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Amnestys medlemmar måste få till extra årsmöten och avsätta alla förtroendevalda och säga upp personalen. Total nystart. Annars återstår bara att lägga ner organisationen..

Damai Bidjik loe ‼️‼️😂😂.. Ternyata Jarinya yang ganas ndak sesuai ama Dasar mental Blom jalanin blom sidang dah main Lemah syahwat & lemah 😌😌😌...

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guis beli dimana si ini kok di tempat ku blom ada, mau review dong yang udh nyobain.

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Met mornink menjelang sayang 🌞🌞🌞 Jangan lupa ini masih hari Rabu. Dah sarapan blom?.

Bebathi Mlungu Mlungu Mlungu 🎶 Amenzani u Blom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Teume! Ini postingan Dobby di weverse yang di pw in kok udh gaada lagi ya? Emang tadi isi nya apa? Sender blom sempet buka tadi😢.

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‘Als Nederland een oorlog zoals die in Oekraïne moet uitvechten, moet de medische hulpverlening daarop voorbereid zijn, zegt Remco Blom, de net vertrokken hoogste militaire medicus.’.

nct! intinya baru boleh drop poster itu tgl 12 atau lebih, makanya venuenya di apus krn blom jadwalnya. cb yg punya tweet op yg jelasin boleh share nih pada bingunggg.

DAMN STRAIGHT!!! TRUTH BEING said here!! Here it is. BAM. Amen. So true. Did I mention, that there is some truth here?.

@mishaisis Ewwwwww. Just him in general is so creepy. Why did yyou do that? I thought you guys like me?!HAHA EWWWWWW.

Fwb ada f yg blom tidur? Ngobrol2 yuk di tele sampai ngantuk, bahas apa aja yg ringan2..

Een openhartig interview resulteerde erin dat het gouden duo Misha Wessel en Thomas Blom op het spoor kwam van pikante informatie in de Srebrenica-zaak..

@tr6_guy @fordnation Not only do I say TRY IT. But we have a ton of regulations and swamp draining to do..

Oh yeah., I had a guy like this in my life and as a kid, we have been Like this to. GRAND BEND ONTARio could use one of THESE!!!.

Say NO and I love Real cars anyway. Came from a family of car mechanics and born in 1963. SO. NO!! I can drive too! So , NOPE!! HAHA hell to the NAW NAW, kind of NO. Cars need to perform and these Do not. Get to the truths. Amen..

Glad I am not one of the THEYS. Might be a good time to do the right things NOW!!! Now oh yeah, NOW>.

Wst. Menggambar salah 1 momen gemash di High School In Jakarta by Niki Zefanya smakin galau karna WOY GEMES BGT AWALNYA TAPI PUTUS JUGAAA😭😭😭 kalian suda dengerin 3 lagunya blom gaisss??.

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WDF Belgium Open | L16 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Jamie Lewis 4-3 🇳🇱Moreno Blom.

@isampgreen Queria um som bem potente pra lançar um O SONO DA IGREJINHA FAZ BELÉM BLEM BLOM.

Yo Brize m, Yo Trayi m, Yo Blom ! 💔🖤🤚 Men sa Twò Piti Pou Tiye Lanmou m Pou Yo.❤🥀.

Selamat siang Keys ,,nihhh dikirimin makan siang dari ayank #DITA,,Mangat yuw tap tap di IC yg blom absen,,,🙏🏼👍🏼 @5ecretNumber.

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Njabulo Blom is quality, he just had a bad game. He will bounce back . Same goes for Dolly..

MEDIA AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS? NOT INVestigating the deaths that are occurring. Especially. The doctors? YOUR OWN? And are you following leads that some of these same doctors have fake VAX passports and so do their families? Yes. Canada. This and that?.

I also like to ADD a few bits that are not known, that way I can TRUmp that DUMP THAT was to bump me…NOPE. I am an open book. If the fall did not happen then I am showing off. After the fall and I share that, I am showing uP!.

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Biggest Scandal Of 2022? Pete Davidson was just a rebound. He was just being used to continue the storyline, I hope he understands. He was just a pawn piece in this game. #KimKardashian #BadDecisions Bella/ Vogue/ Doja Cat/ Sheggz Doyin/ Blom/ Level 2/ Modella.

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@laughingman6912 @TariqElnaga Ontario TRADES here. Survivor and not happy with the Ontario liberalized hell fire show. Hugs to us all here. Trying to figure it out. Double brain surgery survivor here and have been protecting staff from jabs and violations. Hugs you guys.

Hahahahahahhaahaahah stagger stagger and stagger…..6 years this august no booze and the big bag of what experts said I had to have , IS gone!! So is the chronic daily headaches that I have lived with most of my LIFE. Well NOT anymore. Never give up and never look like this..

thanks to snappy tom tuna kitten, ngasih obat puyer kopi jadi gampang 😂 Mba suapin abis udh pusing gmn cara ngasih dia obat 2x untuk 1x bisa campur snappy tom. yg 1nya lagi nanti dipikirkan untungnya obatnya bukan antibiotik cuma klo diliat blom seger aja minumnya.

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Jamie Ott Blom I wish we could stop seeing children getting an injection. They are minors and cannot consent to being put on social media. Parents need to stop living through their children. I never shared the vaxxes that MY babies got!! Why would I. Busy parenting!!.

@LionAdvocacy @DrFahadRazak We need to walk away and work for ourselves and SELF educate. Private it all. We can do this. I left 31 years ago and have leaned so much. Let;s do this. Set your own LIFE and be free. Get out of these horrible spaces. Good souls but HORRIBLE SYSTEMS. Teach privately!!.

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