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The Rainbow is the ancient symbol of a religion. That religion is Christianity. Which considers homosexuality to be a sin..

The Federalist Society law professors have already started previewing their answer: there is only one sincere religion, conservative Christianity, and everything else is merely a hobby..

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I never want to hear that again from the GOP about them being the party of Christianity, family values, compassion, etc. What their leader, with their support, did to those two women was beyond vile, beyond reprehensible, beyond cruel..

Why when Jesus talks about feeding the poor, it’s christianity. But when a politician talks about feeding the poor, it’s socialism?.

If Greece, who is an EU member, a NATO country, and the first to gain independence from the Ottomans, is still suffering from the imperial Turkish, then what would the dwindling community of Eastern Christianity feel? My latest in ⁦@greekcitytimes⁩.

new zealand: this from national’s simon o’connor — and yes, national leader chris luxon has a background in pentecostal christianity. it’s what charges his political views, and we need to be incredibly wary.

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Atheists need to pipe down as well. Why reply with “all Religions should be eliminated” when this has absolutely nothing to with anything but Christianity. Many religions make sure abortion is protected. Again, google is free..

I just heard a Biblical Unitarian (I think?) say their church was the first Protestant church to be anti-abortion. Can we please accept that until the 1930s *every Christian church* was anti-abortion? All of them. Christianity is not, in any way, compatible with abortion..

Oh damn just realized that EA (a literalist Christian sect) is speedrunning the history of Christianity: in not even one generation went from the martyrs of Rome to the excesses of the Medieval Church.

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@DSA_Lenworth @_Paisios_ I bet when they agreed on religious freedom they were referring to different denominations of Christianity..

Sandy is a twatwaffle and knows zip about Christianity. Has she read St. Augustine? Saint who? He was the founder of western Christianity and born wait for it: AFRICA. He was a person of color. Ignorance should be stamped out..

@HasadSicarii You mean ppl has done damage in the name of Christianity. Being a Christian not hard ppl gotta read the Bible and study the word for themselves and stop listening to ppl..


@PATRICIASTJOH17 @picard_june Women and followers of religions other than Christianity..

It’ll always be crazy to me how people think kids are being brainwashed into being gay or trans but then they also believe in Christianity.

@myshanks I feel this problem exists in all religions - be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or even Buddhism. All the religions, much like politics has been hijacked by criminal elements who are fooling people for personal gains & power. They are defaming the faith they are exploiting..

@ScriptsByJames “land of the free” but you have to follow a government that makes every decision based on christianity.

Christianity wields significant political power in the world to make decisions that work in their favour and confirm their biases by triggering a mass moral panic so of course why won’t it ‘fulfil’ itself? It is by design. That is why you tweet this every year. 😕.

#Absurd, Grabgesang (2021) Black Metal, Germany 🇩🇪 Themes : Wotanism, Darkness, Anti-Christianity. 👉🏼 Im Kriege Ewiglich !.

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@Oteachjohn I have spent half an hour searching places to move. I can’t have my grandkids live in this state with no protection from all the vile disguised as Christianity. Thankful I have the ability to move. Sad to leave my hiking grounds but the world is big!.

@protik_majumdar There are some TikToks I have seen by people that were raised in cults like the Moonies or evangelical Christianity. Some of the creators have studied cult psychology and have deep insight into their experiences. Four members of SCOTUS should be selling flowers at the airport..

@KGBreeB And has been living under Christian privilege for their entire lives. Their lived experience with Christianity is very negative and that’s why this pattern exists, even for the nonChristian religious people I put all this here because it’s important to understand ourselves.

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@263phrogs @benshapiro Most criminality is established by harm to other people. If an action does not impact other’s safety, property, or rights… why is it a crime? Because god said so? Which god are you referring to? Which sect of Christianity are you abiding by? See where it starts getting messy?.

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@FoxNews @MarshaBlackburn Okay, Marsha can dig the graves for the next round of children shot while at school. If you are what Christianity is, then Christ died for nothing..

The Christian cannot be satisfied so long as any human activity is either opposed to Christianity or out of all connection with Christianity..

@Covi1979749381 @kavita_tewari Jesus Christ has enlightened you about its reality & you have realised cheating your ancestors by leaving your faith for you need to think once more for home Dharma will bless you..

Does the bridge between Heidegger and Christianity span a river or an ocean? Davos seems to tell us that it is an ocean, and intellectual honesty should force us to hear Heidegger’s refusal to dialogue and his showing why it is impossible. --Cyril O’Regan.

For liberation; dream material visible. Christianity is at the earliest. ك̷و̷د̶⁩ ⁦̸خ̷ص̸م̴⁩ . .._^ ے⁦نون⁩-.

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The crusaders of the past used Christianity to hide their barbarism. The modern-day crusaders use democracy and freedom. Their hatred for Islam remains the same. #Somalia.

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The Lobster Man has offended my deep seeded cultural Catholicism because of his insistence of using Christianity as an aesthetic and not an actual set of ideas to engage with..

@kidswarrior30 I associate the faith with cruelty. The crusades and inquisition. Professing one’s belief in Christianity does not make me trust them more..

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