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Country people, make una talk true, who dey lie here: Carolyna or Chioma? 👀 The fight dey show for #RHOLagos for Showmax:.

Also just found this. Another stunner❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.

Technological glitches responsible for non-payment of pension to federal civil servants, says Dr Chioma Ejikeme, Executive Secretary of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate.

so with this Carolyn and Chioma fight now, who’s been the problem since? Laura or Carolyn? cos these things Chioma is saying about her ehh #RHOLagos.

Went to Cooltopia yesterday & Chioma—who was working the event—recognized me from YT. I asked if she owned a @coolcatsnft & she said no but wished she could afford one. So I decided to send her a Cool Pet! She is now rocking it as her PFP! NFTs are cool. @chiomaozuzu 🫡.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by cooltimes🧊 NFT NYC,cooltimes🧊 NFT NYC on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Big or Bold but have you seen someone classy, unique, accompanied with beauty and brain?? Chioma is One🥵😌 #RHOLagos.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by Rewaju😇🔥,Rewaju😇🔥 on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

I find Chioma and Caroline’s fight stupid and childish. Chioma did well by intervening Iyabo and Caro’s fight but she wasn’t supposed to put pressure on Caro and go as far as saying the apology wasn’t genuine. #RHOLagos.

“Boujee babe but you’re using fork and knife to eat sushi” Chioma is just terrible 😭😭😭 #RHOLagos.

People saying Laura said Chioma is an hypocrite are obviously watching the back of their TV’s. What she said was “all of them were in the room, even Chioma”, so where’s the hypocrisy here? #RHOLagos.

Chioma is as bad as Carolyn birds of the same feather #RHOLagos.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by LADY T 🌻🌻🇿🇦,LADY T 🌻🌻🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Chioma projects how she really feel about herself on people. She is exactly what she accused ppl of. Carolyn is not my fav, but Iyabo is dead wrong this time. You started the whole mess by asking that relationship question, even Mariam screamed rude. #RHOLagos.

Y’all are really blind hypocritical bats,so toyin was right when she addressed she and Laura issue in front of everyone ,but Chioma is wrong for addressing she and Caroline issue in front of everyone too? Nah y’all drink Piss #RHOLagos.

It’s the way Laura and Chioma are paying blogs to defend them, while Carolyn sits effortlessly, getting all the love from the streets. No one can fight grace. #RHOLagos.

I didn’t like Chioma until this last episode 😂🥰she said Carolyn is forming bougie but she’s using fork and knife to eat sushi 😩 I fainted 😂😂😂 #RHOLagos.

Chioma Rowland celebrates Davido with special note on Father’s Day (Video).

Iyabo is an old experienced version of Chioma , very manipulative, she excels in diverting attention, she allowed altercation to move from her and Caroline to Chioma and Caroline #RHOLagos.

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Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦,NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Not Laura saying she has been vindicated because Chioma and Carolyn are fighting. Girl how? Your vibe has been negative since the show started #RHOLagos.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by Odinaka Salman,Odinaka Salman on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

@WDYTMzansi I can understand your opinion, Chioma is a perfectionist, she tries so much to come off as classy and elegant, meanwhile inside her, she is fake and also a sly doesn’t try so much, she is simply classy and she radiates Queen Energy. #RHOLagos.

Chioma, Veeiye, Maria Chike and Venita all have one thing in common. They will sit pretty and dish it out to you while you go crazy. #RHOLagos.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by Odinaka Salman,Odinaka Salman on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Chioma and drama na 5 and 6. That reply was epic 😂😂 #RHOLagos.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by .,. on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Uber talk say nah 500k?.. oya carry am I dey wait Chioma.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by Williams🥵🍫,Williams🥵🍫 on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Since you know that APC and PDP have failed this country. Base on competent who is having your VOTE among the following Presidential Like for Peter Obi Retweet for Sowore #PeterObi4President Chioma/Ambode/Rivers State/#doggy/Section 84/Deeper life/Dababy x Davido.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by real_crownprince🇳🇬🇺🇲,real_crownprince🇳🇬🇺🇲 on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

It cost no dime to retweet my drawing Artwork please 😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Titled: BELITTLED ambode Chioma Lil Baby The UK Taiwo Awoniyi Donna Rain 331 Assists Sharon Ooja Distinguished Hazard #doggy #Herogasm Neymar to Chelsea Gabriel Jesus Christianity Dababy ft Davido 789 Goals.

Chioma Photo,Chioma Photo by Ajewole Art,Ajewole Art on twitter tweets Chioma Photo

Also Carolyna is audacious for coming for Chioma’s family when she LITERALLY was up in arms when Laura spoke about her daughter. The hypocrisy is funny to say the least. 🙂 #RHOLagos.

Chioma was irritated when they kept pushing her to apologise for being late .?? Now she’s doing the same thing to 🤡 or am I missing something? #RHOLagos.

Chioma is so fake!!!! #RHOLagos trying to be in iyabo’s good books at an expense of someone!!! FAKE!! Fake fake!!!.

The fight between chioma and Caro was bound to happen based on the foundation it was But also Chioma can insult in English yooh! 😂 (this local animal thing killed me) #RHOLagos.

Lmao Chioma Fights Carolyn And Switches Immediately To Gossip With Laura? Naaa I Would Fear Her 🥴 #RHOLagos.

can we all agree Chioma is the most fashionable on the #RHOLagos show, Her Fashion sense is incredible. 😍😍 #RHOLagos.

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