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I just came home to a mini wedding cake created by Ayesha Curry, celebrating the @BET season finale of #BeingMaryJane. Talk about cute promo!.

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I’m officially all caught up on #BeingMaryJane and WOW, I am ready for the series finale and I really hope Mary Jane makes the right decision for the first time ever..

@beingmaryjane @thelisavidal Y’all are lucky I love Gabrielle so much I’ll give a kidney for her😭 I was so excited last night😒then it didn’t come on😒.

Lee is one of those guys who is nice on the outside but cruel on the inside. The minute they don’t get their way they say all the nasty things they’ve been thinking all along. #BeingMaryJane.

@ThatyMahloko @beingmaryjane Ohh that’s right!!! He gave her a plaque for her desk 🙄.

@beingmaryjane @thelisavidal 😆😩 One of my fave shows of ALL TIME! Going to miss the great actors, Mary Jane & Kara’s friendship, real sh*t about love, the music, & seeing flawed & #flawless WOC owning it all! #grownwomanthings.

Also, maybe Justin too. Forbidden love stories >>>>.

Bittersweet feelings about #BeingMaryJane finale. Then to think I must still wait for 2020 for #Insecure 😩🙆🏾‍♀️. Black women, you are appreciated on our screens..

Dear @beingmaryjane I’m so sorry I won’t be able to attend your upcoming nuptials on April 23rd, but please know that I will be watching! You deserve nothing less than complete & total….

In all honesty guys I’m stressed about #BeingMaryJane next week. Like stressseeeddd. I’m not ready, I saw Morris Chestnut in the trailer and I already know that he’s gonna treat her Ealy is 🔥 too,I’ve got a feeling Andre is gonna add some spice to the confusion.

Check out our #BeingMaryJane lovers mash up as we go down memory lane!.

Morris Chestnut will be Mary Janes love interest 😭❤️😩 lucky girl #BeingMaryJane.

You can check out our catch-up marathon as a build up to the big movie finale of #BeingMaryJaneBET. #BeingMaryJane.

.#ICYMI First Look At @Morris_Chestnut In @beingmaryjane series finale.

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Nooooooo I’m not ready!! We could still do with this show.

@BET_Africa @MsLeloB Hope i got the order right, i tagged and then followed. Cant wait for my invite. 😁😁#BeingMaryJane.

#BeingMaryJane @BET_Africa 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿.

I already follow @MsLeloB and I love me some Pauletta Peterson #BeingMaryJane I would love to cry and laugh with you LeloB.

And here I’m ready to post a pic of my dad’s weed garden. SKSKSKSK 😂 #BeingMaryJane.

@beingmaryjane @thelisavidal Sad to see this show end but will be watching the finale.

#BeingMaryJane @BET_Africa My dstv guide tells me the 2hr finale is on the 18th @ 9pm. I’m abit lost now, coz all I see now is the 23rd. Please assist.

@MsLeloB @BET_Africa #BeingMaryJane I would like to join you and the Ladies Lelo🤲.

@MsLeloB Please! please! please! Pick me, I love love love #BeingMaryJane. Just finished re-watching S4E20 on @BET_Africa 🙋🙋🙋🙌🙌🙌🙌.

@MsLeloB @BET_Africa I’m in. And we definitely going to need more wine 🍷 #BeingMaryJane.

Please can you arrange a screening for the #BeingMaryJane finale @BET_Africa ?? I wanna watch it in a room full of women. Ladies, nithini?.

I just came home to a mini wedding cake created by Ayesha Curry, celebrating the @BET season finale of #BeingMaryJane. Talk about cute promo!.

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