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New State Security Agency DG Thembi Majola is allegedly seeking to reverse the appointment of at least 24 spooks who former state security minister Ayanda Dlodlo promoted, in a move that insiders say has the potential to collapse the agency.

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I love Nonku Nonku, but she needs to leave Ayanda alone. Babu Ncwane chose Ayanda over her and it was not her fault. #RHODurban.

I thought I was seeing growth from Nonku and sadly I was wrong. 💔I am waiting for the day she leaves Ayanda alone. She’s not even on the season but is still being talked about. Nonku abeg LET IT GO. Accept the situation for what it was MOVE please🥺 #RHODurban.

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She must just leave Sfiso to Rest In Peace and let Ayanda be. He chose Ayanda twice, she needs to sit it out for this lifetime. Because how does ‘Sfiso didn’t want Ayanda’ mix or match with her daughter’s damages issue? She’s uncouth #RHODurban.

Do thugs wear pajamas? Do they even sleep? And if they do, do they sleep and dream peacefully with no thought that someone is coming for them?.

LIQUOR INDUSTRY: Prince Kaybee meets workers as he launches wine brand, Milani, in South Africa Thobile | Vosloorus| Ayanda | #ThembaOnShowmax.

I came across this powerful Take a look 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 . . . Will Smith Kevin Samuels Ayanda #Bathu Vosloorus Somizi Prince Kaybee.

@mat_boschh Umuntu wami engingamubangi namuntu. Isoka lami ngedwa! 🤣🤣🔥💃.

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I love how LaC collected Thobile ngoba ubedakwa uThinile tryna to get a moment. And as we know Nonku jumped on the attack LaC train because LaC is friends with Ayanda #RHODurban.

Imagine bellieving ukuthi USfiso wanted to leave Ayanda for her 😂😂😩. Ayanda wonke 😩, hai lama truth #RHODurban.

@eo_sackey @AludaKimutai What if the assistant coach ask him to warm up? What if Pep asked him where are going? What if Yaya replied to him that assistant coach said I must warm up What if Pep said NO! go and seat on the branch 🤔.

Exactly and this Ayanda is acting high and mighty #aayanfixmylife.

@iDiskiTimes @kaizerm_jr Nazo, Mangethe must bring back Tshepo Myeni, Ayanda Rorwana, Itu Shopane and promote Zwane, Tati, Soul man and Mdu. Obrigado must get another season in the DDC to understand the culture better. Manando can come back for control..

@DeepNmusique_ZA @ayanda_yandiey_ 😅Looks like the snake ate large creature or being though..

@ReasonHD and @akaworldwide would murk tgis joint foreal🥶💯🎹.

@AludaKimutai @Ayanda_mabi For this, I agree Yaya deserves respect for his legendary status..

If I were to drive to Makro for food specials, it would cost me R200 in petrol. Kugcina kufana.


Ayanda peanas stories like me 😂😂 very animated and nitakupea hadi soundtrack ya that moment.

@eo_sackey @Ayanda_mabi Okay but yaya is a man city legend but he wasn’t given that legend statue there was also a petition but all in vain they gave.

@Bandz_Wodumo22 It irritates me! & the girls won’t say anything about it which is telling. The same way she and her mother came to spew trash bout Ayanda last during the reunion & did a nonsense event taking about spring has sprung so noone would talk about it. Again, she’s sooo uncouth!!.

@Lelo_Manoto I only ever liked uAyanda. Miss Almost First Lady yena Ayanda was just there looking good, she did not even try to be deep/profound about anything 😂😂. This S2, I had no favorite.

@AyandaAllie Mara Ayanda Mara Damit Umuhle San In Our next life ,i am going to marry you as soon as Ur Born.

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Ayanda Thabethe is going to deny the claims, I’m sure. But best believe it was for the money bag..

@Ayanda_Jiya We sleep peacefully with a glock under the pillow.

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@Ayanda_Jiya My dear if you’re considering dating one stay away 😂😂😂you’ve been asking a lot olabout thugs lately 🤔🤣.

Ayanda uyaziphendulela kwesa sgaxa, iyhoooo.

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@AyandaThabethe_ Askies Ayanda and please protect your Image always Mommy and def sure that you can never do that to were married and you know the feeling of a Man never taking a blame for his doings💖.

The veil was lifted off Ayanda’s “dream guy” since last summer. But nobody paid attention..

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