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Bloody marvellous. Migrants try to disrupt the parade of St Nicklaus in Austria Only to forget the #Krampus (horned-devil type creature) are in attendance and aren’t taking any of their sh*t this year..

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@Alex_Asmitia El equipo de Austria a la mera hora se arrugo,y ahora se va a UEL..

ERC ROUND 5 AUSTRIA Hoping to keep the momentum after a podium last race!.

@karan_tejwani26 The agency also has two other players playing in Austria- Amadou Dante and Ousmane Diakité, so they might be viewing the league, rather than just Red Bull Salzburg as a legitimate place for talent to grow..

Un juego de toma y daca en Austria, Salzburgo y Liverpool quieren ir a los octavos de final de la #UCL.

@OohLalaFootball They look rattled. It’s ridiculous that a team from Austria is bullying them..

FBI agents are spies? Grain of salt: This is the lying piece of shit who says he and aides were on a trip to Africa. Yet for some as yet unexplained reason filed per diem for Austria..

on the way home the commentator on @bbc5live was saying if this ends in 0-0 draw, he will sell up and move to Austria. This is looking rather promising #SALLIV #UCL.

Partidazo entre Liverpool y Salzburgo en Austria, ambos han tenido opciones claras. El que gane clasifica y elimina al otro, el empate favorece a Liverpool. De ida y vuelta, lo tuvo Salah, y lo tuvo Haalland..

Como se ha comido goles Salah. Increíble. Y ahora casi convierte Haaland. Gran partido en Austria..

@ElleFaent Der FC Liverpool war schon immer der FC Liverpool und spielt nicht ausschließlich für Werbezwecke. Red Bull Salzburg war vorher Austria Salzburg und Red Bull Leipzig war vorher der SSV Markranstädt. Ich sehe da schon einige Unterschiede. 1/2.

Enquanto os jogos de competições continentais, na maioria dos países, quando vão para o intervalo, tocam música eletrônica, na Áustria toca Strauss Jr. Que diferença!.

NAP 3- GEN 0 (Final ) El polaco Arkadiusz Milik (Nápoles) es el segundo jugador que le marca tripleta al Genk de Bélgica en la actual UEFA Champions 2019/2020. El primero fue Erling Håland del Salzburgo de Austria el pasado 17 de septiembre..

@OCEANLIX i may have more family but like they are wide spread across Germany and all in Istanbul in Turkey and kinda spread around The Netherlands too but not that much. But I feel like I do have relatives in Austria and Belgium but idk.

Austrias Austria kombed (ja muusika). Mis pala kõlas Salzburg - Liverpool kohtumise vaheajal staadionil? Muidugi Radetzky marss!.

Austria se constituye de los estados a la República Federal. Pero, ¿cuál es la autonomía de los estados? Lo cierto es que baja, la realidad dista del modelo estadounidense, y ni se acerca a la de las autonomía españolas. Por @jorgexalvar y @raquelb33.

@Punishednixonce -Austria se ha desplazado al norte, engullendo a parte de Alemania en el proceso -Alemania ha perdido grandes territorios y ha sufrido una independencia de un estado en su interior -Turquía se ha vuelto pequeña -Turquía se ha unido a los Balcanes -Crimea se ha separado y ahora es.

@LFC Liverpool is playing with fire in Austria. Salzburg can give them a surprise..

@programapanico tem gente que anda vivendo na Áustria ou na Suíça e nao ta vendo nada.

@erik_fluegge Also wenn man es in dieses Regal schafft, hat man es geschafft. 😂.

Some of the lowest crime rates in the world can be seen in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, and New Zealand. These countries have stricter gun laws that have effective law enforcement. Countries such as Austria do see more petty crimes such as purse snatching or pickpocketing.

@LFC While Napoli has the clasification in its hands, Liverpool is having problems for to achieve that in Austria..

#OPEC nations agree to further oil supply cut | CBC News #TechJunkieInvest.

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@Qudsn_en They are Not Settlers. They are government sponsored Terrorists to drive out the native Palestinians so the Racist Fascist Zionist Apartheid Israel can annex the stolen land as Nazis annexed Sudatenland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Poland to protect the German Settlements..

Lively opening half in Austria. Both sides have come close but it remains 0-0. 👉 #SALLIV | #UCL.

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Bloody marvellous. Migrants try to disrupt the parade of St Nicklaus in Austria Only to forget the #Krampus (horned-devil type creature) are in attendance and aren’t taking any of their sh*t this year..

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