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Well ok then Babe. Talk dat Talk 🥰🤣 @DangeRussWilson #RandCFragrance

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Who What Wear
Who What Wear ()

Come through then! 🔥 @ciara #AmericanMusicAwards

Ciara Photo,Ciara Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Burke ()

@ciara_mcguane Women aren’t being used. It’s an opportunity to tell their stories, like my wife and I did when we used the opportunity to discuss our experiences & struggles with IVF and the hardships that people face in private. I don’t think RTÉ are responsible for maternity funding.

Iya Onijogbon.
Iya Onijogbon. ()

Lmfaoooo ‘you know how I work’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chinny ()

me: babe you smell like *sniffs* Panafest 😍 Husband : there’s rice and stew in the fridge!

ciara larue
Ciara larue ()

Your most heartfelt relationships are featured now, as well More for Virgo

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown ()

Russell always looks like “I’m just happy to be here” lmao

しあら❁⃘ ()

@pondstation フォロバ🤝💕ありがとうございます❣️ 本当のこと言うと🤫❊ フォローした後で「500人目にわたしで失礼💔だったのでは❔」と少し反省してました💦 お返事💌が来てうれしいです☺️☺️よろしくお願いします♡

ƸӜƷ khilen momma
ƸӜƷ khilen momma ()

I love their relationship! He literally worship her! 💕💕💕💕

Beks ()

I can’t believe this was the woman that was with future looool

who fucking cares at this point
Who fucking cares at this point ()

I was just talking about how it’s crazy Ciara has kids and look at her boutta get pregnant again 😂😂😂

Ham 🧚🏼
Ham 🧚🏼 ()

@snrxoxo Dude after Ciara dropped the lavender essential oil at school and the whole place stunk of it. I literally gag at the smell of lavender 😂😂

Mugshot Bae
Mugshot Bae ()


MOODY🙃✨ ()

“ you smell like you about to get pregnant again “ 😭😭

Ciara.✝ ()

You can expect to learn more about yourself today in relation ... More for Cancer


essa amizade da ciara com a Vanessa bryant é a coisa mais linda, essa mulher merece todo apoio, dps de tudo que passou nesse ano triste 😔🙏🏾

✡️ ɈɇsħᵾȺ ⱣɍɇmȺ 🕉️
✡️ ɈɇsħᵾȺ ⱣɍɇmȺ 🕉️ ()

@ciara_52 Saludos 🙏✨ Sería MUY Interesante obtener el vídeo completo. Si está a tu alcance me haces llegar el enlace por DM. O al menos el nombre del médico expositor o algo que identifique el vídeo. Hay que DESPERTAR Te lo sabría agradecer.

The Pudsey One
The Pudsey One ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 I loved your Dad’s time at Leeds. Gave me some of my best memories of the club and we were so close to the last 16-18 years been untold success. I wish him well.

stefan dubej
Stefan dubej ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 David o leary was brilliant breath of fresh air for What he brought to us fans was

CJ 🇦🇸
CJ 🇦🇸 ()

No wonder my guy lost 3 straight games 😂 he over here worried bout getting Ciara pregnant again🤣🤣🤣

Jeff ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 @lufcstats One of the nicest men in football. Thanks for the days

James Forbes
James Forbes ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 Fair play. A lot of finger pointing and recriminations over the years, but no denying it was some of the best football we’ve ever seen.

Ciara Kavanagh
Ciara Kavanagh ()

Your mind will be working on overdrive and you won’t be More for Capricorn

Ciara Bermingham
Ciara Bermingham ()

You’ll need to be grounded in the present and aware now, or More for Aries

MACCA 💙💛 🇮🇪
MACCA 💙💛 🇮🇪 ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 Daves a leeds ledgend done best he could and that was better than most end of. MOT

Shads 🇨🇾🇬🇷
Shads 🇨🇾🇬🇷 ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 Watched your dad from his first season until his last. Could’ve moved to a more successful club, but stayed loyal. Best centre back of his era

Shanna 👑
Shanna 👑 ()

The love you gotta have for this man 🤣 sis will gladly give him all the kids he want.

Gareth Everson
Gareth Everson ()

@Ciara_OLeary7 Your dad will always be remembered at Leeds for some of the very best European nights, Ciara. What he and his team got out of our relative nobodies against some of the biggest teams in Europe was unbelievable. 💛💙

しあら❁⃘ ()

@New_youmochi フォロワーさんが少ないせいか、駅メモのツイートしても反応があまりなくて寂しかったので嬉しいです(*ˊᵕˋ*)❣️ そうですね🥰 コロナ👾💥が落ち着いたら、様子を見て旅行🧳🚅したいですよね🥳

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson ()

Just #RandCFragrance 😂 @ciara

Ciara ()

Well ok then Babe. Talk dat Talk 🥰🤣 @DangeRussWilson #RandCFragrance

☚ #BahrainGP Apartheid ☛
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