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Updated: October 16th, 2021 12:37 PM IST

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Nearly 70 years after her death, Henrietta Lacks — whose cancer cells were taken without her knowledge or consent and led to world-changing advances in medical and scientific research— was honored by the World Health Organization.

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Speaking of lack of medical consent, practices that are still considered normal/typical would horrify most

Oomf’s grandma came in and organized her room without her consent and neatly aligned her dildos side by side on her bed

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. #DeannaWong | Deanna Wong

We laugh, but giving people something absurd to say fuck no to is an established negotiation tactic that reminds them you want help generating a solution that would get their enthusiastic consent.

sending people unsolicited pictures and being sexual in their dms without consent is ✨sexual harassment✨ and you’re a POS :)

use consent, cues, and direct communication before touching people in the club?? like…

Close moots only‼️ If you want me to send you thigh pics (with your consent), reply to this tweet <3

To be clear: even if you made a comment on Twitter that you don’t care if your name is known, your name wouldn’t be provided to anyone without you providing me with real consent. I’m in contact presently with XRPHolders who may provide their information ultimately to the Court.

Honestly recording people without consent is creepy and gross (no matter what age) but I hope none of the people in the hizzie space are minors cause that’s even more uncomfy


Family of a Black woman whose cervical cancer cells were taken without consent for research in 1951 are suing a biotech firm for compensation. Henrietta Lacks died in a Johns Hopkins colored ward. Her cells were used to develop HIV meds plus HPV, polio and COVID-19 vaccines.

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Former President, Yahya Jammeh says APRC leaders never had his blessing and consent to enter into alliance with President Adama Barrow’s NPP. The former President is right now addressing his supporters through a phone call from his base in Equatorial Guinea

Consent Photo,Consent Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

That WingsofRedemption guy went insane, mans literally advocating for the age of consent being 12

@dlauer let me guess it ended with a acceptance waiver and consent? the dumbest thing to ever hit the earth. we wont look at your data you wont admit guilt they pay us our bribe than we will hit you with base level charges and smaller fines instead of market manipulation or real charges

Membocorkan informasi seseorang belanja apa saja tanpa consent by default itu mungkin tidak ilegal karena Indonesia belum punya aturan semacam GDPR, tapi ini highly unethical. Ga bisa berlindung di belakang alasan bisa dimatiin kok fiturnya

now why the fuck would you take a picture of someone and post it without their consent?

Amid some clichéd band-of-brothers tropes lie subtle points about consent, cooperation, and power that make Squid Game more complex than it might seem at first blush, @ZeeshanAleem writes.

@RealMattCouch Ave Satanas. Caro ferrumque unus fiant. Terra tremit sub pedibus machinarum nostrae. May the instruments of modification be given with consent. May the fires of cauterization free from the flesh. May cords of tendon become fiber. Ave Satanas.

cats teach you about consent my cat, currently being held in arms that refuse to let go despite loud protests so that i can give them cute little kisses on their cute little tummy, would beg to disagree

Proudly showing pictures taken without his consent huh ? Journalists making threads about their private schedule now ..

🚩🚩🚩🚩They don’t follow up with you about test results. They don’t ask for your consent to touch before a procedure, walk you through the procedure or re-adjust for your comfort.

هل الناس اللي بتسأل دي معاها consent إنها تنشر فيديو زي دا؟ هل كل واحد ظهر في الفيديو موافق؟ دي اسمها قلة أدب ووقاحة

@AnJOHNkana Di ko napansin yung link HAHAHA pero thank youuu! Yakap, ka-siko! (with consent din). 🤗❤️

@meanlesbian123 the teacher is shit too tho, she is the one who crushed it technically bc she took pics of my classmates without their consent

No but jokes aside. Ppl who dislike cats usually don’t respect/value personal space and consent + they don’t like taking things slowly

@Farney_fool I’m not an Indiana lawyer, but if both parties consent, probably. It may not be that different from an arbiter. It may even be for a focus group.

@real_samiel @HoffFex The use of force in international law is generally forbidden, except under three circumstances: in self-defense, pursuant to a United Nations Security Council resolution, or with consent from the leader of an invaded state.

சுற்றுச்சூழல் அனுமதியைப் புதுப்பிக்கத் தொழிற்சாலைகளுக்குக் கட்டற்ற கால அவகாசமளித்துள்ள மாநில அரசின் அரசாணையை உடனடியாகத் திரும்பப் பெறவேண்டும்!

Consent Photo,Consent Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Re: Gruden, I don’t think you need to have read @sandylocks or have a particular partisan affiliation to understand that emailing a photo of women topless - that was taken without their consent! - *to their employer* is an insanely gross and wrong thing to do.

Nearly 70 years after her death, Henrietta Lacks — whose cancer cells were taken without her knowledge or consent and led to world-changing advances in medical and scientific research— was honored by the World Health Organization.

Demanding @joebiden #StopLine3 Indigenous climbers removed the flags today at the Army Corps building in DC replacing them with “Free, Informed and Prior Consent” & “Consultation is Not Consent” flags. Line 3 impacted tribal nations oppose the project. #HonorTheTreaties

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