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This is insane! @LanceHoyt what a great move big dawg$!! #Aewdon #streetmediahype

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Stephanie Stryker ()

@hosthetics @riceandkoolaid Y’all gotta get over hating big people just cause she big dawg, she’s very pretty and was already pretty.

Coach J.Linnen SFU🍁 ()

Love this big dawg! Keep being as great a father as you are a coach ✊🏽 #DaddyGang

Alex Friend ()

@MarlonCraft give me a senior quote big DAWG ‼️ you’re music is my literal safe place

Luke Mocke ()

Never was too big of an NBA YoungBoy fan, but my dawg listened to him everyday and now he gone, now I’m an NBA YoungBoy fan. He don’t get skipped. Ever.

Nalitman ()

Haven’t watched wrestling in a minute since there’s no Lesnar or Big Dawg but I gotta tell you. I still love Asuka

Sanmi ()

happy birthday my dawg more life to you got big love for you man❤️ @seizedtheglock

Trenton Kissee ()

Reata, who slept all the way to Ottawa Co.: “whew I took a dawg nap on the way.” Me: “a dawg nap?” R: “Yeah, it was much too big to be a cat nap. Must’ve been a dawg nap.” And there you have it.

Savannah ()



Went to the studio and big dawg hopped right on my lap 😂 🏚🏚

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Ace ()

@alexhammerstone Aye yo muscle mountain keep doing your thang big dawg love seeing you go out there no matter who the opponent is you always tear it up and put on one hell of a match. CONGRAT ON THAT CONTRACT!!!! Keep killing it 🙌🏻😊❤️

Lil rebel ♡ ()

@StevenBonus nahh big dawg, it’ll always be a new day another day ❤️ it’s the lag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Prince ()

I appreciate you big dawg!!! I fuck with you heavy. Shii you finna find too withcho toxic ass!!

Eli ()

RIP MR. ACUNA. VICTORIA GROVES LEGEND. 💙 never forget when u let me spend the night at ya crib, and bought me and Laz 2 of them big bag hot Cheetos. Mannn we kilt those within an hour that oatmeal u made the next morning was gas🔥love ya forever dawg. I know you’d be proud of me

Phillip Green ()

the way the controller and headset hit the I feel for you big dawg

MachineGunLivz 🔫 ()

@_legendsnvrdie This makes me feel old as shit 😭 Congrats to big homie dawg :’( ❤️

Lil Cuz ()

my big brudda Chico proposed & she said yes 💯💯💯 my dawg rea get married ‼️

🇦🇬⚜️ ()


Mmmmmmmmmm ()

I feel like the gang has been really close recently and I’m a big fan of that shit dawg

Bryan Cole ()

@NealSchonMusic @YO_RANDYJACKSON Fantastic news! Congratulations! I remember seeing Journey with Randy and Michael Baird in Pittsburgh during ROR tour. Fabulous! The Big Dawg and The Rock Dawg reunite!

T.A.🗣🐐 ()

I know you lookin down proud of it wasn’t customizing shoes it was gone be streamin I gotchu wit me wherever I go in life big dawg keep watchin over me Lew ❤️ you kid💯

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BobB ()

The grandsons are sleeping over so Collin(3) and Papa took the Dawg room while Gigi and Jake are crashing in the big bed. Dawgs since birth!

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Juiice‼️🦍 ()

God blessings already coming through just got free wingstop 😭💯 I appreciate this one big dawg

🇺🇸Mo🇺🇸 ()

We love you big dawg. Now god willing, let’s open back up and get that Shmoney!

Greg ()

@BOSSDAWG75 Boss Dawg, how big is your smoker? That is some nice looking work. Enjoy.

Biz Marquis ()

@JulianSalloum You built different big dawg. Paid for 3-4 nail visits in one go 👀👀 let me hold some of that

Street Media Hype ()

This is insane! @LanceHoyt what a great move big dawg$!! #Aewdon #streetmediahype

🕸Jennifer Nicole🕸 ()

i love my band but i draw the line at watching twitch live streams. big no from me dawg

Chester.Abbott ()

It was supposed to say u got a retweet from the big dawg phone drives me nuts lol

T..H.E..D...U..K..E.. ()

@El_Pollo_Lokko He has been taking protein shakes. .big he was a baby ;) half a spoon

𝕿𝖔𝖌𝖆𝖒𝖎 @ the cribbo ()

@IkoeTanioka Same to u big dawg, I’m tryna occupy my time with games and self care n stuff but it’s like damn I might need to pick up a anime or manga too 💀

☚ #GeorgeFloydMurder #FlashbackFriday ☛
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