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Updated: January 20th, 2022 07:37 PM IST

Sir Clive Lloyd received his knighthood and Eoin Morgan received his CBE for services to cricket in a ceremony at Windsor Castle today 🎖

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End of Plan B: Return to office ‘vital for hospitality,’ say bar and pub bosses 👇

My friend’s kid said he was sick of political ads interrupting his Minecraft videos. Turns out that Clive is spamming YouTube really hard. Disturbing that kids are seeing this rubbish. 😕

@PaulMeekPerth Yes they have. Thanks to the Premiers, Sally McManus and Anthony Albanese. No thanks to Scott, Clive, Craig, George, Tim and Barnaby

Queensland is maintaining its record of spawning some of the most brain dead politicians, Matt Canavan, George Christensen, Pauline Hanson, Barnaby Joyce (yes he was spawned in Qld), Campbell Newman, Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly must have some Qld heritage.

The reality of politics right now is that any candidate needs money to be successful. @steele4hughes is taking on Craig Kelly - backed by mining magnate billionaire Clive Palmer. Donating to get rid of Craig Kelly and help elect a strong local independent = easy decision!


Clive’s announcement hasn’t gone down well with the Reignite Democracy rank & file

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Hard at work means hardly working for Clive: Last time Clive Palmer was in the senate this is how he earned the basic salary—$211,250… plus superannuation…!

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It seems entirely plausible that people are dead today because of Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer. I wonder if they ever think about that?

What explains #tobaccocontrol opposition to vaping and #harmreduction? Why we can rule out genuine public health concerns, and why ‘follow the money’ is insufficient. My theory is cultural and institutional inertia… see e-cig summit talk and pls let me have your views. 👇🏾

Szef Brytyjskiego zespołu ds. szczepień powiedział, że dalsze szczepienie ludzi to strata Clive Dix, który odegrał rolę w pomaganiu firmom farmaceutycznym w tworzeniu szczepionek na COVID-19 , powiedział w radiu LBC 16 stycznia: Omicron jest stosunkowo łagodnym wirusem

@theage The main problem with Australians isn’t that so many of them are descended from convicts, Clive James once said, but that so many are descended from prison officers.

I’m still astonished and horrified at the vast complex of #tobaccocontrol money, pseudoscience and lobbying determined to block this experience for millions more. Appalling professional negligence, elitism and conceit lies behind the opposition to vaping and #harmreduction.

@dunphydetails era uma delicia o ep começar com o phil usando o negocio escrito clive bixby ja sabe que vem coisa boa por ai

@clivepafc Get it suspended Clive! If you can’t beat the rest of them… join them! #falsepositivesfc

@TabitaSurge @Clive_Hill I do think that teachers trying to be ‘firm and fair’ can easily forget to be friendly as well, and I think it’s rally important for teachers to be friendly. Obviously we’re in the realm of semantics now but I feel like that’s an important one not to miss out.

The decision of the accused to drop his appeal in this case of major importance deserves close public scrutiny and disclosure. His distinguished lawyer, Clive Grossman, expressed surprise. I assume that the high cost of legal services was not

Congratulations to former professional Sir Clive Lloyd on his CBE! Good to see him looking well too ❤️

Watching neighbours breaking lockdown, but going out for the weekly clap really wound up my wife. This really is the ultimate slap in the face for the NHS.

@FrequencySensei i saw. gas fee over 100. clive also done in metamask, but fees so high. can’t buy on exchange? so new there’s no video

@CliveWismayer @aliceanne66 Unsurprising result, thus far. Your Twitter following is overwhelmingly made up of sane people, Clive.

Cricket legend Clive Lloyd has finally received his knighthood after the ceremony was delayed due to Covid. Lloyd, a left-handed batsman, played in 110 Tests and 87 One-Day Internationals.

@isobelroe I am old enough to remember when Clive Robertson was on 7 & made comments like that every night.

@markmiodownik I want to buy a ca~90 I had as a kid but you just can’t get them. Love a casio

At one point Senna interrupted his colloquy with the Almighty and got off with Elle MacPherson. 👀 :) Clive James, The Revolt of the Pendulum 📚

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Sir Clive Lloyd received his knighthood and Eoin Morgan received his CBE for services to cricket in a ceremony at Windsor Castle today 🎖

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Congratulations to Sir Clive Lloyd who has today received a CBE from The Duke of Cambridge for his services to cricket. 📸: @KensingtonRoyal 🌹 #RedRoseTogether

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Sir Clive Lloyd received a CBE for his services to Cricket   Miss Reanne Evans was awarded an MBE for her services to Women’s Snooker   Mr. Eoin Morgan, England One Day International Cricket Captain, received a CBE for his services to Cricket

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Remember when everyone condemned Clive Palmer for challenging the WA border policy in court? Two years into Covid and Mark McGowan has completely shut WA off to the rest of the country. Clive was right all along.

You are one brave woman. I feel a kinship as if you are my daughter. This touch me.

Dr Clive Dix - highly respected former chair of UK vaccines taskforce who helped firms develop Covid vaccine - dropping a truth bomb: “Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.” Covid should be treated as an endemic virus similar to flu.

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