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Nigel Farage held hostage on Brexit bus surrounded by people holding milkshakes.

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Out canvassing yesterday Labour Members deciding between a Green and a Lib vote Brexiteers never voting again Everyone sick of brexit bickering Lots of Green voters and positive comments ..and agressive reactions from fat white men and their grumpy looking wives #r4today.

@ASCphiled That is not democracy. Democracy is voting for your ideas. Remainers have to vote for a remain party and oppose brexit, that is democracy..

Sign-mad Botley Road neighbours put Brexit differences aside as elections loom.

You almost hope that we end up with a no deal Brexit, because explaining the ensuing catastrophe to the public will be the closest Farage will come to any kind of accountability..

@shekharkapur Maybe Guardian also needs to look at its own people in UK joining or not joining EU, Brexit Drama , GDP shrinkage and ISIS conflicts.

Adam Holloway is Clear: Brexit is EXIT – Patriots for Truth.

With an uncertain #Brexit and a rising populist and nationalist movement, the European Parliament election that kicks off on Thursday is poised to produce a different political landscape for the continent..

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New post: FOREX-Yen gains as trade woes, Brexit concerns shake investor confidence – Reuters.

No Reino Unido: i) Teresa May a um passo de cair, ii) o Brexit Party de Farage deve levar o maior número de cadeiras na eleições do Parlamento Europe, e iii) Boris Johnson é favorito para primeiro-ministro. Genial! Só faltará o Brexit rápido sem acordo prévio (termos da OMC)..

Theresa May anunció en la Cámara de los Comunes que publicará el viernes el proyecto de ley sobre el acuerdo del brexit, a fin de que los diputados tengan tiempo de estudiarlo antes de que sea votado a principios de junio.

Farage’s rallies around the country are hugely successful — packed, good-humored, more diverse socially and politically than those of the other parties, full of confidence and optimism, and notably without rancor. -- @JohnOSullivanNR.

Never mind the immigration being a disaster after Brexit. Scotland’s immigration policies have been a disaster for yrs because SNPGOV have been in control to long that they think of immigrants before Scots born & bred in Scotland..

Andrea Leadsom quits UK government in fresh Brexit blow for Theresa May.

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You should ask yourself why Fox et al are so insistent on brexit while poised ready to sign an agreement to open up Integrated Care Organisations to the US market..

European elections 2019: Where the parties stand on Brexit.

Settled at table after dinner with my dear old Dad (72) and after 2 bottles of wine we’ve sorted out Brexit..

メイ英首相、新離脱案への支持呼びかけ 労働党党首に書簡  #Brexit.

RT: The Establishment Is Now Threatened, The Economic Structure Is About To ... via @YouTube #Brexit #LeaveEU.

New post: Rees-Mogg: Rencana Brexit May Lebih Buruk Lagi.

Exactly! Fuck Brexit! And, btw, fuck your warped brother. An eloquent political biographer maybe + but Boris Johnson is so unacquainted with reality! A guerilla war against the Tories is nigh unless they invest in their liberal pro EU youth immediately..

Pro-Brexit minister resigns as pressure grows on May to step down | dpa International.

@nytimesworld Dear UK Citizens: From the makers of BREXIT, forced austerity and dysfunction in the parliament, welcome to long-term suffering and consequences for working families in the UK..

Opinion: We can’t fight the far right with milkshakes. We can only deal them a defeat at the ballot box.

Brexit CHAOS: Iain Dale reveals MAJOR problem of Theresa May’s departure on BBC Newsnight.

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Nigel Farage held hostage on Brexit bus surrounded by people holding milkshakes.

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