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how moms used to act when you were 1 minute late after curfew

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South African Government
South African Government ()

Morning South Africa. Just a reminder that law enforcement will continue to enforce the curfew from midnight until 04:00. The sale of liquor is from 9:00-17:00 during the week. No alcohol can be sold for off-site consumption over the weekend or during public holidays. #Level1

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Travel + Leisure
Travel + Leisure ()

The UK Implements Curfew on Restaurants, Bars to Stem Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Speculawyer 🇳🇴-American
Speculawyer 🇳🇴-American ()

@ndrew_lawrence His community? He drove to a different state with a firearm he was not allowed to possess after a curfew that he was violating.

Rohan Smith
Rohan Smith ()

More Victorians fined for breaching curfew in the last 24 hours than tested positive for COVID-19. @newscomauHQ

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Have I Got News For You
Have I Got News For You ()

As the government imposes 10pm pub curfew, scientists say thank goodness it’s impossible for drinkers to get around this by say, going an hour earlier instead.

Maria Apolonia V.
Maria Apolonia V. ()

Gago na late ako ng 5 minutes AHAHAHAHAHAHAHWH ITS CURFEW TIME! ITS #MAPPLEFirstFall time.

7NEWS Melbourne
7NEWS Melbourne ()

In the past 24 hours, police have issued 92 fines to individuals breaching the Chief Health Officer directions, including nine who failed to wear a face covering and 36 for breaching curfew. #7NEWS

Trevor Wallace
Trevor Wallace ()

how moms used to act when you were 1 minute late after curfew


@GigiJailed @GigiWont Surprised they didn’t give you a Twitter ankle bracelet and a curfew the way they like to track every one of your Tweets. Welcome back!

Chloe ()

Can’t wait to have my hours slashed because of 10pm curfews for restaurants and bars. I can safely say, a 10pm curfew will only make it more busy during the early evening, making it far more dangerous for employees dealing with masses of drunks. Another bad move from the gov :(

NTV Kenya
NTV Kenya ()

Govt extends nationwide curfew, closure of bars

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Mufseen ()

Eat Out to Help Out! ...but just 6 people ...but before 10pm, we aren’t paying for the food anymore ...actually work from home again, we’ll bail Pret out instead #curfew

Tom Freeman
Tom Freeman ()

My curfew proposal is that people should be allowed to go outside only between the ages of 40 and 45. After a trial period of a couple of years I would be willing to move this age range upwards.

Re ()

The inconsistency 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Can they uplift the curfew now?? 🙄

Photoshopy Cop
Photoshopy Cop ()

I was in a dream where I was getting married to a girl and she kept telling me how after moving in with her parents we’ll have a curfew of 9 PM and I kept trying to telling her that I’m not into women at all but she just wouldn’t take a hint. She was so kind though I felt rly bad

Grey Haired 🇦🇺 ✝ 🦠🧼🛁🚿🚽🧻💉🦠🩺💊🧫🧴🧽🩸
Grey Haired 🇦🇺 ✝ 🦠🧼🛁🚿🚽🧻💉🦠🩺💊🧫🧴🧽🩸 ()

Funniest line I’ve seen today. 🤨 Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30

Ellie ()

quickly manifesting that it’s not a full local lockdown n they’re just shutting pubs n restaurants or putting a curfew on them✨

GRM Daily
GRM Daily ()

🚫 Curfew could be introduced in London to prevent second wave ➡️

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LBC ()

Curfews could be imposed to fight a second Covid wave, a public health chief signalled today. @NickFerrariLBC asks: would you abide by a curfew?

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Steve Price
Steve Price ()

Sorry i forgot aside from being able to swim in an outdoor pool in Melb -always such fun - your dog can get a haircut but you can’t ..still in curfew still locked inside 5km

The Times
The Times ()

Pubs and restaurants around the country face early closing times to slow coronavirus infections, with London’s public health chief warning of a “local curfew” in the capital

Stephen Grootes
Stephen Grootes ()

The President confirmed last night that the curfew will remain in place on Lockdown Level One (it will now be from midnight until 4am). Do we still need a curfew? Is it serving a purpose? #SAfmSunrise @SAfmRadio

The Shovel
The Shovel ()

Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30

Steve Price
Steve Price ()

So if Covid numbers keep falling and we have 14 days with the average below 50 on Sept 28 NO curfew removal NO hospitality opening we get what exactly ..5 people can meet outside and swim in an outdoor pool ..seriously we need more incentive than that

BeReadyEscambia ()

🕒 A curfew has been issued for Escambia County (including the City of Pensacola) due to Hurricane Sally, effective at 7 tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 16 through 6 ❗The violation of an emergency order is a second degree misdemeanor, with a max 60 days jail/$500 fine.

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UPDATE: Santa Rosa County has also announced a curfew starting tonight at 9

Digital_Soldier ()

Where are the Governments rise in reported case figure infections coming from if people can’t get a test and hospitals are empty ? Curfew in the North East is ridiculous !

Short Girl Problems
Short Girl Problems ()

@hobbitoncentral Yet it seems as though pubs will remain open with a 10pm curfew. I think this is counterproductive

Vusi Thembekwayo
Vusi Thembekwayo ()

What happens between midnight & 4am that it requires a curfew? Are people flying around in brooms or something?

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

Once LMPD has owned its misconduct and resolved the Taylor and Walker cases, it MUST be held accountable for the killing of David Mcatee who was grilling burgers 20 seconds before he was killed in his own home over a curfew violation.

☚ brighton #barcavillarreal ☛
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