. #AskAMan.

Dineo is getting paid to participate on the show, she must stoo being childish and do what she gets paid to do #AskAMan.

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A man can love a woman and cheat on her, but if a woman cheats on a man, her love for him will would have been long gone #AskAMan.

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The most you get is what you ask for so always #AskAMan @JjSesing @Naked_Dj.

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#askaman what happened to through thick and thin 🤔, therapy nyana, counseling nyana guys, why r we in a hurry for divorce, separation . Clearly this couple is still young, their marriage needs a lot of nurturing.

@METROFMSA how come @dineoranaka no longer comments during #askaman ? We miss her perspective on matters..

“Anonymous you’ll do well without this guy” @JjSesing #AskAMan.

If you don’t want “Serious” what are you still doing ka Ngwana batho?? Leave her alone.🤚 #AskAMan.

Frequent Broken promises are a No No!!!!! I had a beautiful sweet talker too!!!🤦🏾‍♀️ fortunately he said that if a certain time passes without him doing what he said he’ll do I should leave. Trust me I left and he couldn’t believe it. My sister leave! Run! #AskAMan.

I know of a lady whose man sent a letter to her family for lobola cooked and nigga didn’t pitch up,called 2 days later and said funds were told her that if a person is disrespecting you in front of your family,he doesn’t love #AskAman.

Also done investing in people who wouldnt bother to reciprocate my we really dont need such toxicity in our lives! 🤞#askaman.

#AskAMan Marriage is not an Answer to a bad relationship 🤷🏾‍♂️ @leratokganyago @thebridge_sa.

#AskAMan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jonga, u need a Man, not Imenemen.

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“stop availing yourself to heartache “ @Naked_Dj #AskAMan.

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