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Shai: 30-2-8 and 2 steals JDub: 25-7-2 6 (!!!) steals 1 block Giddey: 20-5-6 JWill: 14-7-7 2 steals Moose: 16 points with 4 3’s Joe: 15 points with 5 3’s 133-130 win over the Lakers on Lebrons night 2nd National television game for OKC GREAT FREAKING WIN #ThunderUp.

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Alhamdulillah 1320MW local, inexpensive electricity Thar Coal Block-1 Power started at 0:00 hours 5 Feb 2023 Annual production capacity of 9 billion kW Will Inshallah meet demand of 4 million local households Economic benefit by reducing fuel import Saving foreign exchange [].

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✨the entire njttw/kk✨ 1st gen sechskies 🤝 2nd gen suju 🤝 3rd gen block b 🤝 4th gen winner 🤝 comedians 🤝 model (we know that winner may not be gen 4 but since they said it in the clip, we will follow what they say 😬).

#Missing 17-year-old Delmy Ordonez Mendez last seen Jan 30th, 11:30 pm, 6000 block of Vista Dr in Falls Church. 5’4” 120lbs brn hair/eyes, gry sweater, pants w/square designs, with 9-month-old son. Endangered due to mental and/or physical health concerns. Call 703-691-2131. #FCPD.

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Kindly read our additional important reminders for our YTC in Busan block screening on February 4, thank you and see you soon! 💜✨.

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Russell Westbrook tonight 27 points 4 rebounds 8 assists 2 steals 1 block 10-19 (53%) from the field 4-7 (57%) from 3 only Laker who seemed to want to win the game.

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A #VeryTechTrip, @OVHcloud_FR promet Cold Archive pour dans quelques jours avec plusieurs exabytes de données sur 4 DC et une latence de moins de 300 microsecondes pour son block storage Exten (NVMe-oF).

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Jonesboro alum Desi Sills had 14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block. #12 Kansas State beats #17 TCU 82-61 to move to 19-5 overall..

• Seth Jones scored his 5th goal of the season & had 5 takeaways in 24:42. • Reese Johnson led the #Blackhawks with 5 hits in 11:16. • Ian Mitchell had a strong game with 2 SOG & 1 block in 17:46. • Tyler Johnson recorded an assist & 4 SOG in his return to the lineup..


last nga pasar ko sa first 2 module exams of the block kay dw mga 4 blocks ago pa lenti tyggg.

ℹ️ Supporters wishing to utilise the safe seating option for the Emirates FA Cup replay at Burnley on Tuesday should note that these seats will now be located within block 2, as opposed to the originally advertised block 4. #itfc.

@CityPowerJhb Please note block 7 Eldorado Park extension 2 has been off since 4 am it briefly went on and then off again please advise as we are scheduled to be load shedded at 12pm which I’m sure when it’s due to be switched back on it won’t be . Please advise.


OH! And when I try and be nice they block me and it’s happened to 4 other people but they block and move on without any backlash but post one side of the story and everyone believes them!! I hope one of their moots reaches them since they want to make drama so badly ^^.

2/ Biggest Arb: an elegant positional arb, exploiting the imbalance between @Quickswap V2 and @QuickSwap V3 Pools. Sell 4,715 IXT for 3,629 USDT Buy 4,715 IXT for 1,739 USDT Pocket $1890 Apparently, no MEV fee was paid - transaction is placed 111 in the block!.

ウィル・スミスが映画『バッドボーイズ4』の制作をアナウンス!! 映画界きっての名コンビがまたも復活!! ハイテンションで再会する2人の様子はまるで映画のワンシーンのよう。.

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BREAKING: One person shot and killed just after 4 LIVE updates from the 1300 block of W. 26th Street near N. Harding Street with what we know right now. @FOX59.

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@lassie_welsh Hmmm, let me guess: Ingredients: 1 cup SR flour 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 block unsalted butter 1 egg 1/2 cup roughly chopped pecans 1/4 cup dark choc buttons 1 thinly sliced banana baked Method: 1. Mix all ingredients 2. Place spoonfuls onto paper on tray and bake (200C~20mins) 3. Eat..

Block 774691 Hash: Size: , 3997820 WU, 100% full Txs: 1,500 SegWit spends: 84% 7,925 in → 7,004 out Out/In Ratio: Out Value: $95,096,796 | 4,065 btc.

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⏩METAMASK ➡ Step1: name: BITGERT Url 1: RPC Url 2: ID: 32520 : BRISE Explorer URL: BITCOINF: 0x9Ba88b1edCBd8f24aa3fa0c7472e07903f6d0098.

@Eskom_SA and @CityPowerJhb, please restore power in Block 4, Edenburg. It should have been back 30 minutes ago. You already gave us 3 hours bonus loadshedding earlier in the morning..

besides these subdomains you can also look at regular ENS registrations using table: 👉 for instance have a look at the ENS minted in evt_block_number = 11668963 that name is word 4 of the seed phrase 24/.

@starrydreams_88 645: head to class/homeroom 7:00: 1st period 8:45: break 9:00: 2nd period 10:50: lunch 12:00 3rd Period 1:45: end of school I wake up from 5:00-6:00 usually I skip breakfast and I got to sleep around 9:00-11:00 I also go by block schedule so the next day is the same but 4, 5, 6.

Therefore he is following well over 4,000 without it showing up. Why do people do that? The only way to remove yourself from someone’s list is to block them..

ミニチュア風プロンプト比較研究 Comparative study of miniature style prompt 各プロンプトの先頭に、以下を置いてみました。 At the head of each prompt, I placed the following: 1 block toy 2 diorama 3 dollhouse 4 miniature #midjourney #nijijourney.

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@BiharEnergy BLOCK-BAHADURPUR DIST-DARBHANGA मेरे हर महीने आने वाले बिल की अपेक्षा पिछले 4 महीनेसे ज्यादा बिल आ रहा है यह मीटर की गड़बड़ी के कारण हो रहा है कृपा आप मेरे मीटर को बदलदे आशा है कि आप जल्दी ही समस्या का समाधान करेंगे धन्यवाद CA NO : 1101018436.

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DHA Lahore 5Marla #House Sell (Brand New) DHA Phase 7 U Block 5 master bedroom with bathroom double story and basement Muhammad Zubair Khan Property 4 All 03215902870 DHA Lahore @ Lahore لاہور.

I just withdrew 4,000 naira for !!!! I swear on my late Papa if anyone among my followers campaigns for APC I will block you, in real life find you and still Beat you, cause wetin dey occur Naija, wetin dey Occur!!! Vote Peter Obi, I take God beg una Vote LP.

Block 774,702 was just mined. It had 1,563 transactions and was MB in size. Total fees collected were $4,530 (19,032,233 sats) with a #bitcoin price of $23,801..

𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝘃 𝗜𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗧𝗶𝗰𝗸𝗲𝘁𝘀 2 x £110 sat together Block U9 3 x £110 sat together Block M35 4 x £110 sat together Block M20 email rgccommercial@ for more info.

Lalu juga pertahanan udara dan rudal AN/SPY-6 radar dan versi Baseline 10 dari Aegis Combat System. SEWIP Block 3 akan menjadi upgrade besar untuk persenjataan electronic warfare pada Arleigh Burke Flight IIA. (4).

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