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Anyone with eyes knows Candiace has deserved first seat at the reunion since season 5, no question whatsoever. Even having Robyn sitting in the other first seat really would’ve made a whole lot more sense, considering the drama with Karen. They really dropped the ball. #RHOP.


#RHOP Sneak Peek — Ashley tells Gizelle about her night with Wendy, Candiace, & Mia! 👀.

Rae Sanni
Rae Sanni

Every single woman looks terrible in these reunion photos. Candiace is the only one with even a shot at looking good. I need y’all to stop lying. 🤣🤣🤣 #RHOPReunion #RHOP.


gizelle did what any normal human faced with candiace’s filthy reads would do … put on body armor.


Candiace’s walk is showing us how she won Miss United States ☝🏽 #rhop.

Candiace deserves her own couch for this look. That dress is stunning! Wendy ate as well.

Candiace tweeting about how she was on time let her know if pigs fly is a MOOD because I’m the one who will be late because I stopped for iced coffee 😂.

Candiace is giving Ru Paul drag race workshop. Why is this dress so spotty with the feathers. This isn’t living up to the fashion standard y’all say she is. #RHOPReunion.

Candiace Photo,Candiace Photo by Jay.,Jay. on twitter tweets Candiace Photo

Candiace does love her a good ostrich feather. My kind of gal..

Candiace Thee MF Dillard Bassett!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍#PrincessOfPotomac #RHOP.

Candiace Photo,Candiace Photo by Candiace’s Clapbacks 🗣💨,Candiace’s Clapbacks 🗣💨 on twitter tweets Candiace Photo

@queensofbravo Karen and Ashley understood the assignment, Robin- Goodwill at best, Giselle, Simplicity pattern + Hobby Lobby beads, Charisse- Linebacker in a dress! Wendy and Candiace Showgirls from the 80’s. Jacqueline- Simple and classy, Mia-Wow JC Penney had a sale!.

It’s Ashley not bein able to take Candiace in her business but she was on Robyn HEAD! 😂😂.

@Tea_witdre Her and Candiace are literally my faves so I cannot waittttt for the RHUGT.

@TherealCANDIACE: THIS IS A SHOW GIRL!!! She came to play and perform. Candiace looks gorgeous from head to toe. This was her season and she came dressed like she knew it. NO NOTES! All hail Candice, QUEEN OF POTOMAC! #RHOP #RHOPReunion.

Candiace Photo,Candiace Photo by Reality TV Bitch,Reality TV Bitch on twitter tweets Candiace Photo

Dress wise, I’d say 1. Karen 2. Candiace 3. Ashley 4. Wendy and the rest need to change 😂😂 #RHOP.


I know whoever made this is blind in one eye because Wendy and Candiace are the best dressed and Gizelle is the worst dressed by far. Robyn doesn’t look bad but the outfit is boring like let’s bffr #RHOP.

1. kurn ate 2. robyn ate 3. candiace delivers as always 4. gizelle we can’t keep doing this that is all.

Now @TherealCANDIACE IS THE MOMENT!!!! I just love how she is truly a fashion girl & ALWAYS gives us versatility in her looks💕💕💕 Candiace! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You personality, energy, intellect, reads, & looks are so refreshing!!!! #RHOP You are a star! ⭐️.

Candiace Photo,Candiace Photo by Kye Davies,Kye Davies on twitter tweets Candiace Photo

We need it!! Candiace vs Gizelle and Candiace vs Porsha is about to be so damn chaotic 😭.

I had the same thought about the bob which is why I’m glad Candiace doesn’t have one this reunion..

Karen, Wendy, and Candiace. Dats it. 🙈 Everybody else needs a redo. 🙅🏽‍♀️.

@Forced2u Gizelle said Ashley’s song was better too, now that Candiace isn’t her friend anymore. They are some HATERS..

Gizelle - It looks like a hot glue job. Karen - Not bad… maybe a loose pony instead? Ashley - I like the bob and color. More bang tho Wendy/Candiace- 🏆 Everyone else - 💤.

candiace is serving! gizelle…love ya pookarooks but wtf goin on.

@IttyBittyAssata @JaysRealityBlog Candiace dress’s is ugly .. Wendy and Ashley looks.

Gizelle, Robyn, and Charisse can go home. Candiace, early dismissal..

Candiace’s feathers is how it needs to be done. Take note other housewives. #rhop #rhoslc Do. Don’t..

Candiace Photo,Candiace Photo by Aniyah K. Robinson,Aniyah K. Robinson on twitter tweets Candiace Photo

@AnthonyMAbbo @_LeenaDidi_ Ashley thinks that her looks will save her from being on her own having to raise her kids in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to. It’s why she resents Candiace who has a career AND an MBA and is her age and whose husband doesn’t seem to fuck around on her.

@PatThePussHunny I think Candiace is the best dressed but Wendy comes right after. I love this..

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