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Doc Rivers in the Clippers Locker Room after Game 7 😂💀🏀

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Kos ()

this is the best clippers slander i’ve ever seen, nothing will ever top this

Nat ()

Thinking about how the Clippers really gave up Galinari and SGA and 6 years of the future for Paul George lmao what a mistake

T wynn
T wynn ()

@_Kendelldover @RealSkipBayless Man everybody has and now that they seen the real clippers it’s this 😂

Jπ ()

Qual seu jogador favorito em cada time do Oeste? Lakers: LeBron👑 Clippers: PG (RS) GSW: Curry Kings: D Fox Suns: D Book Thunder: CP3❤️ Wolves: D Lo Blazers: Dame Jazz: Spida Nuggets: Jamal Pelicans: Zion Spurs: Demar Rockets: Harden Mavs: Luka/ Boban Grizzlies: Ja

LakeShowScoop ()

Hopping on with @lalakersuk on IG live (ig: lalakersuk) in an hour (12pm). We will touch upon the Clippers loss and preview Lakers vs. Nuggets. Be sure to tune in. Should be a fun one! 📺🍿

Nick Angstadt
Nick Angstadt ()

The Browns are going to ride some of that Clippers Collapse Momentum on here if they lose tonight.

Bill Oram
Bill Oram ()

Talking Clippers collapse and previewing the Nuggets. One of the best episodes of The Forum Club yet. @anthonyVslater


Ima push my barbers appointment back till next year. Can’t trust any clippers right now.

WeeJosX ()

@TikiDaGreat123 Clippers biggest chance was this year, they cant beat healthy curry and klay plus another superstar this free agency

jeremiah collins
Jeremiah collins ()

best 48 hours I’ve had in a long time — clippers lose and my twitch fam went off with the ps5 donation. mind blown

Peyton ()

with that being said, there does need to be some changes. whether that be the culture, the leadership, something ABSOLUTELY has to change. don’t worry clippers fans, it’s the first year and kawhi won’t play this bad in a game 7 again next season. #Clippers #ClipperNation

Top Flight Sports
Top Flight Sports ()

@GoldieOnSports Love the WNBA. Not going to lie I probably watched more of Mystics/Mercury than I did of Clippers/Nuggets last night.

Rhyse ()

@KLub_Nuuter Because this one time your cousin destroyed you in 2k with the clippers. Then you fell in love with their highlights on YouTube

Josh Eberley🇨🇦
Josh Eberley🇨🇦 ()

Clippers had entirely too many talkers and not enough walkers.

TommyEdmanStan ()

@TotalProSports What if I told you the Clippers preferred chicken wings over championship rings? 30 for 30 presents, The Lap Dance

Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips ()

Doc Rivers in the Clippers Locker Room after Game 7 😂💀🏀

Hardwood Paroxysm
Hardwood Paroxysm ()

Denver’s win percentage with more turnovers than opponent is not good and it’s Nuggets 9 Clippers 3 right now.

Online hd TV
Online hd TV ()

4k TV♪♪Clippers vs. Nuggets Live Tv Hd link—>:: The Los Angeles Clippers will meet the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals, stream it live now!

Prized ()

I promise you if the nuggets beat the clippers imma be pissed Lakers vs Nuggets for the conference finals just sounds terrible

Kapricee ☔️
Kapricee ☔️ ()

Everybody relax. The NBA kno ppl wanna see LA v LA , Denver has no chance tonight. Clippers will win it at the line before we see Lakers v Denver conference finals.

Abdul ()

Clippers got a better shot at beating Lakers so Imma have to root for the Clips tonight

Adrian ()

Practicing for all the free throws the refs are going to give the clippers 🔥

Los Santos
Los Santos ()

I don’t believe the Clippers will beat the Lakers though. For the simple fact that they aren’t consistent

the juice
The juice ()

@stephenasmith @LAClippers With a rotation deeper than Mia khalifas 🐱 the clippers better not lose

ovocartier👑 ⁶𓅓+*
Ovocartier👑 ⁶𓅓+* ()

lowkey highkey midkey deep down i want clippers to win tonight, cause ion wanna hear no fuckshit about how Lebron had an easy path to the finals or a cakewalk

PrizePicks ()

Clippers vs. Nuggets tips off in less than an hour, and we all know what happened the last time Kawhi Leonard took the floor in a Game 🚨 Get your entries in at 🚨#DENvsLAC

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Dpc EuroMavs
Dpc EuroMavs ()

@ManoBarbafds Escolha seu lado Torcer pro Clippers passar pra, dar um pau no OUUUUUUUU Pau no cu do Clippers, essa porra já não tem título mesmo, ficar sem mais um ano não faz diferença, e colocar a foto de perfil kkkkkkkkk

Cole Robicheaux
Cole Robicheaux ()

The Clippers are going to have to dig DEEP tonight. Denver is not afraid of them at all


Kawhi si ganan los Clippers vs Kawhi si pierden los Clippers

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Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins ()

It’s No way in Hell the Clippers are losing this Game “Jordan” Leonard is going to EPIC tonight!!! On the other hand if they do lose tonight y’all are going to have to Block me off this App. Carry

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