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free /friː/ adjective, adverb costing nothing, or not needing to be paid for. • India must get free COVID vaccine. • All citizens must receive the inoculation free of charge. Let’s hope they get it this time. #vaccine

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Frank Donga™
Frank Donga™ ()

When I remember the students killed at #Greenfielduniversity and those still in danger, I can’t help thinking that some people somewhere are collecting salaries and allowances for securing citizens and there’s this much insecurity

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

REPORT: “Biden Admin Considering Using Private Firms To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance Of  Citizens.” Discussing this tonight on Fox News with @IngrahamAngle at 10:40 ET / 9:40 CT. Tune in!

Amy Remeikis
Amy Remeikis ()

You can’t say you’re leading the world in fighting Covid when you outright ban citizens from returning because your quarantine system won’t handle it, which is an issue because your population isn’t vaccinated.

Nungua Eminem 👓
Nungua Eminem 👓 ()

MPs accountability: A way we can hold MPs accountable is to give “State of The Constituency Address” each year to update constituents what he/she has done for the constituency so far. It should be done in the regional capital for citizens to question them openly. #FixTheCountry

M.K.Stalin ()

I congratulate @MamataOfficial on her re-election as Chief Minister of West Bengal. At a time of COVID-19 wave, I have no doubt that Didi will ensure safety of citizens and lead her state to growth and prosperity. On behalf of DMK, I wish Didi another successful tenure.

Tom Ogorzalek
Tom Ogorzalek ()

Significantly, the changes were only among parents or participants in the school system—they were community-level changes. Citizens’ political attitudes and behavior are shaped by the communities in which they are embedded and the institutions that anchor those communities.

Algoman202020 ()

Based on the logic that if you have a knife or gun the police want to be able to blast you with no questions. That means any guns pointed at protestors would mean executions. Next it will be driving cars. Operating a chain saw. Open season on citizens


@MichaelChongMP @Alula_Solomon Unfortunately conflict in Ethiopia is not only in Tigray regions its all over oromia and Southern regions but yes worst in Tigray & oromia. As Ethiopian Canadian citizens we are in extreme depression due genocide take place everyday in Ethiopia in every corner of the country.

Scobie ()

@StacyOnTheRight If there was a term for prejudice against citizens of India. Oh, has he ran that by Kamala? She has relatives there.

CallmeJingo ()

India travel into #Australia : People to be jailed for 5 years or fined $66,000 .... gotta be a first: a country not only barring citizens re-entry but threatening jail! Pathetic & scared.

Filipe ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Filipe ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ()

@hughriminton stopping them from returning to stop the risk of exposing Australia to this issue and this a bad thing? Should the Australian goverment be putting the rights of ex-pats living in India above the safety of their own citizens? Sounds like they are making the only sane choice

Anna 13.... Satanic sewer rat😈🐀666
Anna 13.... Satanic sewer rat😈🐀666 ()

@PRGuy17 What I really want to know is why are non Australian celebrities allowed to come here ie. Rita Ora but Aussie citizens are threatened with prison? Make that make sense.

Emma Dawson
Emma Dawson ()

@Chris_Hoare No, Chris, that’s not a counter-argument. The criminalisation of the repatriation of citizens is way beyond the pale - entirely unnecessary to keep people living here safe, and an abrogation of responsibility to look after the wellbeing of all citizens, not just those onshore.

SJ ()

@USArmy ppl of India and whole Indian American diaspora thank you for sending aid to citizens of our homeland

Скальный Петушок 🐦
Скальный Петушок 🐦 ()

The joke is that they went from terrible dictatorships that let all their citizens die to unquestionably better dictatorships that gave a shit about their citizens

Nomad11 ()

These people can’t be reformed. Our choice of cops that citizens get to choose from are. 1. Cops that will shoot you in the back, or choke you to death. 2. Cops laughing at a elderly lady with dementia being thrown to the ground. 3. Cops shooting your pets. 4. And this “hero”

paul boyd
Paul boyd ()

@ACurrentAffair9 Don’t you mean Dual citizens?? Keep them out. Let India deal with them.

Karthik Ramagopal
Karthik Ramagopal ()

@ErinBurnett Is it needed to show Dead bodies & funeral pyres from India in the last few seconds of your show?! Did you show the deadbodies stacked in trucks and mortuaries last year in NYC? Are you allowed to show dead bodies & funerals like this of US citizens died of Covid?

Suzanne clarke
Suzanne clarke ()

@profsarahj If the govt can do it to refugees, it’s a slippery slope to doing it to our own citizens. And they have now reached a point where morrison eg al no longer care about our citizens. My question is WHO IS NEXT?

Vedalasrinivasan ()

@republic This pandemic is once in a 100 years event. For more than 1 year citizens are stretched beyond their limit. Can’t people from business world, film industry, rich individuals and public in general contribute generously to pool in Rs 35000 Crs to fund free vaccination.

Lloyd ()

@ABC Joe Biden is destroying our country why would you not finish the border wall if you truly believe in protecting the American

Jim ()

Suddenly the owners and ruling class are against Socialism, private Business ownership,social services, freedom,rights, and life of Citizens 🤔

Davidorama ()

@chelsea_hetho @abcnews Does this include Australian citizens trapped in India trying to get home?

Constitutional Law🇦🇺
Constitutional Law🇦🇺 ()

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Mobbing of human democracy making it a criminal offence for its citizens to return to Australia. @dbongino

NewsomIsALemonheadedBitch ()

@MsSilverSister @peachisyummy Their government stay failing its citizens. Heartbreaking

Thomas Edgell
Thomas Edgell ()

@clairlemon Probably because journalist have mixed there political notions with facts so much that no one trusts them. The evening news seems tailored to lefties cities that have their citizens locked in their apartments when other areas are eating out in packed restaurants.

Patrick Hedger
Patrick Hedger ()

“Spanish Florida is now one of the largest states. In the middle of it is a large permanent circus that operates as a sovereign monarchy under an illustrated anyway, the Florida government has passed a bill to force private citizens to carry messages they don’t ”

Xaniboo ()

My mom is up in age and was seeking a loan. Sudden change of circumstances required this but @JMMBGroupJA turned her down and @CIBCFCIBJM gave her a chance. Would recommend them for your parents if they need it. Our senior citizens have it rough. Sad reality.

Gregory Yule
Gregory Yule ()

@seanteuma We have over 12,000 Australian citizens in India I bet you the cricketers will get out before them

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi ()

free /friː/ adjective, adverb costing nothing, or not needing to be paid for. • India must get free COVID vaccine. • All citizens must receive the inoculation free of charge. Let’s hope they get it this time. #vaccine

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