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  • You, a Protestant: “introducing Greek philosophy to theology is bad” Me, a Genius: God converted St Paul so he could introduce Platonism to Christianity and graft it into the Bible. More than half of the New Testament is Platonism..

  • @IjeomaOluo Funny how the rebuttal to atheism is always about “getting stuff.” Blessings. Miracles. Being “highly favored.” After life. Endless “reward.” I’ll...just ignore how consumption shapes how people speak about Christianity.🙃🙃.

  • Of course not. But as an institution, Christianity consistently promotes bigoted, segregationist policies... resulting many Christians agreeing and supporting bigoted, segregationist policies.

  • Student Booted From Christianity Class For Telling Professor There Are Only Two Genders @AmandaPresto

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  • ICYMI: UK Denies Entry to these Two Women Over Their Christianity and Conservative Views #MAGA #TrumpTrain.

  • @Outsideness I’m not a fan of ascribing religious affiliation to the Japanese. They were mightily mystified when Whitey came in 1850 with their cannons and their Christianity. Dozens of books about “how can they be so advanced yet believe that crap”? And the Burmese aren’t suicidal..

  • As a Christian, we are to love everyone; maybe not agree with their way of life, but certainly love them. God loves ALL of his children & is the only one who can judge them, not you & I. This is not what Christianity looks like I promise we are much more gentile and compassionate

  • Erich Gruen just delivered an incredibly laudatory and substantive introduction to @AnnetteYReed as she begins her talk How the Jewishness of early Christianity was Forgotten @magnes (Well deserved accolades!).

  • "hey how can we make christianity sound extremely worse than the alternative"

  • @sentientdreamer @PumaBare @Briandite @daveTworld @ChristiAnne67 @America2_0 @ScientiaPercept @LadyGirlPerson @artisticdream79 @JoSantisteban @WalterGeorge6 @JohnFugelsang @BrassNucklez @CrispySea Islam is not atheism... Communism is not atheism... Atheism is a lack of belief in a god or gods.... there are no doctrines, no texts to kill beleivers in the name of atheism. That cannot be said of theism... specifically Christianity..

  • @WalkerKorea @ThisIsALogin @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and his evil evangelical charlatans have destroyed Christianity for generations to come..

  • @j98_nb @Starr4freedom @alitayyib98 @triadscry @CarlNewbz @AliDawow @lucyfrown Yet one could attack Hinduism , Buddhism , Christianity , Judaism , Sikhism , Zoroastrianism all day without reproach ..why do you think that is ?.

  • In today’s public schools and universities our kids are being taught that the founding fathers were evil, that our Constitution is evil, that the family and fathers are evil and that Christianity is evil. #NationalWalkoutDay #WalkoutWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #PrayforAmerica #2A.

  • @AtheistRepublic Scriptures prove that the authors were delusional, sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic murderers, etc. etc. The misery this book has caused is huge and it spawned the two biggest con jobs in history, Christianity & Islam!.

  • I see no difference in the violent, uneducated, and wilful ignorance of the fanaticism of Islam or Christianity - and those who will attack teens (who watched their friends and classmates gunned down in school) for speaking for gun controls..

  • @MinogueFanily And my biggest issues are actually with all the “religious” doing this crap. Like cool cool you into racism/sexism/homophobia except for your bizarre love of rubbing guns but leave god and Christianity out of it. Stop twisting random verses.

  • #NationalWalkoutDay #Bucs #PiDay#Messi #ChadHenne #SupercopaArgentina #MitchUnrein #JoshSitton #Giannis #Christians #Christianity #Christian #Church #Christ.

  • @Lyrewulf @1funn1 her mom considers the idea of a weird dark movie like mother! having biblical overtones to be offensive, she likes her christianity v sanitized.

  • @JWalkSadeale @ImReallyAKing @b_lock1997 Christianity is a religion. A “Christian” is a follower of Christ. True Christian = those who follow the Law in the faith of the Messiah. Christianity is the religion created by Roman Catholics which preaches universalism. “Christianity” isn’t Biblical & denotes a religion..

  • The latest The Powerhouse Daily! Thanks to @paulmawuli7 @SalvationLosing @mzinalaska #christianity #marketing.

  • @arennie44 @NONONOEU @SadiqKhan Religions: Old Islam was no worse than Old Christianity use to be, but nowadays Christianity has moved on and is tolerant of other Religions, the difference with Islam today is that it appears to be intolerance of all other Religions..

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  • @NikkiShangee Ey sisi awkahle with your pseudo christianity! HIV is a human made virus, God is spiritual. Go research Christianity & it origin & stop being a follower to a colonised bible that was drafted to keep us trapped in a slave mentality!.

  • Photo By Annie Spratt | Unsplash #lifestylechristianity #christianity101 #christianity_for_all_ #christianityisinsanity #truechristianity #WIBS #Hisword #christianity #mysword

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  • Let My Voice In You Resound! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke ~ HKP #Prophecy #Theology #Bible #Scripture #Biblestudy #Christianity #Christian #Christians #Faith #Word #Church #Churches #Pastor #Minister #Deacon #Preacher #Catholic #PCUSA #AoG #Baptist #CoE.

  • That Nikki account is just reminding you what you claim to believe in and you find it ridiculous. You pick and choose parts of Christianity to believe in..

  • Pochaev - Amazing Ukrainian Fortress-Monastery: 800 Years of War and Prayer

  • @youngdiciple712 What a lovely person you are. Jesus would be so proud of you for representing Christianity so passionately and, most important of all, accurately..


  • @HuntingDebora @lancastrian14 @itvnews @PrisonPlanet @TRobinsonOnline @TRobinsonNewEra Our country is a lot older than Christianity and has not always been Christian, its just another imported Middle Eastern religion.

  • Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? with @wlm_uk #tacklinghomelessnesstogether

  • Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? with @wlm_uk #tacklinghomelessnesstogether

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