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Beauty and Groovy Twitter

Beauty needs to learn how to manage herself! And how she drinks. Groovy doesn’t have to be checking up on her or controlling her drinking! She’s an adult. Her behavior is 🚩 #BBNaija.

This beauty and groovy thing is extremely toxic and the toxic one here is beauty, anyone shipping that rubbish is not normal #BBNaija.

You see how beauty and groovy are free dancing with everbody, not dat nonsense sheggz and bella are doing very boring. #BBNaija.

Last Last Beauty and Groovy forget bro code of Lagos no time for love💯 no love for Lagos 🫡#BBNajia.

🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 For Beauty and Groovy not to talk for a whole week #BBNaija maybe her body go calm down 😂😂😂.


You just have to love Sheggz and Bella😍not perfect but respect each other without crossing the line but you see beauty and groovy SMH😂#BBNaija.

Chichi to chomzy: did you dance with groovy? Chomzy: no Beauty you need to do better, this is so toxic and embarrassing!! Now everybody go dey talk the matter. #BBNaija.

Chchi has gone to tell Chomzy she has caused another wàhálà between Beauty and Groovy #bbnaija.

Groovy collect yansh from Diana, madam Beauty is on peace keeping mission for Phyna and doesn’t know what she is supposed to be doing at the Saturday night party #bbnaija.

Abi na eye dy pain me no be groovy be dat and Diana….wahala 😂😂😂incoming problem beauty #BBNajiaS7.

I hope Beauty saw them so that she can stop thinking Groovy will stand around while she runs around collecting gossip😂😂😂and plotting things she isn’t sure of😂 #BBNaija.

Beauty met groovy dancing she’s upset and groovy no stop ooo🤣🤣 she just left #bbnaija #BBNaija.

wow matching my ship groovy and beauty love you guys level up my babies along with phyna,amaka and christy_o.

There are too many things happening at this party. Phyna and Eloswag, Dani and Khalid, Groovy and Beauty, then the people dancing inside. Ah it’s plenty #Bbnaija.

Funny thing is that more people will come to love Beauty after this She’s a sweet girl and alcohol made her react to Groovy that She’s still the best #BBNaijaS7 housemate 🥰🥰 #bbnaija.

Beauty and Groovy about to be topic of the next week for islanders😂.....not like they havent been anyway😅#BBNaija.

This Beauty matter I no really understand oh, The last I checked she and groovy just met barely 2weeks, how come she don fall in love like this? Abi dem sabi somewhere before? #bbnaija.

Beauty told Groovy she’s done with him 🤦🏼, because he dance with Queen chomzy. 😂 In the next 30 minute they will settle and continue loving 🥰 them self. This their love sha 😂😂 #BBNaija #Bbnaija.

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