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Chiefs was doing fine when Billiat was He is back, now they are weak. What did Baccus do Why play So mamy questions. #NedBankCupLast16

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Alex ™ ()

What happened to Scara will soon happen to Baccus😭. We seeing it happening to Stash, we probably the only FC with jersey not even on the bench

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AlanSithole ()

@khanyiqondani8 @BenjaminNgobese Or the tactics are getting exposed. At Chiefs if u cut out supply, which is Manyama & block the fullbacks from overlaping ur job is done. And thats what has been happening. Another coach would change the tactics and bring on ball playing players like Baccus and Ntshangase.

Amakhosino1fan ()

@Mkhu28 @AdvoBarryRoux Y playing two defensive players? Y parker instead of baccus mxm💔😭😭

Kabo Malepeng ()

@KaizerChiefs We really need Baccus on the We need those gud passes nd a gud attack from him for us to win the guy is very gud in

Ndim Nangoku ()

@Skofy4 @AdvoBarryRoux Good players??? Nurkovic Manyama Billiat Baccus Kotei Kambole Akumu Akpei Frosler Ntshangase Castro Maybe you want messi and Ronaldo

Gahanna Lincoln T&F ()

@shay_baccus has put together 3 straight weeks of big time throws!! #WaitForIt

Masitembe Rululu ()

@KaizerChiefs What happened to Baccus and what Mashiane need to do to play in this team @shaunbart9

Glamour Boy- Log Leader ()

@TheeUltimateLee I agree it would have been good he can deal better with that Pirates midfield both defensively and offensively. I can see him with George or Baccus.

Khuliso WA Marimila ()

@Mkhu28 I think he could be an asset too, he was clearly nervous. He came in the wrong season also because the fanbase is not going to be kind or patient. I can see him playing with Maluleka or Baccus, not Katsande.


Chiefs doesn’t have a creative player,player like ekstein,yeye,mahlasela ,Mxm,why is baccus is not playing ? 😡😡😡😡!!!!lena la bhora !!! Another 9years of drought at naturena #KaizerChiefs #Amakhosi4Life

Polane ()

@khanyiqondani8 Bench khama next weekend when playing against bucs,and play Baccus u will win.


@15TeeJay This guy is taking bullshit sho ,if he was playing a passing game Ntshangase ànd Baccus could have played

Sizwe mzantsi ()

@Dannisto7 @papspapzo My brother chill, the matter here is about how we started; which is with Baccus (in place of Maluleka). Bru, the guy is killing us, period.

Melusi kaMdabuli ()

@SipJeroh99 Ntshangase, Baccus, Zuma, Manyama all this play are capable of carpet football. Problem is the coach.

May is 10 Steps Away ()

@Master_P_61703 I think he had a typical Baccus start, I think tall as he is he likes it on the ground. Can’t fault him much.

•Ta_Ace• ()

@nel17brian Manyama can only run with the Only other player that can play the ball outside Baccus is Ntshangase, but instead we keep starting Katsande and Maluleka. Who will create?

Mogale🇿🇦 ()

@KaizerChiefs Chiefs lost the mojo the day mazinyo decided to relegate Baccus to the bench. Get Midderndorp tf out asap, man is a hater of beautiful football

Themba Mapiano Matlala ()

@KaizerChiefs penalties are a gamble the coaches line up lacked creativity,imagine playing Parker over Baccus as for benching Castro we all know he punished Highlands park on our 50th Anniversary and walkaway with MOTM award he could have picked were he left off along with baccus #fire Ernst

Khama Billiat Armed Force!!!!! ()

@Dannisto7 Baccus Stash Ngcobo the list is endless but he keeps on playing Maluleka and Katsande no creativity

1st_Female_President_of_Khosi_Nation ()

Think we made it diffclt for ourslvs by not startin with a passer, like G or Baccus. Puttin G in almost workd for us but HP had already dealt with those areas, makin it diffclt for any flow. Bt we take a defeat & prepare for the Derby. Real test indeed. But long way to go 💛🖤💛

Naledi ()

@KaizerChiefs Akpeyi would have done well and saved us. Khune is no longer the man. Katsande must go, Maluleka and Baccus are there. Mashiane, Ntshangase, Ngezana, Molongoane a much better rotation. Billiat must go.

Komza ()

I ask again what did Baccus do to deserve not playing of late his sins is playing the ball like Stash,ngcobo and Zuma✌

Black Leopards Fans™️ ()

Chiefs was doing fine when Billiat was He is back, now they are weak. What did Baccus do Why play So mamy questions. #NedBankCupLast16

Terry Mthembu⚪ ()

@Zakhele We are in pits. I feel sorry for Billiat. This system is suffocating him Imagine him with the likes of Ntshangase, Baccus, Mashiane. We would he flying with carpet football

Ndabizzy ()

@Qhawe5654 @KaizerChiefs I complained about omission of Baccus from beginning of this game, last week and other Why would u put a play maker out???

®️Saaz Saida ()

@KaizerChiefs I will never understand why the coach prefers Parker over Zuma and Baccus. That I will never understand

Therriboh West Masilela ()

@KaizerChiefs agay is hiding when the ball is ours, when Manyama holds the ball he dsnt hv options its only billiat cos Nurkovic is marked, we need baccus, mashiane and zuma we will play. substitute parker, agay & sasman

Metse Manyane ()

Agay out, he is a bit nervous. Granted, its his first start. Baccus to replace him. Moleko has been given too many chances. Time for Mphahlele now#Amakhosi4Life

Qhawe ()

@KaizerChiefs It looks like we scored all our goals in 2019. Ku rough. We need Baccus now

StoberG ()

@KaizerChiefs Zuma mashiane baccus n maluleke shud b prepared fr the derby we need ball players Billiat n manyama need dem as fr mathoho can he pls not man mark dt pirates striker we wl b in big trouble Parker again n passenger in the not impressed

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