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@la_vonce @SizweDhlomo He had them queuing up waiting for their turn to say “ I’m sorry brother Siz”

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Thabzmash ()

@la_vonce @SizweDhlomo He did say that he was a grootman , now we know ....kudos to brother Siz!

🇿🇦Lutiguard Media ()

Whe I saw Brother Siz trending I thought it was about my lil bro @SizzleRSA aka #BrotherSiz dropping the #VIBESnFEELS EP END MAY

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Thabzmash ()

@la_vonce @SizweDhlomo He had them queuing up waiting for their turn to say “ I’m sorry brother Siz”

Morwa ()

So #NathiMthethwaMustFall For Creating Peace between MaDrugs & Brother Siz Lol SA will never Find Peace #Twar


sobrang crush kita nung hs tayo, batchmate ko brother mo and super hiniling ko talaga kay ate destiny na mapansin… — parang bet ko rin makilala si ate destiny. pakilala mo naman ako siz haha

Dumi ()

@ntsikimazwai I don’t wanna see you making a ‘brother Siz’ apology video Ntsiki😂...ibambe lapho.

Lee-Ann ()

@LebohangmoshT @akaworldwide The Power of money, brother siz got his apology ka 2 sec😐

Nk ()

This is hilarious,WTF did Sizwe do😅😅, even being called brother Siz😂

Black [email protected] Updates® ()

When he say Brother Siz. KuTricky straight!! #AKAVsSizwe #SizweVsAKA

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King of Leon. ()

Hi @SizweDhlomo. Brother Siz. I don’t know if @JohnSteenhuisen has blocked you yet kodwa ngenhlonipho enkulu, ngokuzithoba kwejunior ninja, bengicela ukhulume naye kancane. Useyadelela ngempela lomfana we matric lite. I think in less than 2 days you can end him nogogo wakhe.

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King of Leon. ()

Riky Rick. “I am not here to fight. I am not here to be divisive. I have no bad blood for Siz. I have no ill intention for Siz. He is actually somebody that I look upto. I can be a man and say Brother Siz. That wasn’t my intention.”

Lil Fish🎣 ()

Lol “spoke to brother Siz the other day should’ve never let my ego get in the way, I love u grootman”

TheComeUpClass ()

@sahiphoploud @SizweDhlomo BROTHER Siz 😅😂🤣🔥😩‼️ Much Respect Grootman ✊🏿🔥


AKA apologizing to Sizwe,RickyRik calling Sizwe Brother Siz😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 one thing ill tell you KU NA VINYI VA MISAVA LA KU HANYENI #Sizwe #Sizwedhlomo

King👑Hitch ()

@uLerato_pillay Don’t go that lane Brother Siz will uncover the real person behind this account unye nyiii🤞🤞🤞stay away from Sizwe his God of Twitter

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Siya 🇿🇦 ()

A diss or two lines nyana to Brother Siz. Kiernen & Riky are rappers and no lawsuit in raps. BTW Sizwe Dhlomo is still not hiphop he must stop coming for rappers. IDGF about his family money he must fight and be this street nigga he portray. He aint shit hiding behind privileges

King👑Hitch ()

It’s Brother Siz is bigger than Black Twitter or maybe he is Black Twitter 🙏🙏🙏

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🇿🇦Hala uNgube Ngcuka💯👌 ()

@DeeJay_Becks23 @uLerato_pillay Try those Hashtags with Brother Siz n see How Far that will take u no Black Twitter wakho we Bhongo

$!$€@....💥💥 ()

😂🤣😂i knew he would deal with them .....look naw sizwe wins booth Ricky is now calling him brother 😂🤣 .

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AKAworldwide ()

Sisi please watch your mouth Do not talk about this about @SizweDhlomo Brother Siz has been trying to build the game from Day 1

Mashukumbela ()

Brother Siz u have my respect You father Xmas with em Ls Serving em unconditionally 🤣🤣

The Enlightened ()

Bruh Sizwe is really a grootman got grown ass man calling him Brother The other one apologized. Sizwe low-key has a huge influence in the music industry if 2 Rappers are willing to bend the knee for him like this

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Siyabonga Khumalo ()

Sizwe once tweeted this and you are surprised that Kiernan apologized and Riky Rick called him brother siz ? Yi grootman leya.

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SA Hip Hop News ()

AKA forced to apologise to Sizwe Dhlomo & his family in order to escape a lawsuit. Riky Rick also apologised to Sizwe & even referred to him as Brother Siz

Nini 🖤 ()

Brother Siz the Real Grootman🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Mm ()

It was at this moment Brother Siz was ready to release the files then Mega and Ricky had to apologize real quick fast in a hurry.

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💎Mo💎 ()

Suddenly Ricky looks up to Sizwe 😂😂😂😂😂😂daaaamn!!That clip killed me,Brother Siz,yoooh!!hai ayam dead

Sbulele Malgas ()

I don’t even know what Ricky Said to/about “Brother Siz” before this “apology”

#50K 💎 ()

Da Les really threw Riky under the bus on that insta live, now Makhado had to apologize to Brother Siz

💎Mo💎 ()

He said BROTHER SIZ😂😂😂😂😂😂Ricky your friend been telling eeeeerbody to drink water and mind their business,see your life😂😂😂😂Brother Siz😭😭

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