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Irmã de King Von e rapper Cuban Doll entram em briga após trocarem farpas na internet -

Cuban Photo,Cuban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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Nana 🌴Poku🇬🇭
Nana 🌴Poku🇬🇭 ()

Sarkodie go take Cuban chain money take feature somebro bigger than Jay Somethings no dey need Tsw 😏😂

Wo nya sika w’anum 🐸
Wo nya sika w’anum 🐸 ()

Meditants won’t let us sleep today just because Medikal used 61,000 dollars buy Cuban Chain, Just Cuban Chain oohh. Chain that I bought for my dogs long time


Some bro dey talk say Kabutey fit buy the Cuban necklace some then share give SM fans. Lol he figa say Ebi rosary errr 😂.


Irmã de King Von e rapper Cuban Doll entram em briga após trocarem farpas na internet -

Cuban Photo,Cuban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
AmgSarkcess👻💫 ()

Your friends are buying billion ghana cedis cuban necklaces,you are here requesting for Stingy Mens Association Membership card,eeei Kojo Ataa Aidoo😂😂😂

Aaliyah ()

i would say cuban got her ass beat but #kayla barley knew wtf she was sorry😣

👹🧚‍♀️ ()

@lovegrams11 Cause I ain’t seen Cuban take a L 😭our eyesight clearly different af

Mal ✨ جمال
Mal ✨ جمال ()

GUUUUUUURL! Impeachment, Cuban and the sister scrap, and Rolling Ray wig catch one fire Today is really giving!

Cuban Photo,Cuban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
「 カリーナ 」
「 カリーナ 」 ()

@theebarbiie__ Neither, but I’d say the other girl by a slimmmmmm margin 😭😭 why would Cuban post that when she held a fat L

Paul L
Paul L ()

@alexscaffidi_ Trump made a huge push to get Cuban voters due to threats of socialism, they hammered Spanish language adverts like crazy equating Biden to Castro. As a Canadian, it sounds like the dumbest shit ever. But it worked, and you get guys like Jorge who vote for a party that hates them

Andrew Ryan😷💜
Andrew Ryan😷💜 ()

@dearclarissa @Taiwan_trails That Cuban oregano😍... one of the few things I haven’t been able to kill on my balcony! 左手香?Let me know if you want some.

Jay Levine
Jay Levine ()

@_madgalkriss Kayla ain’t do was a was rocking shawty in the then Kayla shits was connecting

Simmatron ༄⁷ ᴺᴹ 🇳🇬
Simmatron ༄⁷ ᴺᴹ 🇳🇬 ()

Cuban on the tiddies when I bite ittttttt that’s why these nggas so one track minded 😟

Najawn The Don
Najawn The Don ()

Today Rolling Ray’s wig catches fire and burns half his face and body. Trumps gets impeached a 2nd time. HSBC banks close accounts of people not wearing masks. YFN Lucci gets a warrant put out on him for murder. King Vons sister and Cuban Doll gets into fist fight.

Cuban Photo,Cuban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@therealelainaaa @BeezyyTatted All Cuban hits was connecting at first 😭 I feel like Kayla wasn’t even hitting her fr

Lucia Viola MD
Lucia Viola MD ()

@JakeEgghead El hombre que amaba a los perros, The man who love dogs from Leonardo Padura, a Cuban writer who still lives in the island

Yve ()

@fabiolasantiago Completely agree! But a Republican Cuban American from Ohio was brave enough to vote yes!

D. Dot 💅🏽
D. Dot 💅🏽 ()

@crissy_dollie @__Queenpree Definitely!! They both can’t fight and Cuban had her ass in the first half


so we just gone ignore how she getting punched & shit lol. Cuban pulled hair first it’s clear who won🙄


Anybody saying that Kayla or Cuban doll won anything after seeing that fight can’t fight. Nobody won weak as shit.

Andre Herring Art on Instagram and youtube
Andre Herring Art on Instagram and youtube ()

@Yannibabyyyy @CubanDaSavage Cuban should be letting me lick her pu$$y instead of fighting on the streets

I T T Y B I T T Y ()

Man Kayla beat her up Cuban got one good swing other than that I ain’t even see her try

Alex ()

It was a tie Cuban was winning at the beginning then Von sister got her at the end but why she bite her😂

Si 🍒
Si 🍒 ()

kris & that girl queen pre talking about “who’s next” Cuban’s why y’all ain’t fight them at the fight ? lmao

Mdolll👸🏾 ()

Ian gon lie this fight wasn’t allat but you got more hits so I guess you won this 😭 but Cuban wayyyy bigger I feel like she could’ve did better.

BIG Steppaa Lee
BIG Steppaa Lee ()

Lmao they was yelling for Cuban😂 bitch like me gon get mad cuz get tf off her lil bitch!!! Meeep meepp mopp mopp

Latyia ()

Omg why u have a dream about fighting Cuban last night I don’t even know her LMAO

✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ()

@_SaharAli Idk nas I was scared for Cuban I thought Kayla was dropping shit. Cuban lost for sure but she ain’t get beat & she ain’t get dropped

Trapstar ()

@aliyah1819 @CubanDaSavage 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢I seen da video😂😭Kayla probably ain’t do a lot of damage but dat cus Cuban was pullin hair Kayla still was connectin dem bitches

🖤 Bri 🤍
🖤 Bri 🤍 ()

It was a tie. They both did what they needed to be done. Kayla was definitely getting some blows Cuban was outta breath and just pulling hair. I’m just bein 💯

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