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⚪️ Sweetly struck by Serge Aurier 🤤 #UCL | @SpursOfficial.

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@TheFPLPrince Jose had mentioned aurier to get forward everytime on the pitch. Even though no Cs. He will get you some cheeky assist even goals..

@DeportesKC creo que un 3 así no es lo mejor para el equipo porque el planteo de Mou termina dejando una línea de 3 atrás y deja a Aurier más de volante, por lo que lo mejor es un lateral sin tanta subida.

@iblL0KB0O73dVJF @SpursOfficial Kane 11km, Sony 11km, Aurier 7km? The second Goal is obviously a defensive mistake by Aurier..

Player ratings Gazza 4 Aurier 7 Toby 5 Sanchez 5 Jan 5 Winks 4 Sissoko 4 Lucas 4 Alli 7 Son 4 Kane 5.

@ZhouFPL That’s my plan. Who do I replace him with though? I was considering PVA before his injury. Any suggestions? Pereira, Doherty, Aurier, Sheffield defender?.

@THFCgod People literally just love to hate Aurier when in reality he’s the best full back on our squad..

@HarlowC Upon rewatching it, I agree. Aurier actually is the defensive liability. No doubt Rashford dives on that penalty situation. However, Spurs let Mourinho down. Except for Alli, Spurs were totally outworked by a below average United side. That was shameful from those players.

Aurier was not out of position. He’s being asked to play further forward. Vs Bournemouth he was as high as Son. If you think that’s wrong blame Mourinho 🙄.

Tbh bare 1 nutmeg Aurier defensively at least had a very good game: Interceptions 6 Tackles 6 Ground duels won 8 👍.

I have officially made an inquiry for world class Spurs players Serge Aurier, Davinson Sanchez, and Michel Vorm. They wanted Matic in return. Done deal..

Lingard was great today because he gave Rashford the space very well to go at Aurier! They doubled up on him and gave United more of a threat first 30-35 mins! Let’s not forget that! #mufc.

@WindyCOYS We have one big big issue and that is playing Aurier furthest forward of all players!!! He would leave Kante exposed covering for him. It’s a suicidal tactic and I get why but against a united side playing a flat back 4 it’s never working.

@TomCOYS @UtdAlii He’s extremely clumsy. Aurier is brain dead., but Davinson is clumsy. Your actually telling me your confident when you see Sanchez in defence?.

@jimmytheyid84 Aurier wasn’t great today. But he’s had some more positive performances of late. But how that French donkey gets away with it week after He’s the Superdry fans favourite.

Team rating today Gaz-2 He made up for the first goal Aurier-1 Toby-1 Sanchez-1 Jan-1 Sissoko-1 Winks-1 Dele-7 Sonny-1 Moura-1 Kane-1 Manager: Jose-1 Fair play to united cant take anything away from them.

@3AmigosFPL Owning Aurier is like having an illegitimate child that is so much fun to have visitation rights! 😳😆 it’s a joke, people.

I don’t think this loss was down to one single player, but Aurier was diabolical today. He’s been offensively decent in the last few games, but tonight against a quality forward he was absolutely exposed..

We lost to United 🤣🤣🤣. Omg what have we become. People slating vertonghen are clueless. There was one chance down the left other than that James was in his pocket. Serge was so poor defending, winks and sissoko to but to be fair to sissoko he was covering aurier for most part..

Vertonghen has looked solid at left-back this half. Serge Aurier, on the other.

I’m Winks’ biggest fan but what the fuck is the point of playing him there when Sissoko is too busy babysitting Aurier? No midfielder to build an attack especially now Alli isnt playing as a 10..

Aurier is not first team material. I’m sorry, he isn’t. He’s sketchy, inconsistent, wild and unreliable..

Imagine making this Utd team look good. Aurier - car crash Winks - Mid table player Sissoko - Donkey Rose - Past it Gazziniga - Great name Sanchez Half the team are shit. #coys #ttid.

Everytime I see Aurier & Sissoko chasing Rashford, all I can see is another penalty incoming! #THFC.

What is it with aurier Sanchez and Sissoko. They all look like giving away pens all the bloody time.

⚪️ Sweetly struck by Serge Aurier 🤤 #UCL | @SpursOfficial.

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