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BREAKING NEWS: Jose Baxter It seemed sensible to come to an agreement with the club so that I and they can both plan for the future. #pafc.

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@Squidneey “A turtle is just ravioli that’s alive” - Sidney Baxter, Zoo educator, 2019.

@scyfox Sipo. Vive en Argentina. La @dra_su_baxter. Creías que lo decía como “le pasó a una amiga”, para referirme a mi? sería muy fome.

@tortadiver The ENTIRE family boutta be lit lls. Some naw, what’s not to like, despite them being released once every 2 years lol.

2020 Titanium National Midfield Meg Baxter (@MegBaxter1) USL All-American, UA Midwest, 1st Team All-State, All-Conference. One of the best to come out of IN, two way Center, Great stickwork, aggressive, hard shot, uncommitted and will be at Presidents Cup!.

Playoffs Round One, tonight at Lancaster! Let’s root TCHS football on, Cougar Nation! @TheColonyHS @TCougarfootball.

what grade is raven supposed to be in in that’s so raven????? i’m watching this episode where she dates an older guy who is in high school. which is implying that raven baxter is what? an 8th grader??????.

@Veronicahallis1 Here my baxter at vet getting his yearly check up.

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Had such a lovely evening talking Chemistry at our Post-16 Open evening. Talked students from methane (GCSE) to enantiomers (A-level) through to the story of thalidomide and/or Alain Baxter and his failed drug test. And a late school night means take away for tea. Win win ;-).

@PerfectLegend Bro exactly what I saw and thought too. Starfire, mystic/spectral Ermac, whichever one had the float and black canary. NRS get so lazy sometimes and copy paste shit from previous games.

Jose Baxter doesn’t come close to Lameiras or Carey 😂.

@Ren_Chandler4 The FF could hook him up with an experimental car. Easy peasy. Let him park it in the Baxter Building..

@Opto_Dayvo Hahaha I laughed so hard at this. If I have a daughter and a kid wants to take her on a date, he has to first beat me in a ft10 in UMVC3. Only then, will I allow him to have the honour of dating daughter Bax.

@MissPalulu It’s early days, not like it’s a continuation of the past two years under Baxter. Give the new coach some breathing room to get his house in order..

Congrats to @pirateboysswim Baxter Stone on a 11th place finish(1) and a chance to swim in the B finals tomorrow. Way to go! #PiratePride #PCR3proud.

@MkakaAthenkosi @MuzieSndlovu Ngoba solimala khehla ..phela ubesezamile u Baxter.

Sweet! THE LONG EARTH by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter can be yours for $ [#sff_eBookDeal] -.

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BOYS LIKE YOU Audio visual remix. No drums, added sound layers By Jann Baxter, Michael Allen.

@KgomoYaMaphoto1 But Baxter qualified n took us too the Quarters with these European.

You all said Baxter was too defensive. Look now, we leaked 2 goals when we needed to make sure we shut shop first. These matches are played over 2 legs. It’s an unwritten rule that you close shop away! It’s as simple as that!!.

Baxter Stone qualifies for finals in the 100 breaststroke!!! Great job Baxter. Seeded 11th @PCHSAthletics1.

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@robertmarawa Lmao the fans who are complaining were the same ones who wanted Baxter out🤣🤣🤣 unfortunately you reap what you sow 👏🏽.

200 FREE RELAY MADE FINALS!!!!! They will swim for a state medal. Rhett Spell, Joe Ragone, Baxter Stone, & Brice Bills. Great job boys!!! 🏅@PCHSAthletics1.

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@BafanaBafana @ghanafaofficial We’re a worse team than we were under Baxter. It’s just terrible to watch..

BREAKING NEWS: Jose Baxter It seemed sensible to come to an agreement with the club so that I and they can both plan for the future. #pafc.

Hollyoaks shock as Jonny Baxter begs Ste Hay to get him out of far-right group.

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