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Man killed after being accused of stealing from Bushiri’s Midrand church

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Imagine giving Bushiri money, the same man who currently has a case of money laundering against him. LOL

Man with Wisdom of God ()

@MnguniChris Bushiri is a Prophet so the speaker being Maponga knows the truth in the truth.

M.kgotso ()

@SimzMgidi @Thabs_stbash Bushiri followers should pray at home

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Church I used to attend in Ballito, a WhatsApp just to find out how I am doing during these uncertain times not asking for my coins. Can never find me attending Bushiri and fire churches , instead of worrying and praying for their congregation they busy blackmailing you. .

Tshokza ()

@BlacktwittarZ For I mean even bushiri got nothing to offer Kare magistrate court

K ()

@victoriaafrica3 A man was just killed “on Bushiri’s land”. The idiot owns land, doesn’t pay taxes, is entitled as fuck and wields unimaginable power. Why the hell is going on in this country. Cops and gvt know their exact church locations but dololo action

Virgo - South Africa ()

Bushiri’s security guards under investigation for murder and attempted murder -

The BEST or nothing🇿🇦 ()

Wait a minute , is this Bushiri sitting sitting on King Monada’s mansion?🤣🤣🤣

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@Phehello_J Nana stay home ore tlogele rona bayang di kerekerng ebile o buwa sekgowa sa bushiri.

Mologadi ()

imagine telling batho ba Bushiri that only 50 of them are allowed to attend a service, lol.

Ruan Janse Van Vuuren ()

@Thesoul29855810 @snoccania You forgot the money guys like Bushiri puts in the pockets of anc members. This corrupt government needs to be removed

Don Matt Exotica ()

Lets call it what it is, Chakra huns are elite level scammers. Up there with Bushiri and the Enron directors

Fistaz ()

@MNzama1304 Abo Alph and Bushiri balambile. They cant push other dealings if there is no evidence of gatherings

Mimi MoG ()

@psbushiri We serve a wonder working of Prophet Bushiri may c us all through IJN

Eyewitness News ()

Man killed after being accused of stealing from Bushiri’s Midrand church

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