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Next week, House Democrats will pass historic legislation to lower prescription drug prices and deliver the most transformational expansion of Medicare since its creation. #LowerDrugCosts.

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@Mannybothanz Column three, for sure. The creation and redemption of Darth Vader on a loop. M.

サンキュー下ニテ! 1.魔法使いのマキちゃん 2.救われ升 3.砂漠の惑星 5.丑三キャットウォーク 街中が音楽だらけ、その中で見に来てくれてありがとう!.

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@mio___kkk @BLOOD_WORKER 中学時代無難にサッカー部とかリアリティありすぎて死ぬほど笑いました…それでいきましょう…….

In our recent Pulse of the Profession® research, 27% of respondents say Artificial Intelligence will lead to the creation of new project management jobs over the next three years. #PMIpulse #AI.

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来年「春」のサンクリ2020 Spring(3/8開催)は、絶賛申込受付中。みなさまの申込お待ちしています! #サンクリ ★オンライン申込 ↓↓↓ 一次〆切:1/14(火) 最終〆切:1/27(月).

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@Rui_creation @BLOOD_WORKER エアア 採用していいですか???(同高校出身設定)っていうか滅茶苦茶食い気味で申し訳ないんですけど、よかったら同高校のよしみ的なアレで志島さんにスカウトしていただきたさ!!!あるんですよ!!!お前出身校◯◯か…ふうん…みたいなリアクションしていただきたい.

@BLOOD_WORKER 元ネタはかなでくんと任務同行したとき、「サムライコンビ」だの「ブシドー」だの「戦国時代」だの茶化されるというボトムズさんとの会話からです… 「刀」と「鎧」の組み合わせなのでもう甲冑着せるしかなかった.

The Universe patch notes: *Fixed a bug that caused players to skip character creation and be assigned a random character. Existing players will find one free character edit voucher in their mail. *Fixed a bug that prevented horses from spawning..

Thank you Team Jellyfish! The past two weeks have been so intense working day and night to finish the creation of Foreign Bodies: An Underwater Love Story: A story which crosses borders and oceans and illuminates the….

Ptdr le youtube rewind 2019 c’est une grosse blague, c’est qu’un montage de vidéos youtube et y a zéro création. Jcrois ils ont pas compris pourquoi le rewind de l’an dernier a pas été aimé.

Bende lise 1 de matematikten 10 almıştım ve sınav testti. Hepsini a a işaretlesen 30 alıyordun nasıl 10 almayı becerdin demişlerdi asdfsdfs ve 4 sene sonra o sınavdan 100 alanlardan daha iyi bir bölü kazandım..

@DigitalDan7 Channel 5 gaming reviewed your Icon creation!.

This mornings creation for a chocolate lovin’ Brother in Law on his 50th Birthday!! 😝 ⁦@DrNancyFontaine⁩.

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When u know what is film making It changes u to univese of its own creation Ideas of freedom When we put on one word or sentence we can see the world of will see essence of developing a character have seen such enjoyment in two directors rakeysh om Prakash mehra, yeleti.

Long portrait à lire d’un conseiller discret au rôle majeur sur la réforme des retraites.

@noah_ghc @noah_kiyomiya #ノアファン クリエーターズ(創造者達) みんなで一緒につくっていくという意味と、NOAHの名前が聖書の創世記からもきているらしいので、同じ聖書の創世記にある「天地創造」(creation)からもってきました。.

@tariahjnr @Tusheroon Adam knew nothing about Eve’s creation so he never accepted any death even his rib being taken out of him he knew nothing about Adam never loved Eve coz when God asked him what he had done he turned into Tekashi 69 & snitched on Eve to save his own arse.

@mcuridley People overlook the stress Tony was under from not just the accords but everything else, there’s the fact his PTSD and desire to leave Iron Man behind caused the creation of Ultron, there’s the fact he was confronted by a Sokovia victims mother, and of course the events of CW.

Saw this me comment creation save me nowhere convery it SSB3aWxsIGtlZXAgbWFraW5nIGl0LiBJdCdzIGFsbCBJIGhhdmUg automate lit -/ bio spear lose.

It’s a well known fact that one of the services that I offer to my clients is life insurance as a savings vehicle. We call it Wealth Creation Banking. I am often asked 2 main questions when I begin telling people about this..

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😺✏ — Q: In your opinion, which is the most relevant event in history, to this day? A: The creation of the atom bomb, maybe? I mean, the fact that something wi….

Noah Feldman, Impeachment Witness & Harvard Law prof, played key role in creation of Facebook’s content oversight board..

Next week, House Democrats will pass historic legislation to lower prescription drug prices and deliver the most transformational expansion of Medicare since its creation. #LowerDrugCosts.

Supply side economics: “If we tax the rich less they’ll invest more in new companies and job creation!” Reality:.

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