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Erik ten Hag has beaten Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte and Mikel Arteta in his first six months at Man United 👏.

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🚨🚨| Erik ten Hag has now BEATEN Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conté, Mikel Arteta and Jürgen Klopp all in just SIX months of time. 😱🔥.

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JUSTIÇA NÃO TEM PESOS E DUAS MEDIDAS É INACEITÁVEL!Conte comigo @marcosdoval pois dados apontam q Min/Pres República deixaram a tragédia ocorrer msm sabendo q atos eram p destruir fisicamente instituiçõ tds culpados de “terrorista”de estimação…Paz & Bem.

Antonio Conte is the only manager to have faced Pep Guardiola at least five times and win more than half of the matches (60%) ⚪️ #MCITOT.

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This club has no direction. Mourinho and Conte for a club who will never give £150m per window? Who never sells players before they are dead wood? Who have absolutely no interest in the best interest of the club? only to turn a profit, balance books and sell nfl and tour tickets.

そうかぁ…。 となると、コウテイの最後のネタはわたくしが演じてしまったかも…。 「何気ない日常を2人で過ごして、それで笑い合えるのが本当に面白い事なんじゃないのかな!私はそう思うよ!」 という台詞がありました。 どんな形であれ、また共演の日を楽しみにしとります。.

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本当にアントニオ・コンテと新たな契約を結ぶ価値があるのかを見極めるべき時 📝ホームの観客は本物の怒りというよりも無関心に近い感情で、今シーズンのパフォーマンスに基づいて、特段驚くこともなく、今回の敗戦を受け入れたようであった。.

Antonio Conte: Arsenal and Man City are the only teams that can win the Premier League. #footballupdates ^RO.

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On the Conte question, I guess it comes down to whether you think he’s earned the right for another crack at what he did so well last season - finishing strongly to claim a top-four place. Or whether you think it’s time to cut losses given this doesn’t feel like a long-term fit..

Losing a 2-0 lead is so embarrassing, Spurs need to sign a serial winner coach asap bc Conte just broke a 3yo streak of not losing against city itl..

NA ENTREVISTA DE EMPREGO: — Me conte seus feitos, por favor. — HELLOOO? Como você não me conhece??? Sou o TOP #1 na categoria GG do Eu que deveria estar te entrevistando Cada uma que me aparece 🙄🥱😒.

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Bissouma i think Conte should be getting more out off its a very dosciplimed role and it is hurting Bissouma game and what he was good at with Brighton were had more free role Hojbjerg is consitently over used and there are games you can see it and it hurts us.

el otro día le conte a mi bestie de unas pcs que quería mucho y ahora me dijo que me había comprado una🥺 la amo muchito pq siempre se fija en esos detalles.

@wilburmexa Le conté a una amiga q estaba triste y me dijo que ella estaba más y q dejara de llamar la atención, y le respondí esto papu.

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@RyanMacFarland @AlasdairGold Yep Seen it time and time again Wrong managers for what levy wants. Go get a Potter or a Frank if you want a manager who plays kids etc Conte wants experienced players not kids who may or may not come good.

本日! 『All You Need is Conte and Love』に出させていただきます! よろしくお願いいたします! ぐんLove 🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑🫑.

Morning, digital family! Can someone please confirm for me whether the government subsidy for parents is still in effect? Nana Arsenal Alliance Caceido Conte.

No le cuenten su vida amorosa a los veramiados, yo les conte la mía y escribieron:.

Esta noche conté con la visita de amigos Integrantes de la Red Magisterial y Ciudadana REMAC, conversamos y coincidimos en seguir trabajando y fortaleciendo la educación a favor de todas y todos oaxaqueños. #NinoMorales #UnPuebloTransformandoSuHistoria.

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Ya les conté cuando un wey me invitó a salir, me coqueteó toda la noche, hizo que pidiera algo de tomar (porque yo no pensaba consumir) y después me cobró lo que él insistió que yo pidiera???? jajjajaja.

Honesty is needed, our voice needs to be heard properly Please share this if you agree: ❌ CONTE OUT is the most fraudulent conversation in our fanbase!.


@JackPittBrooke Radical Maybe if Conte was indeed such a good coach he could you know coach the players to play better Ridiculous to say he can only win if he has over 200m to spend every window. Not to mention his record in Europe, Maybe he is overhyped?.

Pochettino would not solve the problems at Tottenham, nethier would Tuchel, no manager would. The only thing that would is spending some money & rebuilding. Of course, Conte does not have to be the manager to rebuild with, but whoever they choose, HAS to be backed! #THFC #COYS.

Aniversário do miúdo hoje! Feliz aniversário, Rei, aproveite muito teu dia! É nois cria, conte comigo pra tudo! ✌🏾.

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Just wrong at this point. The setup is awful, it doesn’t work. It’s pure stubbornness. There are worst teams around us with worse players who play great football. I wanted to back Conte, but this football & system is not working. #Spurs.

@SpursOfficial he wants £130k a week! A bargain for a world class CB. Conte knows him, improves us instantly and has 6 months left. Fully expecting you to miss this open goal with an insulting £5 million offer plus Harvey White.

@von_hameln119 残念、タイミングが合いませんでしたか…💦 私は東京なのにThe Room行ったことなくて…😅GPS新年会で行きたいと思ってます☕️🥃.

Estemos atentos a el lunes Caracas al fin va a salir cm serán las meadas el lloro d quien t conté ya mñn comienza la emigración d muchos por si A C A S O. N es pa menos ellos saben q la joda está muy pero muy mal para ellos están dando a los milicos d todo pero igual la joda va.


Le conté a Chat GPT que tengo 5000 seguidorxs y me mandó a terapia. Buen muchachx..

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