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#CrimeStats A total of 21,022 people were murdered in South Africa between April 1 2018 and March 31 this year, while 52,420 were victims of sexual offences..

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When your #crimestats interview scheduling wall somehow makes it onto TV as a cutaway 🤣 To be fair, it was a good wall..

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Today, the @theCFCR attended the @issafrica’s breakdown of the recently released South African #CrimeStats together with UCT. Murder in SA is still on the rise and is the most reliabel crime stat & indicator of violence..

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Welcome to your Friday edition of The Daily Friend Show! We focus squarely on the recent crime statistics (#crimestats), and answer the question: ARE YOU SAFER TODAY THAN YOU WERE LAST YEAR? Watch, like & SHARE! —>.

Robbery causes the most fear and is closely linked to organised crime. #CrimeStats @CrimeHub.

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@andrewhitfield The failure of SAPS to function effectively has been attributed to the following reasons: 👮‍♂ Lack of accountability of personnel; 🚔 Instability in key positions; ✍ Improper record keeping of information; 📄 Ineffective investigations. #CrimeStats.

@andrewhitfield The Auditor-General revealed that irregular expenditure at the South African Police Services increased from R33 million in the last financial year, to R996 million for the 2018/19 financial year. #CrimeStats.

The almost 3000% increase also follows the 2019 Analysis of Corruption Trends Report, which revealed that for the first time, corruption in the SAPS has overtaken other public sectors such as the schooling and health sector as well as local govt. - @andrewhitfield #CrimeStats.

The SAPS has been infiltrated by crooks that are corrupting the system from the inside. We have called for the portfolio committee to establish a dashboard to monitor the SAPS audit action plan to ensure SAPS management is implementing the AG’s recommendations. #CrimeStats.

The increase in irregular expenditure by SAPS by almost 3000%, & its heightened levels of corruption, is an indictment on our government. The people’s money needs to be used to protect citizens, & to create an honest & professional police. #CrimeStats.

#CrimeStats Gauteng, a province where 12 people are killed and 23 raped daily.

Everyday our people are denied justice because of an ineffecient criminal justice system that takes to long to arrest perpetrators of crime, a huge backlog of criminal cases before the courts & a lack of critical resources the @SAPoliceService need to do their jobs.#CrimeStats.

#CrimeStats There is a complete breakdown in the criminal justice system – from policing to prosecutions. For ten years we have seen the crime rate go up. Yet the same managers have been in charge in the Western Cape under this failure to deal with crime for the past decade..

#CrimeStats SAPS management need to shape up, be honest about their shortcomings and stop blaming society - @CityofCT Mayor Dan Plato.

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Newsbreak, 13 Sep #PODCAST: Anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee calls for #CrimeStats to be released on a more regular basis · SABC News and Current Affairs - ⁦@Newsbreak_Lotus⁩ ⁦@SABCNewsOnline⁩.

South Africans are likely to be murdered as a result of an argument/misunderstanding. which was then followed by domestic violence. Except for South Africans who live in the Western Cape, where the number one reason for their cause of death will be gang-related. #CrimeStats.

#CrimeStats: Some good news as crimes involving motor vehicles decrease | @Wheels24.

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The number of reported rapes rose to 41,583 in the year through March, the highest in four years. The police have logged 443,387 rapes over the past decade. #CrimeStats.

Hijacking victim Bongani Makamu was turned away from the police station at least three times, and when his car was eventually recovered, the police managed to lose it again..

So basically, to decrease my chances of being murdered I have to drive a Chrysler, stay indoors on weekends, avoid people I know and move out of Cape Town. Nee man South Africa, we need to fix this kak. #CrimeStats.

Here are some of the reasons why people get kidnapped in South Africa, per province. #CrimeStats.

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#CrimeStats | Boiling water, bare hands and knives, ways we come under attack.

Some 144 sexual offences and rape cases are reported in SA every day, #CrimeStats.

899 more sexual offences against children reported #CrimeStats.

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#CrimeStats A total of 21,022 people were murdered in South Africa between April 1 2018 and March 31 this year, while 52,420 were victims of sexual offences..

#CrimeStats 2019 Murder: 21022. Total Sexual Offenses: 52420 Rape: 41583 Sexual Assault: 7437 Attempted Murder: 18980 Total contact crime: 617210.

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