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I personally think Babes needs to give Lady Zamar a call and sincerely apologize #BabesWodumo.

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I’m so disgusted by babes wodumos behavior she is a self centered bully who has no morals of a woman #babeswodumo.

Where is #BabesWodumo Management/Advisors/ PR team? Her brand is going down to the drain. Help her, before she got cancelled. She is nothing without us as fans/ as Event organisers. I am a concerned event organiser about her state & her misbehaving/ mischievous lately 🤔💭😲.

Yithi My account was hacked 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BabesWodumo #LadyZamar.

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That #BabesWodumo handle is it the real 1 or some parody account, cos it damn sure post some crap..

#BabesWodumo #AskAMan total deniability 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Only Leeto can help #BabesWodumo with case of the hacker. #SkeemSaam.

@bandile_mali @LordSizwe #BabesWodumo wisidomu sesiduphunga esidinga ukukwaxazwa nje.

If Akusimina guys was a person #BabesWodumo 😂😂.

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So these days hackers can hack your voice? #BabesWodumo must be taking us for fools. Not all of us ate idiots who listen to preschool music called gqom.

I personally think Babes needs to give Lady Zamar a call and sincerely apologize #BabesWodumo.

Your favorite girl is live on Instagram now #BabesWodumo.

#LadyZamar #babeswodumo She just prove her stupidity again, probably mapintsha his out of the country, he would have already sorted this mess.

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#BabesWodumo says her number was hacked, so that means her voice was hacked too🤔.

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#BabesWodumo just said someone hacked her and she didn’t post the video but it has her voice . I am lost rn.

#BabesWodumo Goid people take time to have a look at my work. We do supply and fit curtains shutter and window Promotion below rubs till the end of the month if August.

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Get professional branding suitable for the growth of your company at reasonable costs. Logo - R1000 Business card- R250 Letterhead Design - R250 Company Profile Design - R1000 Banner Design -R800 [email protected] 0630540455 #BabesWodumo.

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The sad thing about this scenario is that when #BabesWodumo was being made a punching bag for the entire world to see, no one came onto her like Kanti unje? On fleek Kodwa , sies sfebe instead we all came to her defence, INCLUDING Zamar! Because WE ARE WOMEN!.

Babes must be taught to respect other people. Her utterances towards lady zamar are childish and useless #BabesWodumo.

I never liked her because she doesnt know what she says and when they say education is key there were true#BabesWodumo.

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Acne is better than bruises Babes Wodumo. #BabesWodumo.

#BabesWodumo I think we should Mind Our own this time around.

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I guess #BabesWodumo and #Mampintsha are no longer dating 🤔.

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@BABESWODUMO abazali bakho ngabe bathini ngawe hai uyihlazo Ubulima obungaka #cancel babes wodumo.

@Lady_Zamar is beautiful finish and Klaar,@BABESWODUMO is beefing with the relevant to recasitate her drying career..

Happy women’s day zithandwa ngiyanithanda 😍🥰😘❤️❤️❤️ @zodwalibram @sphesihle_sogoni.

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