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Watch this new bill that would prohibit China from purchasing any US land, and ESPECIALLY remember who votes against it..

BlackRock and Vanguard shun the coal industry yet invest billions in a Chinese company whose name is literally “China Coal Energy Company,” without saying a peep about ESG over there. The hypocrisy is staggering..

Not only is China buying up land all across America, they seem to have a four-year lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue too..

the greatest threat/danger to our democracy and freedoms is not radical islam or china or socialism or immigrants, it is the rising tide of white christian nationalism facilitated by the GOP, Fox News, InfoWars, and all the other purveyors of hate..

Ukraine is asking China to help them rebuild and is meeting with them and now we are sending another billion while in a recession. I don’t even know what to say anymore..

CCP-controlled entities are now buying up American farmland, much of which is near military bases. Yet, our diplomats in China can’t even go to the grocery story without someone following them. We have to take this seriously..

What to make of Nehru with Tiranga? Nehru took Kashmir to UNSC, let China trick us, sacked a democratically elected government, took socialism too far, curbed free speech, paved way for dynasty & exasperated Patel. Nehru hoisted the Tiranga but did he also lower its prestige?.

The United States should not manufacture one single thing in Communist China. We don’t need Chinese goods, we need American jobs!.

Let’s play “What they say, what they do” 🧵 MAGA Republicans say… “We are tough on China” What they do… On CHIPS Act, 187 MAGA Republicans voted for China and against America. (1/ ).

China Photo,China Photo by Rep. Eric Swalwell,Rep. Eric Swalwell on twitter tweets China Photo

Last week, Republicans sided with China and turned their backs on Veterans. Wonder what they’ll do this week to continue their spectacular self-sabotage act???.

Última hora: Los proveedores chinos de Apple desde Shanghai hasta Shenzen han suspendido sus envíos. La empresa china de baterías CATL congela la apertura de su planta en 🇺🇸 que estaba destinada a suministrar baterías para Tesla y Ford. Esto apenas inicia..

Wow, even for Manchin this is breathtaking dishonesty. When manufacturers deduct the cost of new equipment/investment/expansion these are not “loopholes” but incentives prior Congresses passed to keep jobs in AMERICA. Manchin’s bill PUNISHES Made in USA, rewards Made in CHINA..

12 daripada 55 permohonan warga Bangladesh memohon kerakyatan Malaysia diluluskan dalam tempoh 12 tahun bermula 2010. juta warga China dikesan tidak keluar dari Malaysia dalam tempoh 2018 hingga 2021 KEMENTERIAN DALAM NEGERI (KDN).

How have we got to this point? Innocent people being arrested for posting on social media. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a policy from Communist China or North Korea, not Western civilisation. Words are not violence. Offence is taken, not given, and it’s not a crime..

Reafirmamos el firme rechazo a las acciones dirigidas a lesionar la integridad territorial y la soberanía de la República Popular China. #Cuba reitera el apego irrestricto al principio de “una sola China”. 🇨🇳.

China Photo,China Photo by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez,Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez on twitter tweets China Photo

The aggressive behaviour of China, the PLA and the Eastern Theatre Command, as shown in this graphic, will provide valuable insights into Chinese military thinking and capacity in the days ahead. 1/14 🧵.

China Photo,China Photo by Mick Ryan, AM,Mick Ryan, AM on twitter tweets China Photo

¿Recuerdan cómo satanizaron las preventas petroleras a China? En realidad era el compromiso de entregar crudo, lo cual aseguraba mercado ¡SORPRESA! El Gobierno está haciendo lo mismo El tiempo siempre nos da la razón, pero cómo engañaron y destruyeron. Ojalá aprendamos😉.

China Photo,China Photo by Rafael Correa,Rafael Correa on twitter tweets China Photo

“US military experts say a war over Taiwan is desirable because Asia’s growth to become world’s economic heartland has become unstoppable.” Strategists admit West is goading China into war -.

China Photo,China Photo by Peter Cronau,Peter Cronau on twitter tweets China Photo

A Pentagon spokesman says the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered a delay to avoid further straining relations with China as the Chinese military engages in a show of force near Taiwan..

🇺🇸🇮🇳 | LO ÚLTIMO: Estados Unidos hará ejercicios militares conjunto con India a menos de 100 kilómetros de la disputada frontera del país del sur de Asia con China..

Good morning to all our friends~~from Beijing,China. please follow us (website:), you will get the latest China bus industry information, and fantastic bus products. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know..

China Photo,China Photo by Chinabuses,Chinabuses on twitter tweets China Photo

Nancy Pelosi recebe alerta que China pode derrubar seu avião durante viagem a Taiwan.

@SeanUM_China @RealSexyCyborg Not superstitious either faaaaark me if you are at I can hear the angry.

I think another conflict between China, Taiwan and the US is on the way. Note my words this time no power in the world except Allah almighty will be able to save US from hands of China. May the US suffer bad and severe destruction. Aameen..

China upgrades BeiDou software for optimized global services via @cgtnofficial.

China is in economic lockdown with them, next is power.


@feidexiaowo1230 And what about us here international fans that are not from Thailand and China? Crying in the corner.

@Unerwartet111 @difiggianoh China Restaurants boykottieren! Vor allem das Peterle 🤡.

@SpeakerPelosi @usembassykl Taiwan is not a country, it belongs to China,have you ever seen two countries share the same culture and language? The women name CAI yingwen just a person in charge in Taiwan。台湾和中国是中国的一部分,我们是一家人,你没事瞎掺和什么,佩洛西你就是歌姬吧😅😅😥.

@ZaidZamanHamid Taiwan is not Ukraine! If China invades Taiwan, no countries can resupply Taiwan with arms easily as all supply lines have to come from the sea!!!.

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