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about to have not actually learned my lesson, which is that burger king sucks, and have a burger king.

@MajorFactor2 They always take white shooters alive. Some even get Burger.

Burger King Photo,Burger King Photo by Sean 🏴‍☠️ #FBR 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇦,Sean 🏴‍☠️ #FBR 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Burger King Photo

They need to bring them $1 for 10 nuggets back in burger king i dont give a damn if it was fried platypus balls in them shits I used to pull up with $2 and leave full.

Boys imma be streaming RoostSMP day 1 tonight but it’s gonna be a little after launch since my parents took 29 minutes to order Burger King.

Por mi madre q un día yo voy a pelear con un empleado de Burger King, mi ingles es malo pero yo pido bien, uno pide y ellos te dan lo q ellos quieren esos cabrones #Burgerking.


@ExquiZiteBeauty What kind of a moron thinks Roof was taken to Burger King? Did they dine inside or use the drive-thru? SMH.


le voy a decir a mi hermano que me traiga un whopper de burger king pq ando con antojo.

@JayLoyalty92 @w_terrence Wonder if he got Burger King as well.

Burger King Photo,Burger King Photo by Lucas Bishop,Lucas Bishop on twitter tweets Burger King Photo

@mansoortshams Don’t be too rough with the guy officers and make sure you buy him some Burger King while you’re handling him so gently. I mean he only killed 8 people and not like he used a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes or something..

@JayScottSmith I just said that we should take a vote re: if he got a Burger King or Popeyes combo. Amerikkka..

@Soter_Ptolemeos @AP They should’ve taken him out to eat at Burger King afterwards. That’s protocol, no?.

May 14 Workout - completed ✅ Ate my usual meal of noodles and a pear (200 cal) Family also went to Burger King but I just got a Coke Zero 🙂.


Burger King (@burgerking_es) lanza concurso de jóvenes creativos en El Sol (@ElSolFestival). Más información:.

Burger King Photo,Burger King Photo by PRODU,PRODU on twitter tweets Burger King Photo

@Kirishima4GOD Blober king. I also like how you put your user as the burger king logo..

@garrafadeaguAa aqui tem shopping cinema mc donalds burger king e ate tommy hilfiger, tem loga da samsung apple e sla qual mais q tem em basicamente todos os shoppins do sul.

Le cliché du mec 25-35 célibataire qui va au Burger King un samedi soir 😭😭 Oh la réalité sous mes yeux 😭😭.

@GOPisComplicit Did they take him to a Burger King on their way to the station? Did he get fries with that? Was his one call to Kyle Rittenhouse?.

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