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Charles Barkley offered a solution to when a fan at a game can’t control themselves..

Shaq and Charles Barkley talking about being mesmerized by Tom Brady’s face is top tier TV. celebrities, they’re just like us. 😂.


Tuchel told you. Barkley that came on for him didn’t even play any penalty 🤣.

Ustedes se estarán preguntando ¿por qué nos falló San Perri? 🥺 Estas son imágenes del momento en el que San Perri vió entrar a Barkley, no lo pudo soportar y se durmió. San Perri volverá más fuerte 👊🐶.

Barkley Photo,Barkley Photo by Chelsea Uruguay ➐,Chelsea Uruguay ➐ on twitter tweets Barkley Photo

🥅 Ross Barkley has only found the back of the net twice for Chelsea this season in 436 minutes of playing time. Both occasions in penalty shoot-outs (vs Aston Villa & Liverpool) #EmiratesFACup.

Fascinating to watch the difference between the NHL + NBA studio shows. The tenor is so different in the two sports. The TNT panel is very hesitant to go in harshly on the Leafs. Meantime, Shaq, Barkley, Stephen A. would all be openly trashing Toronto..

This narrative Pippen guarded the best player is repeated by kids who werent alive in the 90s. 91 - Magic - Jordan 92 - Drexler - Jordan 93 - Barkley - Grant 96 - Kemp - Rodman 97 - Malone - Rodman 98 - Malone - Longley Pippen guarded the best player in the finals ZERO times..

you can all give it the big one about tactical and Barkley scored his pen and whatever else. You don’t do that to anyone. And you lot are not gonna decide whether I‘m pissed off about that being done to my favourite player or not..

CHELSEA 0-0(5*6) LIVERPOOL: Rowland🗣️The devil is a liar! FULL INTERVIEW HERE 👇🏽 Barkley macaroni lagbaja osas Werner.

No one cares one bit about this RLC brudda, barkley came on and scored his pen so get over it.

Christians won’t vote Muslim-Muslim candidates - PFN warns APC, PDP, others Boko Haram Stan Nze Macaroni Soludo Mohammed Terrorist Bishop Kukah Ramsey Nouah Messi is the GOAT IPOB REDLINE Barkley Toyin Lawani.

CHELSEA 0-0(5*6) LIVERPOOL : Unc Henry 🗣️ We are all going TROPHYLESS! FULL INTERVIEW HERE 👇🏽 #FACupFinal Barkley macaroni lagbaja osas Werner Azman zaha.

So glad football experts think they know better than tuchel, if he was that shit he wouldn’t be played, like Barkley. Before today I ain’t seen him since Southampton in carabao cup.

This was obvious the moment it happened it was down to pens. Looks like Tuchel was vindicated when Barkley scored. Crazy to think Tuchel had anything other than the result in mind. Literally his job. Ruben gets it..

After jameis retires and goes into TV he has a chance to be the charles barkley of football.

CHELSEA 0-0(5*6) LIVERPOOL: Eto🗣️Affliction cannot rise up a second time! FULL INTERVIEW HERE 👇🏽 #FACupFinal Barkley macaroni lagbaja osas Werner.

you can say whatever you want about the penalties but Ross Barkley’s and Zieych’s ones were THE COLDEST EVER🧊🥶🤍.

SIM! Faltou esse dois aqui em campo, não sei se venceriamos, com com certeza o time estaria mais forte. Kai fora por lesão, ok. Mas não entendi Tuchel ter escolhido Barkley que não jogava desde janeiro, aí invés de Werner. Acho que era para o Alemão ter entrado. Minha opinião..

Barkley Photo,Barkley Photo by ⭐⭐Stamford Brasil 🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,⭐⭐Stamford Brasil 🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on twitter tweets Barkley Photo

If I could go back into time in sports I would make sure Barkley got a ring 😭.

Breaking: Obofour arrested by Ghana Police for inciting violence in Offinso Chieftaincy saga Blacko Ross Barkley #unitedshowbiz Messi is the GOAT Sark Stan Nze Kendrick Funke Akindele #FACupFinal Barcelona Sheldon laboma Diaz Erica Burger King.

barkley came on, did what he was told, scored a pen, walked away. ice cold. mount started, wasn’t subbed off because tuchel forgot he was playing, and whiffed his penalty. i know my decision 👍.

Now can you imagine this with Kadarius Toney to Saquon Barkley? Man shiiiiit #TogetherBlue.

Barkley has been bringing me his favorite kangaroo to throw for him. ❤️.

Barkley Photo,Barkley Photo by BarkleysPupdates,BarkleysPupdates on twitter tweets Barkley Photo

Chelsea becomes first team to lose three consecutive FA Cup finals Boko Haram Stan Nze Macaroni Soludo Mohammed Terrorist Bishop Kukah Ramsey Nouah Messi is the GOAT IPOB REDLINE Barkley Toyin Lawani.

Tuchel tried everything for this game. Wore yellow kits because he saw it as an omen for winning the German Cup with Dortmund, brought RLC on for 10 minutes to sub him off for Barkley, he also brought on Ziyech for Lukaku but initially wanted Pulisic off. Proper galaxy brain man..

@CFCRaf2 What happened with him lately? Poor substitutions is the one that i worried about. You had chance to bring on Werner against tired legs Liverpool then try to win instead he brings Barkley on because he knew we’re going to penalties. Costs us another trophy, poor.

@CFCDaily I just want the squad fully rotated now, Play Barkley and Saul and change half the squad for next season, sick of the same players stinking the place out week in week out.

Rookie Evan Neal looms large at tackle for the #Giants | @AlbaneseLaura.

@D84537821D @Everton_Extra If he leaves the right way and not a 🐍 like Barkley etc, then he still deserves respect for his time at Everton, the lad has been great and always put all his passion into the club.

Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Alonso, Drinkwater ✅ Kepa, Emerson, Baba Rahman, Kenedy, Sarr, JCS, Miazga, Bakayoko, Barkley, RLC, Jorginho/Kante, Werner, Ziyech, Pulisic, Batshuayi 🔄 50 players under contract. A new cycle and a new core is needed..

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