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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 03:38 AM IST

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Codeine Crazy My Savages Special Red Light Hardly (Real niggas know it change daily tho)

Codeine Crazy Photo

Thought It Was a Drought Rich Sex Krazy But True Codeine Crazy Aint No Way Around It

Codeine Crazy, Perky’s Calling, Too Comfortable , News Or Somethin, Kno The Meaning

Not in order 🥳 Codeine crazy, 56 nights, never stop, Guap on me, and Patek… and this list changed every 2 months 😭😭😭

stick talk codeine crazy turn on me hate the real me please tell me Honorable mention: I won

Codeine Crazy Accepting my Flaws Perkys Calling Fuck up Some Commas Honest

@futuresmolly Von Travis:Nightcrawler/Oh my dis side,Skeletons,Quintana Pt 2/90210 digga es gibt so viele Von Future:Crushed Up/Servin Killa Kam,Thought It was a drought,Codeine Crazy,My Collection,blow a Bag,Married to the game,Throw Away es gibt zu viele ich fasse es nicht

Codeine Crazy the greatest, but after my boys played this in the locker room this 1b lol

Feds did a sweep Codeine Crazy XanaX Damage Thought it was a drought The Percocet & Stripper Joint

Codeine Crazy My savages News or somethin Hard to choose one No basic

Might as well Codeine crazy Hallucinating Deeper than the ocean My Savages

Codeine crazy Krazy but true 56 nights Gangland Married to da game

1. Just like Bruddas 2. Feds did a Sweep 3. Solo 4. Throw Away 5. Codeine Crazy

Hallucinating, lie to me, look ahead, Never stop, Codeine crazy… “Use me” is an honorable mention

Codeine Crazy Slave Master The Percocet & Stripper Joint 56 Nights Lay Up

HONORABLE MENTIONS too comfortable perkys calling codeine crazy percocet & strippers joint

Chosen One Blow A Bag Codeine Crazy Just Like Bruddas Damage It’s really too many to name so this list could vary at any moment. Super really a GOAT.

Blood on the Money Codeine Crazy Throw Away Trap Niggaz 56 Nights

Solo Codeine Crazy Married To The Game Might As Well Rich $ex

Codeine crazy 56 nights My savages No Basic Accepting all my flaws

My Collection Codeine Crazy Scholarships Feds Did a Sweep/4 da Gang Anything from his Rnb catalogue

@mastercheeef Married to the game, codeine crazy, some more, special, where you come from. Easy lol

T-shirt Codeine crazy Percocet n stripper joint Mayback Special

War Zone Codeine Crazy Deeper than the Ocean Jerseys Married to the Game

Turn on the lights,Codeine Crazy, Rich sex, Fuck up some Commas, Used to this

Codeine Crazy Stick Talk Throw away Lay Up Freak Hoe 56 Nights (my sixth man) lol

If Codeine crazy or Throw Away not one of your favs we can’t be cool …

Codeine Crazy My Savages Special Red Light Hardly (Real niggas know it change daily tho)

Solo Codeine Crazy Never Stop Too Comfortable The Percocet & Stripper Joint

Codeine crazy No matter what Honest My savages March madness

Ain’t No Way Around It Codeine Crazy March Madness My Savages Blood On The Money

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