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GOAL Burnley 1-3 Aston Villa (90+1 mins) Burnley have a goal back through Maxwel Cornet, who runs in behind and slots past Emiliano Martinez #BURAVL.


A fine way to finish 👏 🇷🇴 @Simona_Halep passes a tough test from Cornet to set up a second-round clash with Collins! #IBI22.

Salah, Saka & Cornet all been kept quiet by that Sess & Davies combo on left side last 3 games, unexpectedly good run against opp you wouldn’t give them a chance against on paper 👍🏾.


Spurs XI: Lloris, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Emerson, Højbjerg, Bentancur, Sessegnon, Lucas, Son, Kane Burnley XI: Pope, Roberts, Long, Collins, Taylor, Lowton, Brownhill, Cork, McNeil, Barnes, Cornet #TOTBUR | #PL.

Cornet Photo,Cornet Photo by FUN88,FUN88 on twitter tweets Cornet Photo

Cornet and Barnes as a front two. McNeil shifts centrally to form a midfield three with Cork and Brownhill. #twitterclarets #TOTBUR.

Znam bramkarza który na miejscu Llorisa stałby na lini i czekał aż Cornet odda strzał.

@StevieGrainger At half time he spoke to Cornet, Cornet said if they get relegated he’s going back to his parent club, Jackson said to him “You are not a loan”..

my player ratings: pope - 7 roberts - 7 long - 7 collins - 8 lowton - 6 taylor - 7 brownhill - 7 cork - 7 dwight - 7 barnes - 6 cornet - 5 weghorst - 6 lennon - 5 feels weird to give a lot of them high ratings but most of them played well. #twitterclarets.

Lowton at left sided centre back in a three. Taylor and Roberts wing backs and Cornet in behind Barnes with Dwight left side of the central midfield three #twitterclarets.


ideally son scores in the 90th min, does his ACL while celebratin, goal gets cancelled, pope kicks it up to cornet, who megs dier, and chips it over pporis.

pope lowton collins long roberts mcneil cork brownhill taylor barnes cornet 😭😭😭.

I didn’t know it was possible for a B-tech St. Max to exist but Cornet is that person.

player rating for the mighty clarets pope - 9 roberts - long - collins - lowton - 6 taylor - 7 brownhill - 7 cork - 7 dwight - barnes - 2 cornet - weghorst - 5 lennon - 5.

@AngeMoreau33 @ManonLgrst C’est impardonnable mais quand t’en a déjà 5 dans le cornet.

@shinkai_0319 なるほどなるほど、唐揚げをご所望、と…φ(..)メモメモ.

@PonkotuMintosu りーとちゅ!!!!フワフワしてそうだ!!.*・゚(๑•̀ڡ•́๑)ㄟ゜ㄋㄟ゜ㄋ.

@Giovanna_cornet ウーン……マダアルケドナー(。・ω・。)ノ♡(♡×∞).

@Giovanna_cornet きゃああ!!アズールと同じ唐揚げにはなりたくないぜ…他の調理を…頼む.

Spurs XI: Lloris, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Emerson, Højbjerg, Bentancur, Sessegnon, Lucas, Son & Kane. Burnley XI: Pope, Roberts, Long, Collins, Taylor, Lowton, Brownhill, Cork, McNeil, Barnes & Cornet. #TOTBUR.

@PonkotuMintosu 何っ!?いきなり進化だと!? こいつ⋯⋯もしやなつき進化だな!!.


20/1 Spurs vs Burnley Longshot Bet🚨 Stats👇🏻 Spurs Have 13+ Tackles In 8/10 & 15 In Reverse Fixture Cornet Has 2+ Shots In 7/11 McNeil Has 2+ Shots In 5/5 Son Has 2+ Shots In 10/12 Taylor Has Landed This In 4/4 Can’t Believe This Is 20/1 👀.

Cornet Photo,Cornet Photo by SVL,SVL on twitter tweets Cornet Photo

@priest_cornet これが…抜け道! 前期は緑っぽかったんですが、大改修できいろくなりました.

Always feels like Cornet can never make his mind up with what to do with the ball at his feet sometimes. Looks like he’s just admiring the ball rather than shooting or hoofing it clear. #TOTBUR #twitterclarets.

Ben Davies does well to shut down a shot by Cornet, and the ball dribbles through to Hugo Lloris. #TOTBUR.

Our captain, and the save from Cornet was massive. #COYS #THFC.

Player ratings: Pope-9 Lowton-5 Collins-9 Long-6 Taylor-4 Roberts-6 Brownhill-7 Cork-7 Mcneil-6 Cornet-5 Barnes-5 Subs: Lennon-5 Weghorst-5.

Maxwell Cornet, j’ai toujours dit que tu étais un super joueur. Aujourd’hui c’est le moment d’éclabousser le monde de ta classe..

Burnley can easily switch between a back 5 and a 4-4-2 with Conor Roberts on the right wing, explosive full back going forward. Allows Cornet to come into a double strike force. Dwight McNeill coming into a midfield 3 as they play a back 5..

McNeil como interior en el trivote de la medular, junto a Brownhill y Jack Cork. Sin extremos puros para visitar al Tottenham, plagiando el sistema de carrileros (Back 5) de Conte. Barnes - Cornet arriba. La apuesta de un Michael Jackson que se llevó el Manager/Month 🏆.

Burnley opt today for a 4-4-2 system, Ashley Barnes and Maxwel Cornet up top as a front-pair placed in front of two banks of four - Dwight McNeil and Connor Roberts wide. In the midfield between them, Josh Brownhill (left) and Jack Cork (right) taking interiors. 0️⃣ 0️⃣ #TOTBUR.

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