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Updated: August 2nd, 2021 12:37 AM IST

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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung

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“How has Covid-19 Impacted #International #Travel ? | Carl Friedrik™.”

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video) a través de @YouTube

@Kalvinphillips I’m sure she’s proud of your hard work and determination to be where you are and the happiness you gave the nation this summer

Our clients and other #transgender Alaskans will no longer endure the physical, mental, and stigmatizing harm caused by exclusions in the state Medicaid program,” Lambda Legal attorney Carl Charles said in a press release at the time of settlement.

@blu_serek To jest Carl Lewis. Jego konkurentem byl Ben Johnson, ale lubił koks. Czy to oznacza, że jestem stara?

Slum area near House office building. Many of these houses have outside toilets. Washington, Carl Mydans, September 1935

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The first 100m Olympic Final I remember is 1984 Los Angeles. The Carl Lewis games. What an athlete…but without Usain Bolt now, it feels an empty event.

Today’s #CollectableADay is brought to you by #SignatureSundays. I’ve been waiting a while to post this one, but the card finally arrived from @CheckOutMyCards Here is my 2020 @Topps Stadium Club Mike Yastrzemski autograph, which also features legendary grandpa Carl Yastrzemski

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@PauletteKimpio1 Le discrédit est tombé sur toutes les confessions religieuses sans distinction, et sur la société civile qui est un refuge de politiciens. Et le processus électoral prend un coup.

Knattermann, fahr du voran: Heute vor 133 Jahren wurde der erste Führerschein ausgestellt. Autopionier Carl Benz erhielt eine Berechtigung zur Durchführung von Versuchsfahrten mit einem Patentmotorwagen (aus dem @einestages-Archiv)

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@motshwarimang @niehaus_carl Sorry my brother I am referring to the Mining Charter not necessarily to Zwane as a person. I read it and I was happy with it as it was pushing for the community to benefit. If u want to talk about Vrede dairy than you can have a new topic

@MelySaid Low key reminds me of why I don’t eat it so much anymore lmao. Carl’s my favorite tho! If you could make your own “saweetie” meal at any fast food place where and what?

#Oxygen - a discovery that can be attributed to the independent works of Michał Sędziwój (1604), Carl Wilhelm Scheele (1771-72), & Joseph Priestley (1774), it is, curiously, the experiment conducted by Priestley on 1st Aug 1774 & publication of findings that achieved recognition.

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Watergate legend blows up on Trump’s inner circle as new bombshell revelations come to light: ‘Why the hell did they sit still?’

Jag, min mamma Maj-Liz och Rosalinda, dotter till Carl von Ossietzky.

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@__myMadrid @TheShortFuse It’s not FIFA or Pro Evo it’s proper Football where players tackle each other to win the ball 🤔 Ramos prime example of calm and fair play 26 red 211 yellow cards 😁🤣

well. i started my job at flourish and blotts and i have an interview at a little café tomorrow morning before my shift. carl keeps biting. 😕 and that is my update!

Nice work Carl. Great addition to our blossoming team. @carldawkins16

@Redtor_Maximo @LivingScribe You fuckers are obsessed with Carl and Slab is all im saying lol.


Or it’s a clever way to disguise side-eye. Well-played, Carl. 😏

@komagnusson @MatsErikson Farlig kombo. Sossar är inte särskilt omtyckta i poliskåren.

Es ist zwar noch nicht spät am Abend, dennoch klingt es auch jetzt schon ganz gut: „Late in the Evening” (Paul Simon (Helene Tungelund: ))


@takeyourzoloft I actually love this! I think they’d be a good match, both intelligent and pretty low key personalities. Carl would def let her shine and not feel insecure.

dog. Dessa några av många drevs ej sällan av ”överklassen.” Några namn; Wieselgren, biskop Geijer, Kungl hov pred pil dr Carl Magnus Westdahl, grevinnan Pauline Cronhielm, senare Westdahl Cronhielm. Beaktas bör att bibelsällskapen sägs vara grunden för fack och arbetarrörelse.

@niehaus_carl the anc of the last 20 years have run this economy into the ground, not the private sector or other scapegoats, U and your gravy train buddies did this. Who in their right mind would invest in a country where everything is destroyed and plundered?

The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together. —Carl Sagan

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung

Prof. Carl Ruck shares his idea on the Entheogenic experience. Carl Ruck is known for his extensive research on mythology and religion regarding the sacred role of entheogens - a selection of psychoactive plants. Watch more: Recorded 05/14/21.

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