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I can’t believe Buhle’s storyline is a reality for someone out there. ☹️ #GomoraMzansi.

#GomoraMzansi I can imagine our Mothers right now: Baleeeeka Buhle Baleeeeka yhuuuuu, mshiye mshiye THIXO!!!.

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Groovy and Phyna are cracking me up😂😂😂and Phyna is falling for him 😂 #BBNaija.

President Biden’s granddaughter #NaomiBiden will hold her wedding ceremony on the @WhiteHouse’s South Lawn, the bride-to-be announced. Naomi Biden, a lawyer, is the daughter of #HunterBiden and Kathleen Buhle..

#gomoramzansi that truck driver pulled a Noord taxi driver attitude on sawubona!🤣🤣🤣.

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A time will come in your life when some people will Regret why they treated you wrong. Trust me it will definitely come😏 Kaizer chiefs mihlali buhle #pretoria haval wenzeni uzuma shona #nota.

Jealous down. Nothing unites Zim politicians & political zealots more than #Homophobia & #Misogyny. Absolutely nothing. They have no confuzhen. No but. No if. They are extremely very clear (as Chombo would say). They can differ on everything else, even the economy, but never that.

Yazin … accountability and Buhle don’t mix yoh ai homegirl is just blaming wonke umuntu #FindingBonganiFassie.

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So Buhle would rather run into the wilderness instead of towards those houses?🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ #gomoramzansi.

For New Builds and Renovations to home/office @Divina_Const is the name to trust🤞🏾 We Pride Ourselves in👇🏽 🧱Integrity 🧱Quality 🧱Honesty 🧱Commitment To Deliver On Time & 🧱Budget ☎️ 061 537 0893 📍GP, Joburg 📧 info@ Buhle | Mihlali | #djsbu | VOTY | #VOTY.

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Its wild how Buhle is blaming her aunt for the pregnancy of a daughter she abondaned. This mama is really trying, Buhle ought to be a lil more appreciative. #FindingBonganiFassie.

This lady needs serious help, deadbeat mom, unfaithful partner, Bongani needs to move on from Buhle #FindingBonganiFassie.

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#GomoraMzansi Some man!!! Yerrrrr, an OG like that. By that im sure he has at least 3 daughters, older than Buhle even🙄.

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As much as this show is about Bongz, its also highlighting how lost and flawed Buhle is, she also needs rehab or an intervention of sorts #FindingBonganiFassie.

Watching Gomora vandag made me angry. Men a disgusting sometimes Buhle seeking for help only to find out this old man helping him want to sleep with her. As men we ought to protect women. Imagine your own daughter because in that situation. #GomoraMzanzi #gomora.

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Finally an exit for Buhle aii phela the writing surrounding the character was not cutting it anymore. Lol btw this episode seems to be the only episode that made sense this year for gomora. #GomoraMzanzi.

This is an interesting season😂we all should brace ourselves #BBNaija.

Kanti what’s wrong with Buhle ,blaming her aunt for her daughter’s pregnancy is insane #FindingBonganiFassie.

“If u wanna make an album that runs for 3 years you’ll have to run it up for 3 years” @lavidaNOTA as an upcoming artist from Limpopo I listened to this n imma run with my album for the longest time!! 🥺❤️ jub jub | Firmino | #NickiMinaj | Darwin Nunez |Du Perez’s | Buhle.

@misschi__ @elliewhipwrites Nokuti ndiko kunotongerwa mhosva, ndiko kunogara Mambo achitonga vanhu vake. Saka zvino, tsoka dzedu dzatsika mumazambara ako iwe, iwe Yerusarema guta rakadzorerwa runako nerugare, iwe Yerusarema guta rakadzorerwa, ndafara, tsoka dzedu dzatsika.

To think the story of Buhle is happening to someone in reality really pains my heart. 😭😭#gomoramzansi.

They brought back Buhle after a long hiatus, only to kill off her So Thati has lost two husbands, and 2 of her Wow #GomoraMzanzi.

If Buhle had ran to Ntokozo when she saw him she wouldn’t have died. Nxl #GomoraMzanzi.

#GomoraMzanzi after fighting such fight nd they killed her # done done with gomora.

if buhle is still not back not watching Gomora , how can Nthati continue & leave life as normal as if her child is not missing ai i need clarity there before i go bck to Gomora#GomoraMzansi.

Buhle and Bongani are just toxic to each other they both have childhood trauma and they b need to deal with that first #FindingBonganiFassie.

@elliewhipwrites @buhle_matsha You said this last week and I thought ‘maybe ‘. Now I’m convinced. If we stop engaging with him hopefully he’ll fade back into obscurity.

In the history of SA I’ve never seen a storyline dragged like the Buhle kidnapping one ☹️.

M glad Qhoks storyline sakhe sizophela🥴after this Buhle thing #gomora #gomoramzansi.

Bathong why Buhle didnt run to the there are cars passing behind her#gomora.

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