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The Zondo Commission did no one any good by ignoring some of the submissions, including those from Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko, in order to present Ramaphosa as a knight in shining armor, points out Prof Sipho Seepe..

Brian Molefe said he read about the Glenco allegations on a Megazine and he had no evidence of it. Now RETards want CJ to make an finding based on that evidence…..

Also, while CJ Raymond Zondo implicated the likes of Ace Magashule, Brian Molefe and Arthur Fraser in the StateCaptureReport, he has cleared DStv owned Multichoice in a R553m channel carriage deal. The deal has since led to DStv discontinuing eMedia channels. #TheLegalSa.

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@SAfmRadio @KGMoeketsi Everything else in the commission was heresay until President Ramaphosa testified that he recommended Brian Molefe to President Zuma because he had previously worked with him and knew that Brian could do the job. how is it that BM is a Gupta appointee!!? Please we are not stupid.

Brian Molefe Photo,Brian Molefe Photo by Andrew,Andrew on twitter tweets Brian Molefe Photo

@TimesLIVE 😂😂😂that’s why he recommended Brian Molefe to Eskom he was looking the other way 😂😂.

But here we are believing that Glencore is corrupt anywhere else in the world but not here in South Africa #PhalaPhalaFarmGate | The Anc | Zondo | Ramaphosa | Ace Magashule | Brian Molefe | Zuma | #eNCA.

@Nhleiks5 Totally agree that Brian Molefe should lay charges if he has evidence! 👍.

But this corrupt Chirf justice says, it was the Guptas that appointed Brian Molefe 😁😁😁😁.

Given that Brian Molefe was recommended by Ramaphosa to Eskom, where would he be today had he not sacrificed himself at the Gupta altar? So many careers destroyed for the success of shoe salesmen..

@TimesLIVE Arthur Fraser, Brian Molefe, Malusi Gigaba are same whatsapp group, abusing their positions to enrich themselves.

@Nesengani9 @City_Press People have been asked to produce evidence. Now they are quiet. This includes Brian Molefe and the EFF who were loud..

@ghostladysa Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko were attached for bringing to light the challenges they were faced with at ESKOM when all they were trying to do was their jobs to the best of their abilities & during their time there ESKOM made profits & kept the lights on, but twas alleged ....

All i know the likes of Brian Molefe and co challenged the status quo #StateCaptureCommission.

@empire0084 And did a great job at Eskom. Brian Molefe stopped loadshedding and employees were happy.

@murielnaidoo @Eskom_SA Thats only in your mind, under the previous leadership the eskom financial statement was healthy comparative to the current mess of perennial Molefe brought the load-shedding to an problem is this country is that corrupt is seen as a black peoples’ act.

He told the commission that he was actually the one who recommended Brian Molefe to Zuma. That revelation was the game changer to the whole narrative of the so called state capture but it was swept under the carpet.

@nkanyisohhhh @bonglez Its too much. Read! Anoj Singh, Brian Molefe, Dudu Myeni, the entire Denel Board, Manyi, Malusi Gigaba, Des van Rooyen. The list goes on. There are literally thousands of pages of evidence. I dont expect u to read the Zondo report, but at least read the DM or something.

Oksalayo President Zuma was advised by a money launderer Mr Cyril Ramaphosa on the appointment of Brian Molefe. #PhalaPhalaFarmGate.

Cyril Ramaphosa declaring being President of RSA is just a “Side Hustle” nothing serious to thina asisanyi nje😭😭 Zuma #PhalaPhalaFarmGate Brian Molefe Cyril.

Fellow men, the individual of Cyril Ramaphosa has undressed us and whipped us naked in front of our women and children. IT’S OFFICIAL, from now, it will be seriously confusing to demand respect from our families. #PhalaPhalaFarmGate #monkeypox Brian Molefe Zuma Ace Magashile.

@errolbsk hey you fool here is your God saying it himself that he recommended Brian molefe to president Zuma for eskom ceo position.

Ask koko why brian molefe lied about his #saxonworldsheebeen trips if he matshela koko was not a #guptaspuppet @Oliver_Speaking @koko_matshela.

@errolbsk Cyril said so before the whole nation that he recommended Brian Molefe to be ESKOM CEO to President Zuma..

@karynmaughan @FlyCemAir Brian Molefe must be investigated & arrested thereafter for misleading the nation & lying about our un-bribeable President. The President is fighting the corruption with tooth and dollar$, He caught Amaphara-phara at Phala-phala expropriating Glencore$ without compensation😂🤣🙈.

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