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Sir @robertmarawa Say the word. We just waiting for you to give us all the go ahead. Thats it. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ #RobertMarawa #BringBackRobert.

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@TandoManana @robertmarawa Madluphuthu is the greatest sportscaster mzansi has ever had, NO one will bring him down #BringBackRobert.

@dstv @SuperSportTV #BringBackRobert I just unfollowed you and this month is my last month with you as your client.

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@NtwanaYaModimo Who tells u where must u go when ur busy telling others to go to Nkandla? #BringBackRobert.

The legendary Ekstein lost his job and i never saw this outcry #MarawaSaga #BringBackRobert.

Same mistake sabc made, and haw do you fore someone Ka SMS so proper processes were not followed. Emotional decision #BringBackRobert.

Letโ€™s all unsubscribe DSTV and post a picture to show that we did it #RobertMarawa #BringBackRobert.

@SuperSportTV Is @robertmarawa reinstated? Or I may need to end my subscriptions and never pay for my DStv subs, ever! #BringBackRobert.

DSTV subscription in Compact Package is R385 had two accounts since Rob is gone rather take Netflix with that money I boycott @DStv #BringBackRobert.

#BringBackRobert @SuperSportTV Can you just bring Back @robertmarawa ,soccers fans need him.

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@SuperSportTV is trash!!! #BringBackRobert. Our country will never succeed when people misuse power to get sexual favours and we just watch and say nothing!! #NO!!.

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@SuperSportTV must be boycotted. they are totally out of order. The first time I heard about management taking advantage of young interns I thought it was lie but now the popes dress has been lifted. #BringBackRobert.

@SuperSportTV @robertmarawa ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถsifunu Marawa Marawa, sifunu Marawa Marawa ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถ #BringBackRobert.

Sir @robertmarawa Say the word. We just waiting for you to give us all the go ahead. Thats it. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ #RobertMarawa #BringBackRobert.

Sometimes of you only heard of that show now that Marawa is fired. Relax #BringBackRobert.

@SuperSportTV We are a client, you provide us with a service, we want Robert, give us what we want instead of what makes you happy. #BringBackRobert.

Iโ€™m not gonna participate in this hashtag, I will just silent tweet. People like Babes Wodumo taught me how I should mind my own business. #BringBackRobert.

Rich niggas making poor decisions,poor niggas making rich decisions. #BringBackRobert.

no one will cancel their subs over when the world cups are go ahead people,make some noise on twitter #BringBackRobert.

@robertmarawa @SuperSportTV True presenter always suffer for doing good, however wherever you go we follow you #BringBackRobert.

@SuperSportTV We will unsubscribe our @DStv and see where you will get the money from stop disrespecting us, #BringbackRobert.

@SuperSportTV What about the text message the big bosses sent to #RobertMarawa letting him know not to come for his show last #BringBackRobert.

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