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#JoburgUpdates #Bromhof We are receiving a number of calls from Bromhof and surroundings indicating a possible area outage. Operators will be dispatched to investigate. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. ^NT.

@CityPowerJhb You can barely string a sentence together “Protection is has been…” let alone switch power back on. Bromhof power outage for the rest of the night and morning I suppose..

@CityPowerJhb @CityPowerJhb please prioritise Bromhof. We were without power for 21hrs and had power for 4 hrs only before it was darkness again. Please guys!!!!!! We can’t work and live like this. How can we help you to get the power back on!!!!.

@CityPowerJhb @wolfwolfkids When in 2 hours ... guys seriously randburg is facing a complete collapse. Literally every area of randburg, boskruin, bromhof, Northworld, randpark ridge, honeydew etc etc etc are off multiple times in 3 days. What is going on ? ......

Northriding 11kv sub areas 1. Nordhang 2. Northriding AH 3. Randpark ridge 4. Northworld 5. Sonneglans 6. Bromhof We are working around them to expedite restorations post loadshedding We therefore, request your indulgence in this.

@VSeeripat @CityPowerJhb I reckon they will be calling the Seal team into Bromhof next..

@eNCA @CityPowerJhb when will the power be restored to Bromhof? We have been loadshedding for 15+ hours and you are starting a new round of loadshedding again now. Crippling us and murdering us with loadshedding..

@CityPowerJhb When will the power be restored to Bromhof because your updates say nothing about the fact that you have been loadshedding us for 15+ hours @CityofJoburgZA please help us..

@CityPowerJhb But when will the power be restored in Bromhof and why can we not get an ETA?????? CPWEB3440846.

@CityPowerJhb WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH BROMHOF BLOCK 14!!!! Can we have an update please..

@CityPowerJhb Fucken great so glad you recovered it. Now please acknowledge that bromhof, northworld is out for a third night please give us an update..

@CityPowerJhb Plsease can you dispatch technicians now to the known problem areas in block 14 (bromhof, boskrain, ) to ensure we are turned back on in time. This way we dont have to wait for hours like we have the passes 3 days and all log tickets. Thank you.

@CityPowerJhb Any updates on bromhof and that protection team?? If you called Trojan they would happily send a car to occumpany you guys..

@CityPowerJhb Evening, I realise this is not a great night, but is there any update on Sharonlea, do we fall under the Bromhof work? CPWEB3440906.

@CityPowerJhb There cannot be such a high load at 5am in the morning bromhof keeps coming on and off CPWEB3441987.

@CityPowerJhb Bromhof Randburg Kelly avenue Block 14 tripped again after 2 minutes of being restored at 5am..

@CityPowerJhb Do we have a representative in the Bromhof area? What is he up to? People in other areas get feedback from their councillors but ours seems to be missing in action.

@CityPowerJhb Sonneglans and bromhof areas Had no power since 16h00 yesterday and no updates what is happening it’s so cold today.

@CityPowerJhb Bromhof block 14 is still without power since 4pm yesterday. When will power be restored?.

@CityPowerJhb Why is bromhof off the list when there is still no power here? Please advise our ETR.

@CityPowerJhb Any news on the protection team for bromhof?? Or are they still waiting or whatever the excuse is this time..

Wtf, City Power can’t bring power back in Bromhof, 2 hour scheduled blackouts ends up being 6 hours.

#Bromhof @CityPowerJhb UPDATES ON BLOCK 14 please. We have been without power since 16:00 yesterday. Bromhof Block 10 is back on but not 14..

@CityPowerJhb Why has Bromhof disappeared from your list? Most of the area is still off!.

@CityPowerJhb Bromhof block 14, Barbara Street still without power since 4pm yesterday. When will power be restored?.

@CityPowerJhb We are still without power in Bromhof from 4 yesterday afternoon. When will power be restored?.

@CityPowerJhb When will you get to bromhof. We have not had power 16:00 yesterday afternoon???????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

@CityPowerJhb Please can you provide us with the reasons why Bromhof area (block 14) is still without power since yesterday after load shedding. It’s been 15 hours!!!!!.

@CityPowerJhb When are you restoring power to Bromhof for goodness sake it has heen 17+ hours of loadshedding for this area now. @CityofJoburgZA can someone please help us ASAP.

@CityPowerJhb Please can we be advised o the status of randburg power outage for what is going on.

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