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Free agent F Bobby Portis is returning to the Milwaukee Bucks on a 4-year, $49M contract, his agent Mark Bartelstein of @PrioritySports tells ESPN..

Free agent Wesley Matthews has agreed to a one-year deal to return to the Milwaukee Bucks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium..

I go to the gym and come back to the Bucks handling their business. Now I just need to see how they spend that TPMLE.

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It’s the reason why I wasn’t surprised Celtics went all the way Reason why I knew Suns weren’t winning anything And why the Bucks allowed three pointer shooters to empty the clip Also why I knew Miami Heat weren’t gonna win it all.

@gleichnerxvi Agreed. Would much rather have had Patty Mills. Money strapped though.#Bucks.

“What I cannot understand is why as a mother you permitted a minor white girl to gang up with a bunch of negro bucks and white hoodlums to ramble over this country with the express purpose of violating the laws of certain states and attempting to incite acts of violence.”.

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Ten bucks says SC thinks they deserve more than they’re getting in the Pac 12 media deals. Second tier school. So long suckers..

@Joeingles7 @RenaeIngles We get you AND Bobby inks his deal too on the same day?! It’s a great day to be a Bucks fan. Welcome!.

@Xbox_SUPERFAN @XboxCanada Damn, and it was only 4 bucks also. I wished I picked it up..


So far the Bucks have been perfect in free agency. Bringing back Bobby was the highest priority and we got a bonus with Wes and Jevon coming home as well. Ingles will be interesting. His game is pretty perfect for the bucks offensive needs, but I’m concerned about his injury..

@GavinNewsom Can you please just STFU!! Your a moron that just stole 1800 bucks out of checking account for something u never even contacted me about. Moron.

Sixers role players: Tobias, Tucker, Melton, Shake, House, Niang, Reed, Bassey Bucks: Allen, Portis, Lopez, Matthews, Carter, Pat.

Imagine: My toes deep in your throat as I count all My cash from your savings you just emptied. Hot. • findom • femdom •.

@ToTonto_Raptors o Bucks parece que vai atrás do McGee, se isso acontecer dificl eles renovarem com o Ibaka, aí pegamos ele.

@EAisascam23 George hill shouldnt be on the bucks roster for next season or else I will wrack my brains out.

@milahmx Nahhhhhhhh lol they were all like 25 bucks my sister was telling me how ordering glasses online are legit as long as u got ur prescription number soo i was expecting to get one pair but im like ooo that looks nice too then ooo that too and end up buying all 4🤭.

@UchexMcGrone @benredda23 Our timeline is behind the bucks, rn is the best the bucks will be, they’ll slowly get worse, if we stay young we r only getting better. Trading pieces for a player way off of our timeline might make us good for one year, but wastes the potential of a dynasty. Keep the core.

happy last day of pride month on this years last day of pride month i wish for KD to come to the bucks!.

@TracedThurman Haha, yep! Reckon that’s it. I’m gutted they didn’t get that cast back together tho. You and Joe should petition all four of them to guest on a HQ commentary special 😁 “Look we can’t offer big, big bucks, but we can offer BANTER.”.

MID2 | After the #MoonDogs scored to take the lead in the bottom half of the first, the Bucks answered with a run in the top half of the second. MAN 1 - 1 WAT.

Since PYL4 season premieres next week, here’s a trio of last season’s of big bucks (& LOTS of whammies) enjoy. #PressYourLuck #ABC.

Would Bucks trade Antetokounmpo for Durant. Hell yes. Bring it on..

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My pops retired in 2020 and he been trying to stay out everybody way😂 trying to disappear with my momma for almost a damn near year on a cruise 😭.

@clarkkent415 Larriors no playoffs, no playoffs, chip (injured big names) Lakers chip, 1st round, no playoffs. Lakers went after Westbrook when BUCKS won, made no moves since. We all know thats the only team that matters to Larriors (and any team Kd on), so yo buma** telling lies lol.

Jevon Carter continúa en los Bucks. ✍️ 💵 Firma x 2 años. El 2° incluye Player Option..

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@StarrburyMike On behalf of Milwaukee and bucks fans everywhere. You better shut your mouth..


@chron 1% of the popultion doesnt need to be represented to children. Disney just wants those controversy bucks..

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