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#ComeDineSA you give people lowest scores you end up last, you went beyond sucking and being a loser

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Moloko Rapholo
Moloko Rapholo ()

@VarishRamesar you were a good sport. You had the best meal. Kayla did you wrong 😂 #ComeDineSA

Mxo Nkutha
Mxo Nkutha ()

That Kayla woman, is such a been this happy to see a person come last. #ComeDineSA

NandiphaM ()

I’ll watch the repeat on Saturday because uMama ubukela izinto zakhe🥴 #ComeDineSA

Karen Grimsley
Karen Grimsley ()

#ComeDineSA Kayla you acted out a badly written script all week. Try smiling once in a while and stop worrying about safety hazards. Bridgette had the best food and personality.

Zepoo ()

I have a suggestion @BBCSouthAfrica & @RapidBlueTV For the next season of #ComeDineSA , your contestants must be a true representation of the country we live in 🇿🇦 Your ratings will also improve!

Jax ()

Bridget strikes me as someone fun and vibrant but poor child was drowning, those 3 dragged her with, she deserved to win but wicked Kayla made Nonetheless Im happy the wicked witch of the west didnt #ComeDineSA

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Melanie Gia Ramjee
Melanie Gia Ramjee ()

Can someone please find Kayla, so we can her hugs. She looks like she has serious issues. Like for real shame #ComeDineSA

Lutendo Madzena 👑
Lutendo Madzena 👑 ()

Kayla came no surprise but also, why go on a cooking show if you don’t like ANYTHING?!?! #ComeDineSA

Ruralitarian vagabond!
Ruralitarian vagabond! ()

So Kayla came to #ComeDineSA to show us how miserable she is?

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DStv ()

Rodney and Varish win one for the boys this the cats! 🙃 🏆 Tune in next week on #ComeDineSA at 8pm on @BBCSouthAfrica Ch174 or on #DStvNow:

Jax ()

#ComeDineSA shame man this one just needs a lot of hugs and forehead kisses, I dont think she was loved enough growing

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Zan-dee ()

#ComeDineSA you give people lowest scores you end up last, you went beyond sucking and being a loser

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BBC South Africa
BBC South Africa ()

Clearly a man with 10 cats knows a thing or two about feeding a group. Both Rodney and Varish deserved the #ComeDineSA prize this week, congrats! 🏆

My Surname is Khan™
My Surname is Khan™ ()

Yoh this one is so miserable yerra, Glad she came out last! #ComeDineSA #comedinewithmesa

KR ()

“This is Rodney’s plate, I thought he liked potatoes” 💀💀💀💀#ComeDineSA

🌻 Nikky 🌻
🌻 Nikky 🌻 ()

Can we talk about Bridgette’s house though? Damn girl. HR >> Doctor 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ComeDineSA

Plane Jane
Plane Jane ()

I just realized I remember Avril from about 10 years this chic has done well for herself. Glad she escaped that mess of a van der Pol #ComeDineSA

Thandi Rose / Thandi de Kock
Thandi Rose / Thandi de Kock ()

Honestly though. That week was just LOVE LOVE LOVE and a bit of red wine and pink gin. #ComeDineSA

Ncasa Ntloko
Ncasa Ntloko ()

I am so proud of my friend, Shandu. Putting himself out there, and sharing his laugh with SA, when we need it most. So much love for you, my leader @blknorris #ComeDineSA

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Seseki ()

Heh banna Shandu, just get a bigger pot 🤣🤣🤣His laugh is infectious #ComeDineSA

Rich Aunty Wande™
Rich Aunty Wande™ ()

Thandi did not cater for her meat-eating guests but is expecting 5-star vegetarian magic on her plate from them. Cha shame, she would eat slices of cheese at my house. #ComeDineSA

OkaMahlokoza Shabalala
OkaMahlokoza Shabalala ()

Worthy winner, great episode 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😁😁😁 #comedinewithmesa #ComeDineSA @BBCSouthAfrica

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Ashley Modisane
Ashley Modisane ()

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Entertaining bunch except for the vegetarian, loved it #ComeDineSA #BBCLifestyle @DStv

Tats ()

He’s going to make a Won Come Dine With Me Sash. I have a strong feeling 🌚 #ComeDineSA

Nokwanda Ayanda
Nokwanda Ayanda ()

Yey!!! The well deserving winner , Bradley/Natalia. His night was absolute fun #ComeDineSA

Lee_Kee_Lu ()

All the contestants were fabulous. I am truly impressed. As an avid follower of the show, this season is Boss!! @BBCSouthAfrica #ComeDineSA

Avelia Watson
Avelia Watson ()

The vegetarian complains about the tofu not being creative, when served lentils! Fokof man! #ComeDineSA

Nomvula Mandy Khuzwayo
Nomvula Mandy Khuzwayo ()

#ComeDineSA you know the show is in Cape Town when you see houses like that! Avril’s house 😍😩

Barry Scharneck
Barry Scharneck ()

Avril, you know your house is big when everyone’s voices echo 🇿🇦 #ComeDineSA

Tumi Dawn Moi
Tumi Dawn Moi ()

Guys Shandu needs a chill pill 🤦🏾‍♂️🙍🏾👀🤣 where is that accent from 🤓#ComeDineSA

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