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I am not Chelsea head coach. Nor will I ever be Chelsea head coach. But this is the team I’d pick for today’s game - working on the basis Kovacic isn’t 100%. Mendy; Chalobah, Silva, Rudiger; James, Kante, Jorginho, Alonso; Mount, Havertz, Pulisic.

Into the final 15. 👊 Loftus-Cheek and Azpilicueta come on for Chalobah and Pulisic. 🟡 0-0 🔴 [106] #EmiratesFACup.

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Superb save by Mendy with his legs to deny Diaz before Chalobah clears the loose ball. 🟡 0-0 🔴 [9] #EmiratesFACup.

What team would you pick for the FA cup final? Here’s my choice:- Mendy Silva Rudiger Chalobah Alonso James Kante Jorginho Mount Pulisic Lukaku What’s your team?.


Big up Chalobah yesterday. Started a little shaky but grew into the game and had performed really well. Hope he starts the two last games this season..

Jurgen Klopp on Luis Diaz: “The speed he has is insane. Don’t forget he played on the side with Chalobah and Reece James. Getting in a situation like this is absolutely unlikely, the big chance he had in the first half.” #awlive [bbc].

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A small positive from yesterday - Trevoh Chalobah was excellent again, another clean sheet vs Liverpool & should keep his spot at right centre back. 👏🏻.

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That league with Giroud as striker 🤣 dawg they kept so many clean sheet! Don’t understand how you sold TOMORI and you have SARR Christensen & Chalobah.


People overrating that Diaz performance dkm. I would look like Prime Messi if I was playing against Chalobah lmfao. Pulisic was much better, and played against a more serious set of players, and did more 👍🏼.

Emotional damage 💔💔💔 #DearKikuyus #WeMetOnTwitter Useless Hussein Mohamed Mathira Kamukunjji Kalonzo Mason Mount Mombasa Road Assmio Alice Wahome Central Kenya Ngong Mogadishu Gema Tuchel Mane Origi Chalobah Tsimikas Lukaku Beatrice Waruguru Farmaajo.

Mount 😢 Chalobah 👀 Pulisic 😬 Chelsea player ratings | @scott_trotter #cfc.

Tuchel, Mount, Havertz, Kovacic, Cho, Kanté, Jorginho, James, Chilwell, Chalobah, Azpi, Silva, Mendy. Only ones untouchable and worthy to play for Chelsea..

Chalobah vs Liverpool || HD skills and highlights|| best dada CB?.

I haven’t fully enjoyed a game since 4-0 Juve, The RM game was insane but when CHO, Chalobah and Reece are bagging on Juve’s head top >>.

this is the longest season of all time. chalobah’s goal against palace was about 3 years ago..

First name on the team sheet for me. Remember how hard it was going to be for someone to come in and break up our front 3? This lads made a mockery of that theory. Could’ve had a hat trick today. Legged James and Chalobah all day. Unbelievable talent on our hands..

Mount, James, Chilwell, Chalobah, Mendy, Silva, Kovacic, Kante, Havertz, Lukaku (maybe/right now, I have my reasons) These are the only players in the current squad, I’d generally be disappointed about leaving. The rest I could take or leave, most I wouldn’t even blink..

@LiamFlood17 Mane didn’t even get a yellow for elbowing Chalobah. You can’t write this..

Chalobah played well against Liverpool. The guy is going up if he keeps dropping performances like these. Koulibaly, Kounde + Levi and, I think we are good. Once Silva retires, we look for another good experienced defender to replace him..

Bastante débil sin balón el Chelsea. El espacio entre su línea de 3 atrás y el doble pivote ha sido un lugar a explotar para el Pool. En banda izquierda con Thiago atrayendo, Díaz a espalda de Chalobah y las caídas de Mané, han provocado dudas una y otra vez en los de Tuchel..

He’s good enough to be a backup, but it’s down to luck that Diaz didn’t get more out of the space Chalobah offered him. It was actually so bad that tuchel switched to a 4-1-4-1 second half so Reece could go toe to toe with him instead..

Chelsea fans no for allow us hear word today 😅 who see chalobah face after match 😂😂😂😂.

Main takeaways from match flow : • Chalobah struggled with Diaz first 15 minutes • Pulisic chance was close + through ball to Alonso missed • Minute 20-55 Chelsea better team • LFC grew at end Diaz + Robertson hitting post • Mendy HAD Milner + Firmino.

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On a positive notes: • Mount, Reece and Chalobah had a very good games. • Jorginho was excellent in midfield. • Thiago, Mendy and Rudiger were extremely solid. • Pulisic generated a lot of chances. Boy I rather not talk about Lukaku.

Diaz played against Chalobah, Azpiss and Mendy fffsss Pulisic would’ve got a hatrick against that lot dkm.

@NizaarKinsella Rudiger was average under Conte, Sarri and Lampard. Tuchel system revived him and he peaked as well in last one year but still is replaceable and getting Kounde & Gvardiol/Torres/Fofana should be alright. Chalobah is a decent sub not XI man.

Remember when I said Chalobah and Jorginho are spiritually linked? #FACupFinal.

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Chelsea Twitter fans have new key player Tuchel was supposed to sub in everymatch, They will tell you he should have play Werner, another week havertz or lukaku or should have subbed in chalobah 🤐. Twitter coach una..

@JafKibet @EIIisV3 1/1 James missed 2 months of football ,chiwell missed 6 months ,Kante didn’t play 3weeks in December(28th nov-19th dec) also has multiple injuries this season ,chalobah was injured for a month ,Christensen didn’t play January at all,missed 3 weeks between April n may.

I haven’t seen an attacker trouble defenders in the EPL like Luis Diaz troubled James n chalobah since Eden hazard.

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