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Congratulations to the winners of the @CaptainMorganNG Task, Cruise crew👏🎉. Click here 👉🏿 for more #BBNaija gist..

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Phyna claims that her microphone and headphones keep her going because she does not have many close friends. Click here ➡️ for more #BBNaija gist..

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Doyin is a top Reality TV Babe ☺️☺️. Pretty. Smart. Drama Magnet. We will miss her. #BBNaija #BBNaijaLevelUp.

Phyna attributes still being in the House in the 9th week to the fact that she is a lioness. She stated that she had been Nominated eight times since the beginning of the Level Up season, and she is still in the #BBNaija House. Click here for more gist..

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Imitation, they say, is the best form of flattery. Whose imitation made you crack up?😂 Click here👉🏾 for exclusive #BBNaija gist..

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You listen to these #BBNaija Spaces and you realize that the fight against abuse isn’t men vs women. It’s more like men plus other women vs women. The journey is long..

Adekunle dey use style to audition for the Big Brother role 🤔🤗 Look at that voice 🤩🤩 #BBNaija #BBNaijaLevelUp.

So after all the voting most of us in Phynation did for #GroovyMono𓃵 this week!Groovers are denying our efforts!Groovy is a nice person,but I don’t know how he got ingrates and Bitter people as fans 😏 God will judge y’all hating on Phyna n her fans for nothing #BBNaija.

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Even if Phyna was a Titan biko she loves our queen Mercy Eke plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #BBNaija.

Phyna!!! If you want to give him, give him!😂😂 Stop stressing this boy, you know he can never say no!😭😭 The way Groovy is looking at that turkey!😭😭 #Bbnaija.

Watching my baby sing gives me butterflies ! Bryann dont stop singing baby boy ♥️#bbnaija.

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You want his fans to say we keeping him company cause we want his votes Anyway he will be fine #BBNaija.

Some rebellz should learn how to ignore nd calm down,I dont know abt you but I hate when they drag Bella unnecessary,Abeg learn to ignore please #BBNaija.

Drunk Phyna, no strike, no microphone infringement warning, no disqualification and she’s a finalist! Ahhh the pepper is too much for these haters #BBNaija.

If na bet like dis chichi don scatter people top 5 list 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #bbnaija.

They genuinely love each other so much🤌🏾🤌🏾 GOD OF PHYNA #PrayForPhyna #bbnaija.

Omo people are insulting their families cos of people that doesn’t even know them 😂 my own is to hype Phyna abeg!! No time for dirty fights! #bbnaija.

So make fake accounts I hope you guys will be wise and end this toxic and dragging each other #BBNaija.

@Kiddsglasses Vibrators!! What’s your own now ..you people are becoming annoying #BBNaija.

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MOOD watching bbn .. time will tell and time is already telling 🤸👯💃🏿 #bbnaija.

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@Ebyzee1 @finebold I just like the show and the vibe they should bring more please, this is entertaining #BBNaija.

@BBNaija you’re watching the sexual and verbal harrassment that Groovy has had to endure from this girl and you’re doing nothing about it sMh.

Finally🤦‍♀️ Watch Him wake up when he hears food is ready 🤦‍♀️... Groovy just wants to relax and being taken care off 😂🤣😂 #BBNaija.

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This ship go give their shippers hbp, I’m still not shipping #bbnaija.

As if without phyna your boy would have been known in the show na only pink hair we for dey see, no content no visibility, instead of una to dey promote his songs una dey drag phyna, lmao pinky the musician #bbnaija.

This Sheggz FC ehn, they drag Chris the day he tweeted an Igbo proverb, they dragged Bella’s handler and now They’re harassing us and coaching us on how to tweet & stan Bella. The audacity #BBNaija.

@MimiSagoe @BBNaija Town crier. Abeg una dey find telemundo. Person wey no cry when e dey talk life story na woman go ckme make am cry.

@anas_alero Pls we need them to help us amplify this please. Groovys fans are running mad. #Bbnaija.

Hope everyone will be up tomorrow, no one must scale to the finals like a thief in the night, Groovy these HM forget his name in the diary room #BBNaija.

A 2% this week can actually have more value than a 10% of next week because these percentages are dependent on total votes received! That said, vote hard for your faves because there is no clear winner. #BBNaija.

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