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15 years ago today, a 19-year-old Lionel Messi showed the world what he could do against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge 🤩

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Chaitanya Kulkarni
Chaitanya Kulkarni ()

Most likely will inaugurated by PM Modi Ji in March 2021 The Leela hotel has separate entry & exit by via bridge. An iconic structure that resonates the idea of #NewIndia

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Shadow (Kate) Commissions and Store Open
Shadow (Kate) Commissions and Store Open ()

Blasphemous bosses were easy until the siblings on the bridge which I am now stuck on

Jon Stephens
Jon Stephens ()

Did we ask permission to steal a bridge from Olathe? Can it be painted beige and include an Outback?

3학년...사망년.. ()

일단 다주택자들이 다들 사고팔고해서 시세차익보기는 어려워지니 매매한걸 존버모드로 들어간다는 뜻..

Sue @engthing9
Sue @engthing9 ()

Hey fuck wad, now add the rest of the bullshit. What does any of this have to do with COVID? $ for a bridge from NY to Canada $ for a trail under California $ to bail out the blue states $ for green new deal

💚 rvth 💎
💚 rvth 💎 ()

gonna be honest w/ you folks if there was a bridge connecting like the western offshore scottish islands to canada i could probably walk across it in like three days /mm/m/m//m/

SEVENTEEN Billboard!
SEVENTEEN Billboard! ()

@pledisnews 📈BRAND REPUTATION📈 1. Click on the article⬆️ 2. Scroll down and log in 3. React positively to the article and recommend it 4. Do the same with these articles too 👉 @pledis_17 #세븐틴

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Syndie (she/her) | 𝙻𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝙲𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚜
Syndie (she/her) | 𝙻𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝙲𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚜 ()

#pdxprotestcomms 1704 [per scanner] “move vehicles that are outside central precinct” “Hawthorne bridge is blocked off possible protest” now it’s dead air

Shervin For The Valley
Shervin For The Valley ()

Loved joining CA State of the Students to chat about our people-first race in my hometown #SFV #CA30! Our youth are the driving force behind movements for change. CA State of the Students seeks to bridge the gap between students & government. Learn more 👇🏽

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Kerry Finn #DemocratAllTheWay
Kerry Finn #DemocratAllTheWay ()

Really, @Sen_JoeManchin? You voted for Kavanaugh but Neera Tanden is a bridge too far?

🛡 ()

They prolly just need a paint job on that bridge they’re putting mill towards. lol

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Alex Dunlap
Alex Dunlap ()

@RayGQue if him, moore and amari were all gone at that point I was gonna look for a bridge to jump off ;)

WBRZ News ()

JUST IN: Police identify 13-year-old girl killed in massive pileup crash on old bridge Tuesday

24시 친절/신속진행 {카톡 tk077}{O1O-2196-4465} ⓒT2104
24시 친절/신속진행 {카톡 tk077}{O1O-2196-4465} ⓒT2104 ()

24시/365일 O1O-2196-4465 ( 카톡: tk077 ) refrigerator 카드한도현금 bridge 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결제현금화 plenty 카드한도현금화 remind 카드깡현금 stone 신용카드현금화 parallel 구글정보이용료현금화 shelter

Luxury Jewelry
Luxury Jewelry ()

Beautiful details on bridge and gallery. 14k rose princess cut center

Antonio Altamirano
Antonio Altamirano ()

Tech wants to own *money* not just your personal data That’s why they’re buying up bitcoin by the boatload like @Tesla and @Square just did Tech juggernauts know the future is digital and bitcoin is the bridge to that future

Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan ()

After all this time and going well into my mid-30s I think “A Favor House Atlantic” is 100% a top 5 all time pop-punk song. It’s verse alone is catchier than 95% of other chorus’ and when that bridge hits you realize they put 3 amazing songs into 1 track. Coheed nailed that one.

Ayup (Will/Arin 🔥) is in his Bones phase
Ayup (Will/Arin 🔥) is in his Bones phase ()

Fun fact I’m supposed to have braces and bridge false tooth thing But I said fuck off no 😃

{ 실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 }
{ 실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 } ()

(실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 ) danger 소액결제 미납 artificial Lg소액결제 forum 카드깡 bridge 핸드폰 소액결제 cathedral Kt소액결제 brave 구글정보이용료 encourage 휴대폰소액결제 정책


@diasporational we can cross that bridge when we get there as far as im concerned actually having a light at the end of tunnel is good.

Gabicódigo Marcondes
Gabicódigo Marcondes ()

@ovarzeano haha não conhecia. é a mesma música! (tem alguns acordes a mais em transições ali e a bridge começando no vi ao invés do I, o que é uma troca comum)

Braxton Estate Agent
Braxton Estate Agent ()

£2,500 pcm 3 beds Bridge Avenue Maidenhead Berkshire #property

Manny Calavera Atleticano
Manny Calavera Atleticano ()

@Renan2Furtado @SuperKikachu Kena: Bridge of Spirits Vai sair para o PS4, PS5 e, se não me engano, pra PC também! Tô torcendo pra que seja um dos melhores jogos do ano!

Hishnash ()

@notnickdev @heybereket In particular if your app wants to make use of new system features (you want to be featured in the app store on new OS releases etc). If you add an abstraction like react native in the way you will either need to bridge that gap yourselves or wait.

Astro Radio Traffic
Astro Radio Traffic ()

#kltu Traffic is slow moving on: FED HWAY: Templer & Subang - the Cable bridge LDP: Puchong Utama - Puchong Intan JALAN LOKE YEW: Viva Homes - the Tun H S Lee police station GRAND SAGA: Batu 11 - Jalan Cheras SALAK HWAY: Bdr Tun Razak - Tmn Desa

Angela Frey
Angela Frey ()

@AskLifeY @IAmDawnM On Bridge over Troubled Waters as well. S&G at their best with those two songs.

Mia⁷ ()

wait i never even thought of but we could hear the dis-ease bridge live????! nope. no. no.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Sen. Marsha Blackburn ()

Millions for the Bay Area Rapid Transit, and for Chuck Schumer’s bridge, the list goes on. These Democrat pet projects are not COVID-related nor urgent. Why are they being included in a COVID relief bill that leaves only a fraction of relief for everyday Americans?

Goal ()

15 years ago today, a 19-year-old Lionel Messi showed the world what he could do against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge 🤩


#OnThisDay in 2006, Asier del Horno and the boys tried to put the clamps on a 19-year-old Lionel Messi at a very muddy Stamford Bridge.

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