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All this talk ab Bellerin & AMN, this is our best RB 👍

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Fast & Curious ()

Good morning. I really think he played his part, but in that 4-2-3-1 formation, the defence failed to communicate. Mustafi was like a deer caught in headlights most times. Bellerin, poor game reading granting Richarlison freedom. Poor entire defending during dead ball situations.

Rickson ()

@son_ofTexas @Madeeseneda Mbona jana huyo mustafi ndio amesaidia sana maan mabeki kama Bellerin na Luiz walkuwa wana mistake sana jana ()

pemain datang dan pergi, tetapi klub akan selalu ada. Bukayo Saka, seperti sebuah tunas bunga, mekar pada saat yang tepat. asheeeeq~ #Terbaru #Balbalan

It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ()

@IamKhairil Tapi aku perasan Bellerin macam dah lost pace dia. Dah takda explosiveness macam run dia against Bayern dulu.

"Pra-Deep" ()

@ThatGoonerKev Will no one address the elephant in the room? We need a Bellerin is barely able to cross the ball without hitting the first , he is bereft of his pace.

L12tal ()

People blaming Bellerín’s dip in form on veganism is so dumb. He 100% has advice from nutritionalists with every aspect of his diet planned for him. He’s been vegan for 2+ years, but it’s not like just coming back from a career threatening injury has anything to do with it.

Fchrdnrrz ()

@Indo_Gunner Malem tadi bisa dibilang mustafi jadi kunci pertahanan arsenal, doi terus2an cover bellerin yg lagi ga bagus, dibawah arteta mustafi harusnya di pertahanin musim depan duetkan dama saliba/upamecano bakalan kokoh deh

Martin Wengrow ()

Bellerin has recovered from a horrendous career threatening injury. But at the moment he has lost a yard of pace. It was his pace that would usually get him out of trouble If it doesn’t return it will be difficult for him to have a career at the highest level.

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Chuky Unadulterated ()

Bellerin is not very useful when we are defending set pieces. Never wins any aerial balls. I want Pablo Mari in there when ever we are playing teams like Everton. It is just a shame that Kolasinac got injured again. #ARSEVE . Arsenal.

David ()

We were doing a shitty tikki taka on the left hand side of the pitch and couldn’t find a solution. Xhaka took the ball and brilliantly cross it to Bellerin who started an attack. Unnoticed but so good, so efficient This is also why all the coaches are playing him week in week out

Bysö ()

Bellerin has always been suspect that his pace and attacking ability kept players pinned back. Now in addition to losing some pace, he is asked to be the more defensive fullback. Can see why his weaknesses r being exploited. Hopefully his pace returns

Harry Symeou ()

#AFC | The team seems to be a little lop sided. GX does brilliantly to help cover the left hand side, slot in & allow the LB to bomb on whereas on the right it’s a different story. It forces Bellerin to be that bit more conservative & Ancelotti was fully aware of that. #ARSEVE

Pere pons ()

Honest question. Why do we still play Bellerin? He literally adds nothing to our game👀

RT ()

@EBL2017 343, Saka and Bellerin overlapping Grealish and Pepe. Xhaka and Partey holding the midfield. What we saying?

Alvaro Peón ()

@ltarsenal Maitland-Niles had been playing so well too. Understand Bellerin returned from being injured but not the fact that Niles has been completely erased the last month

Charlie West ()

@JChap34 AMN didn’t do anything to keep his place though? Bellerin is the better right back

Theo ⚽️ ()

Called it early doors at the beginning of the arteta tenure, AMN is better at RB than bellerin

Mwinyi Bora ()

@Dezildezzz AMN was great in the first games under Arteta. He should have kept his place. Bellerin is sloppy at the moment

Omolaso ()

Shey, Bellerin just dey play like simpleton today. Niles was amazing at RB when Arteta first took over.

Alex ()

All this talk ab Bellerin & AMN, this is our best RB 👍

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Alan ()

@GBulusu @YankeeGunner It is. Help should not be requirment for him to defend. Without Pepe against Newcastle Bellerin would geat beaten every single time. Same with Auba in this game when Saka was struggling. It kills your offence and drains legs from best counterattacking players on the pitch.

Epaphroditus😊 ()

#ARSEVE Saka Aubameyang amazing finisher Bellerin still needs to improve Cellabos sign him already @Arsenal Mustafi complete rejuvenation Luiz nice assist

Martin Olsen ()

@MortenTollef Mustafi var helt konge i dag! Men hva faen har skjedd med Bellerin? Synes han virker helt fjern etter skaden. Spørs om farten noensinne kommer tilbake🤷🏼‍♂️

Alfie 🤪 ()

Player ratings Leno 9 Saka Mustafi 8 Luiz 7 Bellerin 6 Xhaka Ceballos Ozil 7 Pepe 7 Aubameyang 9 Nketiah

Woke Thee Stallion ()

Bellerin is looking funny in the light. AMN has been miles better but Arteta hates him for some reason

EL🏄🏾‍♀️ ()

One of things that bugged me from today’s game is that Bellerin didn’t look great attacking and looked out of place defending.

Kwèsi ()

@WizzyDaniels @_BosunJ AMN-Pepe already built like a partnership and Bellerin was all over the place today

Alfin F. Malik ()

@arsenalskitchen Bellerin butuh waktu untuk mengembalikan kecepatannya. Cedera ACL adalah cedera major bagi pesepakbola, dengan rata2 waktu recovery bulan dan 85% peluang untuk kembali ke level semula.

Vicas💚❤ ()

@ahmedam112 @jamesbenge Bellerin was really shite tonight. AMN would have performed better.

Masnoeyy__ ()

@CoachJustinL coch mau nanya knp kok Bellerin performanya gak kaya dulu apa gara² cedera ACL kah??

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