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Eloswag and Chomzy get down on the dance floor. 💃🏾 Click here 👉🏾 for more #BBNaija highlights..

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by Big Brother Naija,Big Brother Naija on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Allysyn believes that Chomzy should mind her own business after she made comments about her relationship with Adekunle. Click here👇🏾for the #BBNaija highlight..


Give this squad a name. Bella, Chomzy and Chi Chi #BBNaija #BBNaijaS7.

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by Akpraise,Akpraise on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Chomzy was never the problem! Beauty bares it all out in this episode of @DStvNg #BBNaija Unlocked with Miz Vick! Get more gist here:.

When Biggie asked Daniella whom of the Level 1 Housemates she would like to see join Level 2, she opted for Hermes and Chomzy. Click for #BBNaija highlights..

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by Big Brother Naija,Big Brother Naija on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Chomzy:Rachel,you’ve caused trouble between Giddifia and Diana Racheal:I didn’t come for peace,I’ve been drinking my regular doses of wickedness🤣🤣 Me:😱 #BBNaija.

Nahhh whenever chi chi, Bella or chomzy is nominated call me Abeg 😂😂 first time watching #BBNaija this long and I’m having serious headache…these girls must be protected..

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by Susan,Susan on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Bella Chichi and Chomzy😂🤣🤣🤣 4rndship I never saw coming, they are too insane #BBNaija.

Not because they are perfect but next week Saturday, I’d like to see Chomzy do it all with Groovy. He’s stressed and will need all that love and kisses..


Not Chomzy asking Doyin or Ally one of them to sit close to Deji 😂😂😂Chomzy is dangerous 😂#BBNaija.

Rachel has joined the wicked women love now it is BELLA .. ❤️🤌🏻Rachel said she had been drinking her daily doze of wickedness and she came for war not 😭🔥😂 NOTE : She has already scattered giddy and Diana #BBNaija.

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by debimamito⚔️🔱⭐️🌹🦁⚡️,debimamito⚔️🔱⭐️🌹🦁⚡️ on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Bella and Chomzy trying to throw their last powerpuff girl in a ship like them😂 #Bbnaija.

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by Chichi’s fine face💕,Chichi’s fine face💕 on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Chomzy will destroy any relationship if she wants🤣🤣😂😂She came for wickedness #BBNaija.

Sheggz says groovy is one of his best friends and Chomzy said then why are you not supporting him and he says cos Chomzy is Bella’s bf and he wants to marry her so he won’t wanna see Chomzy fucked. #BBNaija.

If Phyna went with Beauty all the way to fight Groovy, her fans will still come out to say Phyna is becoming a bad influence on Beauty OR that Phyna is just pained because it’s Chomzy! My fave stood for the truth yet una dey #BBNaija.

Chomzy Photo,Chomzy Photo by #TEAMPHYNA,#TEAMPHYNA on twitter tweets Chomzy Photo

Chomzy said she doesn’t see the beauty in Beauty. Wahala! 😂 Typical bitter leaf girl !#BbNajiaS7 #BBNaija.

So Groovy can dance with any girl except chomzy😂😂😂😂😂😂 the power of beauty ❤️💯#BBNajiaS7.


Groovys “true love” is Chomzy. I hope they are allowed to finally be in the same house. So we see what will happen. Cos the potential Groovy and Chomzy ship is causing problems and they haven’t even kissed. So let them be together make we see. #bbnaija.

Level 1 is definitely bringing the vibes tonight guys we have to give it to them 🤌🏽 especially Chomzy & Chichi 🔥 they are the content for tonight 🔥🔥 #BBNaija.

Beauty tried to dance with me but i refused — Sheggz reveals to Bella and Chomzy🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #BBNaija.

I love how housemates especially Chomzy are pushing deji and chichi together so doyin and allysyn have no chance 🤣🤣. #bbnaija #BBNaijaS7.

Chomzy has promised to ginger Beauty even more next week 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BBNaija.

Nice one Chichi Dared to twerk on Deji 🔥🔥🔥 While Eloswag was dared to kiss Chomzy 💋💋💋 #bbnaija #BBnaijaS7.

When I watch how Chomzy whine her waist I sometimes understand why Beauty didn’t want Groovy to dance with her. I’d be worried too 😂 #BBNaija.

UNBELIEVABLE 😳, Hermes was dared to kiss Chomzy’s neck and press her nipples 😊 Follow us more updates #BBNajia #BBNajiaS7.

Not chomzy telling Sheggz he dare not not leave Bella😂😂 our family friend 😌#BBNaija.

This season I am rooting for the girls to power baby! Phyna Beauty Chomzy Daniella Doyin Those are my power girls. #BBNaija.

Las las chomzy go reach everybody o, she is just enjoying herself n having fun, catch feelings at ur own risk #BBNaija.

For Groovy and Chomzy to ship, kiss and smooch passionately in front of Phyna 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ #BBNaija.

For Chomzy and Groovy ship to sail🕯🕯 so my Beauty can be released #BBNaija.

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